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Lytro Illum

lytro-illumLight-field cameras use anarray of lens to capture not just an image, but also light rays in the ambient, and their direction in the moving, to form a particular scene. Lytro is almost uncontestably an inventor of light-field camera market when in 2011 of their first product release. Prior to that, Lytro’s effort and prospect had largely been confined to labs.

Illum, is the first ambitious move of Lytro after more than two years ago the debut of the company’s first camera. As the Godfather of light-field camera, Lytro aims to revolutionize the picture taking from capturing still image to creating an interactive aesthetic experience. Illum claims to be this game changer.  Continue reading

The Best Vines : Loop Your Sensation!

The best Vines logoVine is a mobile app launched by Twitter as a video-sharing device.  The app allows users to make and post maximum length of six seconds video clips, and share them in Vine’s social network, or to other services such as Twitter and Facebook.

The idea is not just a video-sharing app.  The innovation is in the making of “the moment”.  Rather than hitting a “record” button for a six seconds of video straight, the app is designed for exhibiting short, separate instances to be linked into an idea, a conveyance of an concept, or simply telling a story. Continue reading

GameChanger: Scorekeeping for Teams

GameChangerNow, you’ll never miss a game you’ll love. GameChanger offers you a service that allows you to collect, manage, and distribute live streaming game data for youth, high school, and college sports. With its mobile apps and web tools, it is gradually changing the way amateur sports team to get up- to- date stats. Basically, GameChanger gives you a scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream, and recap stories to everyone.

In every game, the Gamechanger online tools will deliver a play- by- play GameStream to the web browsers and mobile phone users, or to real- time scoreboard widgets hosted on the website of local news outlets, leagues, tournaments, travel teams and school. Continue reading

Zanks!: Effective Mobile Loyalty and Marketing

ZanksInstead of royalty cards, Zanks!, replaces it by an application in your phone. In this regard, you can get direct connection with your favorite stores at your fingertips. As for business, you can use the app to send customers exclusive discounts and promotions. Zanks! Help you track what they like and buy to make sure you come up with great offers that they love. Continue reading

Hipvite: Organize Meetups Easily

HipviteNow that most people use smartphones, event management on mobile should be as effortless as possible. A startup called Hipvite is exactly that. They aim to provide users with a simple but rich integrated experience that would allow them to share relevant events with everyone easily.

This newly- launched mobile app is dedicated toward helping users make and experience spontaneous events over a simple, beautiful, and intuitive interface. It also enables users share these events with contacts from their address book and various social media like Facebook. Not only that, it uses technology like geo- fencing to “check- in” users automatically with their favorite social media. Continue reading

VoThink.Us: Express Yourself



The time is ripe for a change in the way we run elections. It is time that we use an approach that is easy. And with the advent of the internet, online election seems to be the most palpable change available allows you to execute flawless voting while connecting your membership with your organization.

VoThink.Us, the independent, non-partisan platform responsible for organize worldwide elections and referendums and express your opinion. It is a self- administered online voting software for your organization. The app, which is hosted in the cloud, allows tocreate customized electronic elections in a protected online environment. Continue reading

Highlig.ht: Get To Know People Around You



Highlight is a mobile ambient awareness app. When you are within close vicinity with another Highlight user who is also your Facebook friend or that you have friends or interests in common with, this app will send you a push notification and let you message them. The app’s home screen displays a reverse chronological list of all the people you’ve crossed paths with.

This app helps you learn more about the people around you. Continue reading

Apptopia: Help For Broker Sales Of Mobile Apps



Apptopia is a platform through which you can buy and sell mobile app ownership online. It is the first marketplace for app acquisitions.

You can sync your iTune/Android account with Apptopia along with picking what apps you want to sell for review and get approved for listing. You can also promote your app listing and let people know that a great app is available for sale. Continue reading

Tandem: The Unique Mobile Accelerator



Tandem is composed of a group of entrepreneurs who have established companies and taken them to liquidity. And they are now investing money and time in other early- stage software as well as internet startups through Tandem.

This Silicon Valley-based accelerator and capital fund assists businesses that can be built with rather few resources, just about 5 people or less, and reach market traction in a comparatively little time. It focuses merely on mobile since social networks and mobile app stores have created an open and democratic environment which allows numbers of consumers to vote on certain apps, sites, and services promptly so easily. Continue reading

TastedMenu: Discover Delicious Dishes, Share Dining Experiences



Tasted Menu is a platform where foodies can discover new dishes, make more informed decisions, share their experiences and have fun.

If you love food, Tasted Menu is the place to be. On their website, you will find many dishes based on their ranking. Every dish on Tasted Menu gets a ranking from users. You can also read the reviews on the dish and see many photos of it. Along with that, you also get to see how many people liked it.

Tasted Menu is a website and mobile app that offers diners and unmatched experience. With it, you can make more informed decisions. There are so many dishes on Tasted Menu that you can easily find the ones that you will love. Continue reading