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Logitech Cube – From Mouse To A Presenter

Logitech Cube

Logitech Cube

Logitech has always made innovations in the external media accessories field. Now they have presented a new little mouse for professionals, travelers and minimalistic enthusiasts. This little device is called Logitech Cube and it is a mouse as well as presentation navigator.

The device itself features quite small dimensions; it is as big as a standard AA battery and it has a rectangular matchstick box, kind of look. Its small dimensions contribute to the fact that is quite portable, giving it a sense of an ultimate travel mouse. Continue reading

Sony Tablet P – Are Two Screens Better Than One?

Sony Tablet P

Sony Tablet P

Sony a company that makes a lot of innovations, now hits us with their newest tablet piece. But is it good? Does it just look awesome, or is it groundbreaking in the way the other companies will follow?

The Sony tablet P from the outside looks like a glasses case, it has a nice and appealing look with silver color on the top and bottom, with black sides and frames inside surrounding the two screens. It will slide easily in a jacket pocket or pants because of its size when it is closed. On the outside there is a microUSB, power button, charger port and volume buttons. When you open the backside you will find a slot for a SIM card and a Micro SD slot. Continue reading

Samsung Optical Smart Hub – A way to get all the data in and out wirelessly

Samsung Hub

Samsung Hub

Samsung made a drive that will organize and play almost everything that you put in it, from a CD to a DVD and USB and stream, store or burn that wirelessly. This is one of the gadgets that you wish you had when you are faced with organizing your data. It is like a Swiss army knife that has all that you need packed in one simple casing.

The outside look of the drive is nothing new and extravagant, but it’s simple look shouldn’t full you because there is a lot happening beneath the surface. Still, on the outside except for the DVD rack there are few input connections on the back, like a MicroUSB a full size USB an Ethernet port and a power port. It can be powered by the AC adapter or using the USB cable, which comes in handy if there is no power outlet in the vicinity. Continue reading

ZaggMate with Keyboard and Long Lasting Battery in a shell


ZaggMate iPad Case

No matter how good it is, Apple’s iPad is still a Pad and everyone that has owned a Pad can tell you that it is really hard to type on a screen, especially long texts. Of Course Apple gives you the opportunity to connect a Bluetooth keyboard, but bringing a keyboard with you kills the meaning of the Pad itself, nevertheless the additional budget and weight that you need to worry about. Some companies tried some inventions, some were good, some were bad, but not so good as the ZaggMate.

The first thing that separates ZaggMate from the competition is the material from which it is made, it is has a lower side made out of aluminum with almost the same color as the iPad. Continue reading