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Microsoft Office for iPad Apps Leading 12 Million Downloads in One Week!

OfficeAfter announcing the launch of the Office for iPad apps late last month, Microsoft announcing today that the separate Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iPad have actually jointly gotten to 12 million downloads a week after launch. The number additionally included downloads of the OneNote app for iPad, which has actually been readily available for a few years getting at the release of the Office apps, yet Microsoft didn’t offer a failure of sales by app.

It wasn’t long after release that Microsoft’s 3 new Office apps for iPad hit the leading of the cost-free App Store graphes thanks to a lot of promotion from the announcement, decent reviews, and a wonderful huge banner on the top of the App Store from Apple. Continue reading

Future Office For iPad Update Will Certainly Let You Print Your Documents!

MSwordAlthough the Workplace for iPad suite is fairly full-featured, it will not print hard copies. That’s a glaring noninclusion also in this significantly paperless age, we ‘d share. Not to fret, though: Microsoft tells PCWorld that printing support is coming as component of future application updates. The company hasn’t claimed merely when those upgrades are due, however Office general manager Julia White vows to “iterate extremely quick” on the recently established productivity software. In the meanwhile, do not toss out your traditional PC– you could require it to print out that next contract or term paper.



Microsoft Will Launch a New Version of Office For Mac This Year!

office-for-macA new version of Office for Mac will certainly launch this year, for the very first time because 2011, baseding on the company’s manager for Office products in Germany.

Workplace for Mac provides a delightfully choice to individuals who do not like Apple’s iWork software application on the Mac, and want to subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365 program as an alternative.

Microsoft’s Thorsten Hubschen validated the software application, presumably called Office for Mac 2014, will certainly be disclosed in the second quarter of this year, reports Computerwoche. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 920 – Nokia’s Win8 Flagship

Nokia Lumia 920Nokia hasn’t been mentioned for a while now and that is because of their mistakes, which are lining up one after the other. They went from being the ultimate leader falling just behind Mac, to the ultimate loser. They fired more than 2/3 of their staff; closed a lot of factories and still they cannot get on top, even though they make some of the sturdiest phones and have a lot of innovations in their closet. They kept banging at the door with their own operating system, even though everyone has moved on.

This time again, they are trying to go on to the market with Microsoft beneath their wings. Continue reading

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard – All You Need For Your Tablet

Microsoft Wedge MobileAs we have seen the time of the hybrids is coming. All of the major manufacturers have seen that the tablet itself is not that comfortable to work on so they are joining the hybrid race. Windows 8 is coming this way and it is expected in the fall. For this the manufacturers are making new tablets and hybrids. For the regular tablets there are a lot of solutions that will make them more comfortable and Microsoft is joining this game.

They introduced on the market a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that comes together with the smallest mouse and a casing that can be used as a stand for the tablet itself- this keyboard will be usable with all the windows tablets. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Tablet – Microsoft Is Coming Into The Game

Microsoft Surface TabletMicrosoft over the years had thousands of patents and has made a bunch of peripherals and multimedia accessories. Now they saw an opportunity on the market of introducing a tablet of their own, not just implementing their software in other firms hardware. Everyone knows Microsoft surface, their multitouch table that was in a way a revolution by itself, providing a multitouch surface that run on Windows. This tablet took its name and upgraded that experience.

This tablets’ casing was made in a totally new production process that was made from vapor of Magnesium called VaporMG. This casing is really rigged and fingerprint and scratch free.   Continue reading

Mozayo – Multitouch Table

MozayoIf you are one of the multitouch display fans or just want one of the Microsoft multitouch tables here is one table that will keep the professionalism of the Microsoft table and give it a bit of design twist. We are talking about a table that is made to be professional in the sense of what it can offer and at the same time provide it with one of the best looks at the market.

This table is a multitouch, up to 6 fingers and it comes with some amazing specs. It is a plug & play unit and has a 42 inch full HD LCD screen that has one of the best viewing angles on the market, amazing 178 degrees. Continue reading

Computer Science Researchers Develop Sensors To Find Lost Items

Technology is forever helping us lead better lives, although in some respects, more complex lives. If you are forgetful, two computer science researchers know your pain and have come up with a sensor that helps you to find lost keys, wallets and even cutlery.

The team that developed Kinect sensor used the system to track many objects around a house including a phone. Yes, you will never need to call yourself from another phone to find your phone. Continue reading

TeleHuman – The Life – Size 3D / 360 Degrees Chat



The time has come to experience real 3D hologram chat like we were used to watch only in the movies and series.

Professor Roel Vertegaal guided the team in the Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, which developed a system for video- communication in 3D. They used very well known equipment, like group of six Microsoft Kinetic sensors that render the movements and set of 3D cameras that capture the user in real size and real-time on the one end of the communication channel. On the other side, instead of a monitor, there is a 3d projector that beams the video to a acrylic cylinder, which has a convex mirror inside. The result of this experiment is TeleHuman. Continue reading

FullContact: Keep Your Contacts Safe And Updated



FullContact provides you identity resolution for all the disparate pieces of contact information on the web. In short, they keep your contact information current.

How important is your contact list? That is the question FullContact took up and brought an answer to. For anybody who wants to keep their contact lists up-to-date and safe, need FullContact. And I guess that is everybody.

The service keeps you contacts safe and up-to-date by aggregating billions of contact records with various attributes such as quality, frequency and freshness. Continue reading