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Microsoft Office for Android Tablet Computers is Coming This Year, Register for Very Early Access Now!

Office-for-AndroidMicrosoft is working with a version of Office for Android that is specifically designed for tablet. The company’s efficiency suite has actually been offered for Android Smartphones as a complimentary download since last year, yet Android tablet customers have actually been compelled to with patience await a variation optimized just for them. Well, it looks like they will not have to hang around much longer.

Office for Android tablet  is anticipated to officially release for customer use sometime later this year. Continue reading

Microsoft OneDrive Users Now Get 15GB Totally Free, Office365 Subscribers Get 1TB!

onedriveMicrosoft on Monday revealed intentions to greater than double the amount of OneDrive (Formerly SkyDrive) cloud storage provided to normal customers to 15GB. Approximately this point, storage for non-paying subscribers was topped at 7GB (or 25GB for early adopters). The modifications do not stop there, however, as all Office 365 customers will now receive 1TB of storage option, up from a lowly 20GB in comparison. Workplace 365 Personal customers could have access to the exact same 1TB of area for $6.99 each month while Office 365 Residence subscribers can acquire 1TB for approximately five folks for $9.99 each month. Continue reading

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Desktop Computer New Start Menu Delayed Until 2015!

windows-8Microsoft made numerous desktop-friendly tweaks to Windows 8.1 Update 1 and the much-anticipated return of the Start menu selection was allegedly slated for Update 2 later on this year.  According to a ZDNet report, nevertheless, the firm has actually decided to hold back on this feature until sometime in 2015.

Update 2 is apparently still on tap for August this year sans the spruced up menu. As an alternative, Microsoft plans to deliver that function as component of the following major launch of Home Windows, referred to Limit – a.k.a Windows 9 – which is currently rumored to launch about a year from now in April 2015. Continue reading

WhatsApp Returns to Windows Phone With Tow New Features!

whatsapp for windows phoneWindows Phone users worried that Whatsapp’s devs might be appreciating their Facebook cash way too much to fix the application can now rest simple. Whatsapp is now back on the Windows Phone Store after few weeks’ absence, and it also comes with brand-new features, including chat backgrounds, far better privacy settings and the ability to personalize notification tones. Its devs pulled the application from the store after a lot of users reported having serious concerns with update 3 for Windows Phone 8 that permanently disabled notices or caused persistent errors. Just as Microsoft’s Windows Phone individual Joe Belfiore promised on Twitter, though, Whatsapp’s back and ready for additional cross-platform messaging.

Windows Phone Now Allows You to Browse Your Files!

Windows-Phone-File-BrowserYou no more need to go browsing app-by-app to find a buried file on your Windows Phone. Right on timetable, Microsoft has actually launched its Files application, if you’re running Windows Phone 8.1, you can now dig through folders to open and control files kept anywhere on your device. The user interface won’t as compare to what you get on your pc, yet it ought to be useful for offloading photos to an SD card or deleting video clips that are chewing up space. If you’re currently running Microsoft’s most current and greatest mobile OS, you just need to swing by the Windows Phone Store to give the file browser a spin.

Skype to Launch Automatically Translating, Real-Time Multi-Language Voice Calls!

Skype voice trans.Microsoft just demoed a remarkable new feature for Skype that will really allow you speak to people in various other languages – in real-time – by doing all the translating dirty work for you.

Skype Chief Gurdeep Pall teased the new function at Re/code’s Code Conference, Calling a German – speaking officer to display the new translation chops. According to a few German – speaking members of the audience, the translation was ‘pretty good’ – yet not perfect. Continue reading

Microsoft Office for iPad Apps Leading 12 Million Downloads in One Week!

OfficeAfter announcing the launch of the Office for iPad apps late last month, Microsoft announcing today that the separate Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iPad have actually jointly gotten to 12 million downloads a week after launch. The number additionally included downloads of the OneNote app for iPad, which has actually been readily available for a few years getting at the release of the Office apps, yet Microsoft didn’t offer a failure of sales by app.

It wasn’t long after release that Microsoft’s 3 new Office apps for iPad hit the leading of the cost-free App Store graphes thanks to a lot of promotion from the announcement, decent reviews, and a wonderful huge banner on the top of the App Store from Apple. Continue reading

Future Office For iPad Update Will Certainly Let You Print Your Documents!

MSwordAlthough the Workplace for iPad suite is fairly full-featured, it will not print hard copies. That’s a glaring noninclusion also in this significantly paperless age, we ‘d share. Not to fret, though: Microsoft tells PCWorld that printing support is coming as component of future application updates. The company hasn’t claimed merely when those upgrades are due, however Office general manager Julia White vows to “iterate extremely quick” on the recently established productivity software. In the meanwhile, do not toss out your traditional PC– you could require it to print out that next contract or term paper.



Microsoft Will Launch a New Version of Office For Mac This Year!

office-for-macA new version of Office for Mac will certainly launch this year, for the very first time because 2011, baseding on the company’s manager for Office products in Germany.

Workplace for Mac provides a delightfully choice to individuals who do not like Apple’s iWork software application on the Mac, and want to subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365 program as an alternative.

Microsoft’s Thorsten Hubschen validated the software application, presumably called Office for Mac 2014, will certainly be disclosed in the second quarter of this year, reports Computerwoche. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 920 – Nokia’s Win8 Flagship

Nokia Lumia 920Nokia hasn’t been mentioned for a while now and that is because of their mistakes, which are lining up one after the other. They went from being the ultimate leader falling just behind Mac, to the ultimate loser. They fired more than 2/3 of their staff; closed a lot of factories and still they cannot get on top, even though they make some of the sturdiest phones and have a lot of innovations in their closet. They kept banging at the door with their own operating system, even though everyone has moved on.

This time again, they are trying to go on to the market with Microsoft beneath their wings. Continue reading