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Microsoft is Working on a Service for Streaming Applications and also Games to Windows Devices !

Microsoft is Working on a Service for Streaming Applications and also Games to Windows Devices !Microsoft is developing a better way to compete with Google & its cloud-based applications and also operating system. The company is building an experimental service for streaming applications and video games on Windows, it’s declared.

ZDNet has actually reported that Microsoft’s Azure-based streaming service is codenamed Arcadia, a nod to an earth in the company’s Halo game series. Arcadia will permit you to stream applications and also games to Windows. Streaming apps are generally designed to run straight from the cloud to your computer or device, & the applications would likely consistently be current and totally integrated with Windows. Continue reading

Facebook’s Updated Search Tools Overlooks Bing Results !

facebookgraphsearchFacebook recently upgraded its Graph Search tool to make it much easier to locate friends’ old posts. According on Reuters, though, the company failed to revealed an additional change; it has obviously stopped showing Bing outcomes, also. The social media network launched Graph Search in 2013, giving people a fast method to scour the web site for posts, pages and also users. It might additionally be used like a typical search engine [thanks to Bing], so you could, in theory, research for a school paper without leaving the web-site. Both companies have actually validated the change to VentureBeat, even saying that it was carried out a while ago. Continue reading

Microsoft’s Android Voice Search Application Now Works Without a Watch !

microsoft-torqueMicrosoft’s Torque is handy if you would like to search the web through a fast shake of the wrist and a voice command, however you have actually had to make use of an Android Wear Smart-watch to try the Bing-powered app. That’s very little help if your wrist is bare, is it? You won’t have sit on the sidelines any type of longer, however. A revamped version  of Torque now runs on any kind of reasonably modern  Android phone [4.3 or later], no wearable needed; you just have to shake your phone to bring up a mini window and start speaking. The app also provides streamlined answers for even more of your questions, including flight statuses as well as events. Torque is still a bit superfluous when Android is virtually built around Google search, however it worth a look if you cannot (or just don’t want to) use of ‘OK Google‘ to get a quick answer.

Microsoft to Flaunt Windows 10′s Customer Functions at January Occasion !

Windows10Microsoft showed Windows 10′s desktop and computer mouse features when it made the enterprise-focused technical preview available to download on October 1, and as expected, it supplied hardly any in the method of brand-new touch functionality.

According to a new report, you may not have lengthy to wait to see Windows 10′s tactile side and its customer features. Microsoft experts informed The Verge that Redmond is planning to show them off at an event to be held in late January, which will be different to Microsoft’s appearance at CES during the middle of the month. Continue reading

Windows 10 Will Play Your FLAC and MKV Files all on its Own !

Windows-10High-end sound lovers like FLAC considering that it guarantees to maintain every little thing just as it was heard in the workshop. Regrettably, it isn’t really the most widely-supported of styles, yet it looks like if it’s going to get a cozy welcome in Windows 10 Gabriel Aul of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program tweeted out a screenshot (over) revealing FLAC assistance in Windows Media Player, later on adding that the OS is supplying platform-level assistance – so any kind of suitable application will now be able to play the data without a plug-in. Sinced Microsoft likewise just recently allow slide that it’ll sustain the.MKV container in its next-gen OS, it’s clear that Redmond is reaching out to the inner AV geek in all of us.

Skype Coming to a Browser Near You, Works Without a Committed Client… !

SkypeMicrosoft has announced that it will soon make available a version of Skype that runs in a web browser. That means you will certainly manage to almost use any device to make a Skype call or communicate with family, friends or colleagues, not merely one with a desktop client or app set up.

Skype for Web will certainly be launched in a beta version and will run in a browser window throughout all web browsers, consisting of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome, so you can also use it in an Internet cafe far from home. All of your profile information & contact will be promptly accessible once you sign in. Continue reading

Microsoft is Slowly Prepping OneDrive for Music Storage !

onedriveYou understand all that OneDrive storage Microsoft’s been giving away recently? Turns out there could possibly be a new way to put it to make use of quickly; music storage space. A tipster to Windows Central points that going to this hyperlink will immediately create a folder for your listen Redmond’s cloud ecosystem, and when the feature officially hits it’ll apparently bring an extra 20GB of cost-free storage space with it as well. A few graphics suggest that there’ll be a web version, as well. We’ve embedded one from Windows Central after the break. Oh, the service apparently will not cost anything (Just Like Google’s Music Locker) and also your music will come throughout a range of devices consisting of Windows 8.1 computers, phones and tablet computers; browsers and also, of course, Xboxes. Not that the Xbox One in fact requires any sort of extra media options mind you, however more are always welcome.

Skype’s Translator Preview Goes Live for Windows 8.1 Users !

Skype-TranslatorWe initially heard about Skype’s Translator feature back in May, and that it should arrive before the end of the year. Well, in keeping with that timeline, the video-chatting outfit opened a sneak peek for Windows 8.1 devices. As its moniker suggests, the new feature transforms speech in real-time, to keep the lines of communication open without the demand for a 3rd person to do the translating. It also shows an on-screen transcript throughout calls and also can arrange IM translation in 45 languages. If you’re wielding a computer or tablet computer that’s running the aforementioned OS, head over to the source link to decide in to the preview ahead of the new tool’s official arrival.

Office for Android Tablet Computer Coming November 2014, Mac Early 2015, Windows Late 2015 !

Office AndroidIf you were asking yourself when you would certainly get your practical the current version of Microsoft Office, then rumours have drawn with each other a run of dates, throughout platforms.

1st  to hit should be a fuller version of Office for Android, designed to encourage tablet designed users, offering a wider range of productivity alternatives suggest to currently in place in the existing Office Mobile app, to match the Office for iPad experience. Sources talking the ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley have suggest the date of November 2014, & historically, Foley has actually been precise with Microsoft’s plans.

Continue reading

Skype for Windows Phone Lets You Share Drawings With Close Friends !

windowsEver wanted to convey a lot more in a Skype chat compared to easy text and pictures can handle, such as directions to your home? If you’re using Windows Phone, you now have a better path to express yourself. Microsoft has actually published a new version of Skype for Windows Phone that, just like Google Hangouts, permits you send out easy drawings to good friends. You could start with a blank canvas if you’re an imaginative type; however you can also doodle on images & annotate Bing maps. There are a couple of significant under-the-hood upgrades, too, including HD display support and the choice to sign in with your phone’s Microsoft account. The Skype team hasn’t said when its Android & iOS apps will acquire sketching, But it wouldn’t be unexpected to see them get matching updates in the near future.