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LessMeeting – Effectively Plan, Execute And Follow-Up Your Meetings

LessMeeting logoLessMeeting is a web based platform to help you make your meeting more efficient and productive. “Our employees are spending more time on meeting” is a common complain among organizations. LessMeeting like meeting management software are coming with the goal to make your meeting more effective.

LessMeeting with the slogan of “Less meeting, more productivity“, provides functionality to derive more value from your meeting by improving meeting effectiveness throughout the entire meeting life cycle. In LessMeeting, you can easily create agendas, goals and search tags. LessMeeting also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook to rapidly create meetings in a familiar format.

LessMeeting creates a private meeting space for each meeting. From there attendees can take collaborative notes, follow the agenda, and view meeting progress in real time. It lets you assign action items to specific individuals with specific due dates, right from within the meeting space. These keeps meetings on track and gets rid of wasted meeting time. It incorporates best practices like objective-oriented meetings, rapid note taking, attendee tracking, meeting time tracking etc.

Once the meeting ends, LessMeeting sends the meeting minutes out to all of the meeting invitees both attendees and non attendees. Attendees can anonymously rate and provide feedback for the meetings they attend what gives you valuable insights about how to improve meetings within your organization.

LessMeeting provides Personalized Meeting Analytics, Action Item Tracking, Team accountability and Organizational Reporting on some key matrices which as a whole let you measure your meeting progresses, effectiveness and give you the opportunity to improve poorly run meeting to successful one.