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Now You Can Access Google Custom Map Maker Via Google Drive

Google Custom Map Maker Via Google DriveGoogle’s Custom Map maker has been a handy tool for anyone who wishes to map unmapped locations on Google’s mapping software, along with marking custom locations for oneself.

Beginning today, Google is building My Maps right into Google Drive, where it will certainly rest beside Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and lesser-known tools like Google Forms and also Drawings.

This modification will not just make the service a lot more quickly visible, however it will also allow My Maps users to make use of Drive to save and discuss their maps, just like they would certainly finish with any other document. Continue reading

Google Maps Adds “Local Guides” Feature for Android to Bring You the Top Reviews in Your Area !

google_maps_local_giudes_featureGoogle has started turning out an update for its Maps application for Android, bringing a new feature called Local Guides. The feature, as a component of Google Maps version 9.4, provides users a much better concept about places based upon assessments by others.

First spotted by 9to5Google, the Local Guides feature, formerly referred to as City Experts, takes reviews for local businesses from normal users and also share it with others making use of the Google Maps application. The feature highlights the top reviewers, similar to Yelp’s Elite Reviewers, and also awards a Local Guides badge to signed-up customers once they reach 50 evaluations. Regular users can also add images and also edit Maps on Google to supply far better info to others. Continue reading

Google Maps Updated v8.2 With Biking Elevation, Voice Action in Navigation!

google-maps-8.2Google Maps for Android updated to Version 8.2 with some new features. These brand-new features includes a Biking elevation support (close to public transportation, driving and walking), and a casual voice actions while in GPS.

The Biking Elevation feature is really neat, but specified as beta. Basically, you get a timeline of your route so you could select one with the least climbing. It also contrasts multiple routes in the search interface. The other biggie is voice actions in GPS mode. Continue reading

Google Maps for iOS Adds Mapped Search Results and Gmail Appointments ,A Lot More!

google mapGoogle Maps for iOS is seeing an update, taking it to model 3.2. The upgrade brings in some useful functionality, like the ability to view search engine results page on the map or in list form. The brand-new Maps will likewise function a lot better with Gmail, where your appointments will certainly now appear.

Search results page will certainly additionally appear with descriptors, now, so you understand if you’ve made the best choice. You can also view lead to the map view, or toggle to a listing sight. Continue reading

Streetgram: Search Instagram Photos Quickly

StreetgramInstagram is probably the most- used and popular mobile photo app to download. It has now more than 80 million registered users who have shared more than 4 billion photos.

A new app called Streetgram allows you to conveniently browse through the numerous photos of Instagram. It mainly focuses on the user experience more than anything. You can benefit from the maps to explore the newest geotagged photos, build your own collections, and explore user profiles and discover places around you. Continue reading

GroupMap: Brainstorming With A Twist

GroupMapBrainstorming is an essential part to come up with great new ideas to improve business strategies. GroupMap is a real- time, collaborative brainstorming with a twist. It basically shows you what the group is thinking by combining views and ideas of individual participants. Through that, a significant insight is provided that eventually leads to a group, collective learning and effective decision making.

With GroupMap, you can improve engagement and participation greatly. Continue reading

DoDyDo: Share Content, Maps, Images, Links Socially



DoDyDo is a social networking mashup site that allows you to include text, photos, YouTube videos, maps and links.

On DoDyDo, you can follow people and topics. Created in HTML5, it allows you to easily share items with simple drag and drop. To share, you just need to drag and drop the relevant files into the provided boxes. Others can contribute to your DoDyDo account by adding their own videos, links and photographs to your box.

DoDyDo has a very simple and elegant interface. That makes it very easy to browse through topics. When you like a topic, you can comment on it, share it on Facebook. Continue reading

MapKnitter: Create or Make Your Own Map from Aerial Images



MapKnitter is an open source tool that allows you to combine and position images in geographical space into a composite image map.

This technique is known as orthorectification or georectification to geographers. It covers the process of figuring out where images can be placed on an existing map and how they can be combined or stitched together.

You might, during the process of positioning the images, overlap many images or identical areas. To solve this problem, MapMill or some kind of sorting is done to determine which source images to use from the original set. Continue reading

Chillisauce: Easily Organise Your Party, Fun Activities



Chillisauce is the place for thousands of ideas, activities and destinations for stag weekends, hen parties, activity weekends, corporate events and team building days. Over 60,000 people went to Chillisauce organised event this year.

It provides easy online management of your event. You can view your quotes, maps, itinerary and payment status in your own members area. You can invite your group to go online and pay their share. This removes the hassle of collecting money from your group out of your hands.

Chillisauce is a member of Eventia, the Events Industry Association that promotes the highest standards of professionalism and best practice amongst its members. Continue reading