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Sony to Announce ‘Selfie’ Phone on July 8th With Front-Facing LED Flash and it’s Probably The Xperia C3!

Sony selfieSony is getting to launch a new mobile phone that makes it simpler to capture selfies. While preliminary specifics on the device are scant, a leakage from earlier yesterday exposed that the device will feature a front-facing LED flash module.

A picture shared on Sony’s social media accounts shows a group of individuals posturing for a selfie with the hashtags #GetTheFullPicture and #Tomorrow together with the tagline “View your #selfies in an entire new light.” While Sony hasn’t shared any sort of details relating to the smartphone, a leakage on Weibo claims to offer up real-time photos of the device, which will allegedly be called the Xperia C3. The pictures display the front LED flash device,and the fact that the device is available in blue-green.

Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD – Flagships Of The New Motorola Lineup

Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HDMotorola has had a lot to show over the last month and while we are still waiting for Win8 and their show of Win8 phones- if any, these models had a big launch last month, as leaders of the Motorola revolution. The lineup was not so vast, but enough to stir up some commotion. In it Motorola has introduced three phones, of which we are reviewing two now, because essentially they are almost identical.

The Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD have the same specs when it comes to their dimensions and hardware, except that RAZR MAXX HD is a bit heavier (11g) and thicker by less than a mm. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tipo – A Bargain Phone By Sony

Sony Xperia TipoSony is going on the market by them self this time and as it was anticipated they are reviewing their whole series. They started with the Sony Xperia T as a flagship and it was ok, but they know that they have made a killing on the lower end of the market over the years and to satisfy the bargain hunters they are now bringing to the market their new low end device and this time it comes with a preinstalled Android ICS and specs that are enough for the not so demanding users. Continue reading

Motorola Photon Q 4G – The Keyboard Is Back

Motorola Photon Q 4GMotorola has introduced their successor to the Droid 4 and it stands by its roots. This phone is one of the few left on the market that still has a full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard was taken out of the design with the touch screen revolution and many manufacturers have discontinued its implementation, except few that are still keeping to their original design. The Photon Q is a great phone with great characteristic’s and for the ones that are still filing nostalgic for typing on a keyboard instead of a screen; this is the phone for them. Continue reading

LG Optimus G – A Great Flagship

LG Optimus GLG has announced and now confirmed their new flagship model, the one to lead the next generation of LG phones, in design as in performances. This phone is still not out yet, but firstly it will find its place in Korea (in its birth place) and after that it is expected to continue its tour in England. The phone by itself is a marble, whilst it keeps LG’s previous design with certain upgrades.

The design of the phone as we said kept the previous rectangular design, but its back cover is glass-coated and it will provide different patterns according to the light. Continue reading

HTC 8X – Is It Up For The Challenge

HTC 8XHTC is coming back strong on the market and now they are trying to overcome the market by introducing their new phones with Win8. To do this, they are introducing their line of Win8 phones and they have two representatives, one for the high-end market and another for the midrange. The HTC 8X- or Windows Phone 8X is their high-end response to Nokia’s Lumia 920. But is it good enough?

The phones’ design looks awesomely familiar, but with its own charm. It has a very slim bezel and the back of the uni-body is slightly curved, with curved edges on the sides. The back panel is made out of smooth high end plastic. Continue reading

iPhone 5 – Revolutionary???

iPhone 5The hype of iPhone 5 has come to an end with its introduction and the specifications are in, so the big questions on every one’s mind is if it is a revolutionary new product, or just a minor improvement. According to the Apple worshipers it is a revolution that is going to bring every other company to their knees, but to the rest of the world it could have been better. The specifications are behind the rest of the companies flagships and can be said that are mediocre, but enough to run its iOS and everything that you throw at it. Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi-Two – The Chinese Are Pushing The Market Boundaries

Xiaomi Mi-TwoXiaomi is another Chinese company that is coming to the world market and is knocking at the doors. They have been one of the companies that have been lurking in the shadows until recently, but now they are gaining on popularity with their products. Now, they are announcing to put on the international market their newest product the Mi-Two phone, which will be as strong as all of today’s phones, with a cheaper price. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Duos – Dual SIM Phone With A New Look

Samsung Galaxy S DuosSamsung has been on the top of the phone market for a while, always bringing us their models and impressing the public with their slickness and overall design, and now they have updated their dual SIM phone and made it similar to their flagship model the Galaxy S III. Even though it looks like the SIII, it is still a phone that lacks the power of it, but it is a big step up for a fully functional dual SIM phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S Duos took all the best features of its big brother and made them its own. Continue reading

Samsung ATIV S -The First One

Samsung ATIV SAmong all the new stuff presented on IFA this year in Berlin, Samsung surprised the public with their presentation of Samsung ATIV S, the first phone to work on Win8 platform. This was a big surprise, because everyone was waiting for Nokia to be the head runner in this department. Again Nokia is falling behind with its delivery, but as they are announcing they are going to present new technologies with the new line of Win8 phones.

Samsung is still the first and the phone that they have introduced is by itself great. Continue reading