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Self SEO Tips: 10 Ways to Promote Your Startup!

SEO 1The competition in the web industry to be a better service provider than fellow competitors has increased due to the frequency of the websites being made regularly around the world. Search Engines are doing a great job when it comes to bringing the internet user a rich experience in what the user searches for. Internet would surely have been a highly complicated maze if there was no existence of search engines. Due to the fact that internet users tend to search internet using search engines, each and every website try harder than ever to make their website come to the top of search engine results produced by search engines. Continue reading

Flevy: The Business Documents Marketplace

FlevyFlevy is a marketplace for business documents specifically the ones that are used by people who work in a business function. The documents varies from Excel Financial Models to customizable PowerPoint Templates to “How- To” Business Frameworks. It basically helps those who are in the Marketing, IT, and Corporate Finance industries explore and access vital documents like:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Primer
  • LBO Valuation Model
  • Cost Drivers Analysis Framework
  • Research Report-cum-Financial Model
  • Crawl Walk Run PowerPoint Template Continue reading

Practutor: Adaptive Learning Platform

PractutorPractutor  is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. Basically, Practutor is established to focus on the students. Since most students find it difficult to love these subjects, Practutor aims to solve this challenge and make students be more enthusiastic in learning Math and English.

Indeed, Practutor is virtually effortless and very intuitive for students to use. Continue reading

CodeAvengers: Learn Javascript Through Interactive & Addictive Lessons



Code Avengers is a site where you can learn Javascript. The platform makes it tremendously easy for anybody to learn the programming language.

Code Avengers makes difficult things easy. You might be wondering how easy learning a programming language can be. Apart from the perseverance you need to learn any language for that matter, Code Avengers makes the learning quite simple. It has interactive lessons and games apart from clear instructions that makes it easy and interesting to learn Javascript. Continue reading

WordSteps: Enrich Your Vocabulary, Learn New Foreign Words



WordSteps is the newest and the easiest way to learn new foreign words. With the help of WordSteps, you can learn words using your computer, phone or mobile device. That means no matter where you are, you can always learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

This service is for all those who would love languages and would like to learn new words of any language. It also helps you to learn effectively. You can take reading, writing, listening and visual exercises whenever you have time.

WordSteps also helps you to remember what you have learnt. Its built-in algorithm is created to help you remember the words forever and recall them instantly. Continue reading

MindSnacks: Language Learning Is Now Fun



MindSnacks makes it possible for you to have mobile learning games on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It offers you exciting learning games that help you to learn something new. There are over 1,500 hand-picked words, phrases, audio clips, and pictures jam-packed into 50 lessons. There are six games in one that helps you to become a language wizard. You can learn vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills.

On MindSnacks, you can track your progress. It accurately personalizes your experience based on your progress so that you know exactly where you stand. MindSnacks is not a time-waster like other games. It lets you have all the fun you want and in the process allows you to learn. Continue reading

Fixoodle: Online Language Translation Service



Learning a new language is now in the tips of your finger with Fixoodle.com. This service allows you to study English by connecting to people around the world. It is basically a social website where people help each other to learn a language.

Fixoodle is a community based online language translation service. You can make friends who can help you learn your target language. In this site, you can practice accordingly by posting in the language you are trying to learn. Once you submitted a post, you simply have to wait while people try and correct your post. So, you can quickly learn by your mistake by learning from a native language speaker. Continue reading

ThinkBinder: Collaborate On Studies Online



ThinkBinder is a service that allows you to create a study group online.

Every student knows how boring it is to study alone. You have a hard time concentrating and you have nobody to help you when you get stuck. ThinkBinder is a platform that allows you to study with your classmates, friends or anybody whom you think would make a perfect study buddy. Continue reading

MentorMob: Cut Out Internet Junk, Search for Relevant Content



MentorMob is a free platform that allows you to organize the best educational content from the Internet into an easy to use learning playlist. In other words, MentorMob makes online learning accessible and simple for the world.

The problem is not that in today’s world information is accessible all the time, but that good content gets lost in the heap of terrible content. Mostly, bad content is used to get on top of the search engine results while great content sometimes Continue reading

Medify- A helpful Resource to find Reliable Research Information in the Health Sector



Medify is the Wikipedia of the Health Sector. It makes your study interesting on any particular disease, its condition, research or treatments. Most of the times, we are unaware of many uncommon diseases and do not know how to manage the health of a patient. We may not know the number of patients suffering from that particular disease around the globe or any studies that were done on that subject or the latest conducted research and treatment on that disease. Sometime, these information can make a major difference in how we deal with our patients.

Medify brings you all the information, research work and treatments about conditions that you can easily access. It simplifies complex answers through charts and graphs so that you can, in a jiffy, know almost everything about a health problem so that you can know in which direction to proceed.

Making informed decisions is very important when health is concerned. Take, for example, asthma. Medify will tell you the total number of studies conducted till date, total number of patients studied, different views of experts on the disease, learning more about different treatments and compare treatments for asthma.

Medify makes it easy for you to grasp information by displaying the results of research in interactive graphics.

You can personalize your search by adding filters like the stage of your diagnosis or structured filters that are pre-populated. By clicking on a bubble, you can access more information such as the use of a treatment on a specific condition, the rank of a particular treatment for a particular condition, find the research by connecting directly to a list of studies and personalize your search by adding it to your binder.

Medify is a storehouse of medical information that is relevant for everybody. After all, nobody remains untouched by ill health. It is a one-stop resource for anybody wanting to know more about conditions, research work in healthcare and availability of treatments.