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A Kindle Software Upgrade Permits You Shares E-books With Your Family !

Amazon Kindle Paper WhiteAmazon started pushing an over-the-air update to certain Kindle e-readers on Friday, which means that the new e-reading features Amazon promoted when launching its Kindle Voyage will quickly be available for older Kindles also, as promised.

The New Features Include:

  • Family Library, which gives people with Amazon accounts, linked to family members the capability to read books a family member has previously downloaded.
  • Word Wise, a feature that makes definitions for hard words automatically turn up over them, so readers don’t need to stop to look up a term. Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Quietly Updated With Double Storage!

amazon-kindleDirectly over to the Amazon product page for the Kindle Paperwhite and you could find the message informing you that there’s a more recent version of the glow-in-the-dark e-reader available. That’s because the store has actually quietly increased the interior storage space of the device from 2GB on the 2013 model to 4GB on this year’s edition. In a declaration to our pals over at The Digital Reader, the bookseller admitted that the storage space had actually increased, yet that it does not consider this new Paperwhite to be a new product. So, if you were discovering that 2GB simply wasn’t sufficient to hold your enormous e-book collection, you know where to go.



Top 10 iPhone Applications in 2013

If there is a digital device in the world that allows you to feel the passion, enjoy the excitement, smell the beauty and to make decency a part of your life; all at once, it is none other than the Apple iOS running Apple iPhone that has this special ability. Emerging as a perfect digital assistant to match the needs of your routine, iPhone has globally become the premier mobile phone that satisfies the requirements of the customer in the most effective way while giving you a unique experience at the work. With the popularity of the iPhone is on its peak at the moment, it is important that we find out the best Apple iPhone apps in the year 2013. Here is a list of 10 Apple iPhone applications that could possibly be the best of the lot for the year 2013. Continue reading

Findings: Share Highlights from Ebook in a More Spontaneous Way



Findings.com came about with turning ebook reading into a unique social experience as its goal. This recent service allows you to share the best parts of a book you’re currently reading to your friends or even with people who you’re not acquainted with, but are using the service.

Findings.com is a brand- new means for discussing, sharing, or collecting clips you discover on Amazon Kindle or from other sites on the internet. With this service, you are able to disclose the highlights of ebooks or any other online texts for that matter. The point is quite simple: If the text is available on the internet, then you can quote it anytime. Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Touch – Experience The Amazon’s Best Selling Reader With Touches

Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch

This is a fourth generation of Kindle readers and it is represented by two versions of readers, one is the regular Kindle reader and the other is a Kindle reader with touch capabilities. The second one can be simply described as an upgraded version of the regular version.

The basis of this device is still the E-ink Pearl screen, which has been around in the previous versions, but the main new thing is that you can navigate the screen with touch. The real situation is that it works on a system that is called Neonode, which is based on infrared receivers and transmitters placed along the frame of the screen. This was seen almost a year ago in Sony’s model PRS-650. This system eliminates the problem with reduced contrast Continue reading