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iKrut: The Easiest Online Recruitment System

iKrutiKrut is a free Applicant Tracking System. That is to say, it allows users to recruit new employees in a much quicker, cheaper, and more timesaving that using the traditional approach of recruitment. To use iKrut effectively, you don’t need to have a hardware, software, or training. Everything is made a lot simpler.

Basically, this service helps you attract the candidates for the jobs. Then, it does all the hard work for you and arranges interviews, rejects unqualified candidates, and collects references on the successful candidates. Continue reading

Poachee: Job Portal for Passive Job Seekers

PoacheeMost people hate a thing or two about their job. Some just hate it completely. That is not good for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is really tough to drag yourself to work every day when you hate it. Secondly, it is it really isn’t good to broadcast the fact that you hate your job all over the Internet

A startup called Poachee allows anyone to anonymously express their desire for a change in their career. It acts as an agent between recruiters or headhunters and suitable candidates that are currently employed elsewhere. Continue reading