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Apple Made it Harder for Hackers to Breach iMessage & FaceTime !

AppleAs a means to further safe your digital life, Apple said today that it’s bring in 2-step verification to iMessage & FaceTime. That still leaves the likes of iTunes & the Apple website at risk to ne’er-do-wells which wish to from remotely access your sensitive information (and have your password), obviously, today Cupertino’s universal messaging and video conversation programs are secured down a little bit more. Provided the progress that’s been made towards bring in the second authorization step to the break of its ecosystem in recent months, it likely will not be also long prior to those places are buttoned up also. Any questions? The Apple 2-step verification FAQ is simply a click away.

Apple Adds Notification Center Widget, Improves Syncing Performance in iTunes 12.1 Update !

itunes-widgetThe latest iTunes is now available for download, and also while it won’t clothe your old apps in a recent, fancier interface, it does include a convenient new feature. To be precise, it brings in an iTunes widget right within the notice center that allows you play, pause and skip songs without accessing the program itself. You could even buy tracks from within the widget if you’re jamming to songs on iTunes Radio. To obtain this new feature, fire up your Mac Apps Store and find iTunes 12.1 from among all your outdated apps in the Updates tab – simply bear in mind that you have to have OS X Yosemite installed to see the download & enjoy the widget’s attributes.

iTunes Store for Android Phones Reportedly Considered by Apple!

iTunes_Store2It’s perhaps the last thing we would certainly anticipate to happen, however a new report recommends that Apple is taking a look at the probability of introducing the iTunes Shop on Android. Yes, Android. It all stems from the folks at Billboard, which declare Apple is talking with the record tags regarding the plans and additional.

Apple has actually established exploratory talks with elderly tag execs concerning the opportunity of introducing an on-demand streaming service that would equal Spotify and Beats Music, according to 3 individuals aware of the talks. Continue reading

MacBook Air 13 Inch – The New One

macbook airHere’s good news for the laptop users that wish to have a laptop with a long lasting battery. Apple Inc. is going to launch a laptop with the name MacBook Air- 13 inch whose battery can last as long as fifteen and half hours if it is fully charged. This laptop is a fully functional ultraportable laptop that has a long battery life. If you are travelling through the planes or trains then this laptop can prove to be the best option for you. Continue reading

MailTamer: Manage Your Inbox

MailTamerMost of our inboxes are unorganized. They are cluttered with mails that are not at all important, and most of the time, we don’t have the time to get through each of it to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. It is just too overwhelming to deal with.

But now, MailTamer, an email productivity application for iOs, allows you to tame your inbox as well as to view your email with a sender- focused view. This startup is a mobile utility that lets you perform actions on all messages from any particular sender which will allow you to take charge of your inbox. Continue reading

AppCod.es is for your iOS App Marketing Needs



The ever- increasing role of smart phones in our lives means that there will also be a significant change in the number of mobile app released every year. And most naturally, people will want to know how to make apps. And that’s why knowing how to make your application come on top of App Store search results is going to become indispensable.

App SEO will be a contributing factor to make your app discoverable amongst hundreds of thousands other apps. And a start- up has developed tools to increase the probability of you being seen through the ability to test, compare and monitor such things as naming choices, keywords and ranking probabilities. It can keep track of your competitors as well. Continue reading

Shirtify: Sends You Shirts From Bands You Like, Artists Get Paid



Wantering, a Vancouver- based startup launched their latest project- Shirtify. And it looks like it is going to be a hit! The idea behind the site is quite simple: You listen to music on any of your favorite online music service and Shirtify will send you a t- shirt from the band you most listen.

You should register for a Shirtify account, and then connect it with your music listening history, and a new band shirt will be delivered to your every month from your most listened musicians. Continue reading

Watchily: Find Your Favorite Movie or TV Show in Just a Click



Watching movies can be easily accessed by the advent of movie services on the web. You can choose from a wide- range of services such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Redbox, and Hulu. Then again, with so many options thrown at us, it makes everything more perplex than it is supposed to be. Which option is better? Does the service have the movie that I want to watch? Is it in my budget? All these complexities may be simplified by Watchily. Essentially, this service allows you to search for movies and TV shows on the above services. Continue reading

Edit, share Pictures and start Conversations while mobile through Tracks



Tracks is an open iTunes app that allows you to make social photo stories. You have clicked some pics, you share them with your friends and start a conversation around the photographs.

Through Tracks, you can create a track for vacations, visiting places, hanging out with friends or just keeping in touch with your family and friends. Continue reading