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Apple iOS 8 Will Have Shazam’s Song Identification Feature!

iPhoneshazamApple rumors often vary hugely between reality and total fiction, just here is just one of them we would absolutely such as to see, a partnership with Shazam to make it also easier to discover music with an apple iphone.

Bloomberg today stated that Apple is working with a brand-new song discovery feature for an upcoming iOS upgrade that will certainly allow apple iphone or iPad users to identify a song simply by having the device hear it for a few seconds. Continue reading

MailTamer: Manage Your Inbox

MailTamerMost of our inboxes are unorganized. They are cluttered with mails that are not at all important, and most of the time, we don’t have the time to get through each of it to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. It is just too overwhelming to deal with.

But now, MailTamer, an email productivity application for iOs, allows you to tame your inbox as well as to view your email with a sender- focused view. This startup is a mobile utility that lets you perform actions on all messages from any particular sender which will allow you to take charge of your inbox. Continue reading

BuenosAiresMusic: Complete Guide to Finding Live Music

BuenosAiresMusicBuenosAiresMusic is a clear, informative website that aims to be the one- stop spot for music lovers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jesse Rosenfield, founder of this site, wants to give artists, musicians, and teachers a way to showcase and promote their events in a way that would be highly visible to anyone.

When you enter the BuenosAiresMusic homepage, you get to see a big slideshow of upcoming events. And when you click on the little dots on the lower right hand corner, you can scroll through events by twos. These are the hotspots of the site, and this is where you want your band to be. Continue reading

Gemster: The Coolest Social Event Finder

GemsterIf you are looking for the next big event in your town, whether it’s a great bar to unwind with friends, or any other local experience for that matter, may it be the intimately small or the very big, you can download the coolest social event finder app, Gemster. It is totally free and you can easily find and interact with the best local events worldwide!

Gemster uses a P2P system to aggregate all public Facebook events that derive from user profiles. Continue reading

Focal Nomad Spirit One Headphones – The Spirit Of The Sleek Nomad

Focal Nomad Spirit One Headphones

Focal Nomad Headphones

The French company Focal- JMlab put a two year effort in a design that will bring the famous Focal sound quality that the customers know from the speakers in a pair of circumaural or full-sized headphones. Plus, the ultra sleek design and nice finish make them very comfortable and they fit perfectly.

Focal makes a revamp of the idea of a “nomad” as we know it.

The headband has evenly exerted pressure, the materials on the earpieces are chosen to be very soft, especially the foam. The most important characteristic is the weight of the product- or the “featherweight” as they say. This makes them one of the lightest on the market nowadays. Continue reading

SnapNest: See Live Streaming Photos As They Are Taken



SnapNest is a photo discovery app for Twitter where you can see live streaming photos as they are taken.

It offers you geo-location so that you can easily find photos that are taken nearby. The app works brilliantly for festivals, conferences and concerts. All images on SnapNest are of high quality. They can be zoomed and panned to see all the details.

On SnapNest, you can save and share the photos you find. You can share them with your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. SnapNest is available on App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The best part is that the app is entirely free! Continue reading

Behringer iNuke Boom iPod – The world’s largest iPod dock

Behringer iNuke

Behringer iNuke

You won’t probably see that in the picture, but there is an iPod mounted on that monstrosity or a refrigerator as people call it. It is done by the company Behringer and it is the biggest iPod dock in the world. It is not just the biggest it is also the heaviest, loudest and most expensive dock in the world.

It is a world record braking dock station with an overall weight of over (300 Kg. or 700) pounds and massive dimensions of (2, 43 m or 8 feet) wide and (1.22m or 4 feet) tall. Continue reading

Pixable: Find the Best Photos, Videos



Pixable is an app that aggregates your friends’ photos from different sources and helps you to browse, search and keep track of the best ones. If you have been missing the best photos and videos from different social networking sites, you need to get Pixable. The app is available on the web, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

To use this app, you need to be login through Facebook. The app needs a certain amount of data from each of its users to be able to gather photos in their networks and sites. Therefore, Pixable is unable to offer a Facebook free login currently. Continue reading

Philips Wake-up Light – A good way of waking up

Philips Wake-up

Philips Wake-up

Philips over the years has made a lot of interesting designs and they are in the light market from the 19th century. So this design is right up their alley. The views of the public are different, some love it some don’t like the sterile white color of the lamp because it reminds them of a hospital. Overall the look is sophisticated and it goes with the whole concept.  The Wake-Up Light is introducing a new way of waking up with the combination of an ambient light that is supposed to reproduce the sun rising to the calm and cheerful sounds of wind chimes, or cheerful birds.

The concept is made around the idea that a person waking up at pleasant sounds and ambient light, instead of jolting out of sleep with an annoying alarm clock, is much calmer and has more soothing morning. The Philips Continue reading

Appoxee: Increase the Quality of Interaction with Your App Users



Appoxee is a tool for app developers that lets anyone who is in the world of app business have a better interaction with users. If you are an app developer, then a surefire way to determine if your app is a hit is by finding out the number of download it got. And appozee is working under that premise with the addition of some other features that will gather information about users, and to have better interaction with them.

With Appoxee, an inbox is added to your app so you can easily send messages to all users. This comes with an optional push notification so that every user will know if you have some fresh news you want to share. The software supported by Appoxee is HTML5 to be able to send all kinds of files without trouble. Continue reading