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Facebook Plans to Share Nearby Friends Location Data With Advertisers!

FB NearbyPossibly a little late to the game, though never ever too late, Facebook’s applications have introduced a Find-My-Friends-like feature in the US called Nearby Friends. But the company has repeatedly stressed something about this brand-new feature, it’s optional.

‘Nearby Friends is an optional feature. You can select which could see if you are nearby (for example – your close friends, friends, or a specific friends list) and you could turn it on and off any time’ announced Facebook in a blog post on its Newsroom hub. Continue reading

Google’s Helpouts Experience Service is Now Available for Apple iPhone!

googleNeed to brush up on your cooking abilities, yet only have your iPhone around at hand? Don’t panic> Google has silently brought its Helpouts solution to iOS. Just like the alreadying existing Android application, the iPhone-sized app (sorry, no iPad series) allows you schedule video chats with experts on topics ranging from annealing to bike repair service. Just be ready to limit on your own to complimentary suggestions – Google isn’t really supplying paid Helpouts in the iOS app. You’ll likewise should go to the web if you want to give listings for your own instructional sessions. If neither of those limitations is a deal-breaker, though, you could begin taking courses today.

iOS 7.1 Release Day May Arrive This Week or Very Early Following!

ios-7-iphoneThe public is waiting for the iOS 7.1 launch day that’s meant to bring brand-new functions and deal with a ton of irritating vermin’s.

Luckily, this major upgrade is being readied for later on today or very early following week, according to Apple lover site Daring Fireball.
This is based upon the reality that Apple is claimed to be requiringiPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to mount iOS 7.1 in order to stream its first iTunes Celebration in the United States at South by Southwest. Continue reading

Differences Between Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C!

compare_iphone5ccompare_iphone5sApple is known as an electronic device manufacturer that changes existing trends of the industry especially through its innovative approach to the market. Apple has not looked back after having released an exclusive series of mobile phones to the market since the birth of Apple iPhone 1st Generation. The latest member of the iPhone family is Apple iPhone 5C and here we thought that this is the ideal time to discuss about the differences between Apple’s latest version iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Continue reading

Stay In The Know- iPhone Monitoring Software Is All What It Takes!

stealthgenie iphone monitoringWith an iPhone monitoring app you get the ability to take a look at everything that happens on the device. This would include iMessages, WhatsApp, photos, and a lot of other things that would give you a considerable amount of information.

Why Use Such Apps?

One would be pretty curious to know why anyone would need such an app. In this era where everything is moving at the rate of knots, you need to be extra smart to ensure what your super-smart kids are up to at all times. Continue reading

Top 10 iPhone Applications in 2013

If there is a digital device in the world that allows you to feel the passion, enjoy the excitement, smell the beauty and to make decency a part of your life; all at once, it is none other than the Apple iOS running Apple iPhone that has this special ability. Emerging as a perfect digital assistant to match the needs of your routine, iPhone has globally become the premier mobile phone that satisfies the requirements of the customer in the most effective way while giving you a unique experience at the work. With the popularity of the iPhone is on its peak at the moment, it is important that we find out the best Apple iPhone apps in the year 2013. Here is a list of 10 Apple iPhone applications that could possibly be the best of the lot for the year 2013. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 5 – A Smartphone With Clean, Crisp And Bright Screen!

APPLE IPHONE 5 IMAGEPeople had a lot of expectations from Apple iPhone 5 and with its launch all those expectations were fulfilled. This smartphone is extremely light weighed with a weight of 112 grams which is 20 percent lighter as compared to the predecessor iPhone 4s. The chassis of this phone appears to be designed for strength due to which it gives a solid feel. There is a change in the height as well; this iPhone is 123.8 mm tall that is well suited for a large screen of 4 inches. Continue reading

iOS 7 – A Brand New iOS from Apple


There have not been a lot of changes in the iOS ever since its launch. The latest version of iOS is a modified form of the earlier used iOS rather then a brand new one. Nowadays the iOS is facing a healthy competition from Android 4.2 as it provides a wide range of features and with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 this competition has increased to a great extent. Continue reading

EasyGrouper: Get Your Company’s Contact List on Any Phone!

EasyGrouper LogoNowadays every person owns a Smartphone, but getting the contact of your company can be really hard. You need to find and save every number one by one, especially, the smaller companies who can’t afford an IT managing staff with dedicated mail server. Thus, EasyGrouper steps in at this point of time making it easy for you to push contacts and information of the company right to the personal Smartphones of everyone. Continue reading

Joistapp: Now Manage Your Invoices And Estimates While You Are Flying!

joistapp.com LogoAre you an upcoming businessman? Do you wish to outshine every competitor of yours? Are you getting scared of managing your invoices and estimates while you are on the field or flying? Well, there is some good news for you then! Read below.

Joistapp.com, a Winnipeg startup, equips you with the latest technology with which you can access you estimates, invoice and manage simply everything when you are on board. Basically it is an amazing tool for service companies and the contractors who mostly work on the fields. Continue reading