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Microsoft Office for iPad Apps Leading 12 Million Downloads in One Week!

OfficeAfter announcing the launch of the Office for iPad apps late last month, Microsoft announcing today that the separate Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iPad have actually jointly gotten to 12 million downloads a week after launch. The number additionally included downloads of the OneNote app for iPad, which has actually been readily available for a few years getting at the release of the Office apps, yet Microsoft didn’t offer a failure of sales by app.

It wasn’t long after release that Microsoft’s 3 new Office apps for iPad hit the leading of the cost-free App Store graphes thanks to a lot of promotion from the announcement, decent reviews, and a wonderful huge banner on the top of the App Store from Apple. Continue reading

Future Office For iPad Update Will Certainly Let You Print Your Documents!

MSwordAlthough the Workplace for iPad suite is fairly full-featured, it will not print hard copies. That’s a glaring noninclusion also in this significantly paperless age, we ‘d share. Not to fret, though: Microsoft tells PCWorld that printing support is coming as component of future application updates. The company hasn’t claimed merely when those upgrades are due, however Office general manager Julia White vows to “iterate extremely quick” on the recently established productivity software. In the meanwhile, do not toss out your traditional PC– you could require it to print out that next contract or term paper.



iOS 7.1 Release Day May Arrive This Week or Very Early Following!

ios-7-iphoneThe public is waiting for the iOS 7.1 launch day that’s meant to bring brand-new functions and deal with a ton of irritating vermin’s.

Luckily, this major upgrade is being readied for later on today or very early following week, according to Apple lover site Daring Fireball.
This is based upon the reality that Apple is claimed to be requiringiPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to mount iOS 7.1 in order to stream its first iTunes Celebration in the United States at South by Southwest. Continue reading

Apple ipad 4 – A Tablet Having 1.4 GHz Processor!

APPLE IPAD 4 LogoNow with the launch of fourth generation Apple iPad, Apple has continued its reign in the market as slate king. The Apple iPad 4 has all the features that you want in your tablet. A good performance with a stellar screen, an improvised camera, high speed Wi- Fi and a library of apps are some of the features that will definitely evoke you to buy it.  The fourth generation iPad looks just like the previous model and it is available at the same price as well. Continue reading

Joistapp: Now Manage Your Invoices And Estimates While You Are Flying!

joistapp.com LogoAre you an upcoming businessman? Do you wish to outshine every competitor of yours? Are you getting scared of managing your invoices and estimates while you are on the field or flying? Well, there is some good news for you then! Read below.

Joistapp.com, a Winnipeg startup, equips you with the latest technology with which you can access you estimates, invoice and manage simply everything when you are on board. Basically it is an amazing tool for service companies and the contractors who mostly work on the fields. Continue reading

E2MSolutions: Accelerate Your Business With Expert Solutions!

E2MSolutions LogoAre you in search of ethical internet marketing services to make your business grow ascendingly? E2MSolutions is an inventive internet marketing company which specializes in SEO consulting, Website design, web development, PPC, Reputation Management, SMO, Mobile Apps Promotion, Mobile App Development for Android, iPhone and iPad and much more. The company renders amazing ethical services and provides its clients with accessible and fast inquiry.

Continue reading

Comparing Online Gaming Between Tablets and Mobile Phones

JackpotCityOnline gaming has been a popular pursuit ever since the internet was invented, and it did not take long before the introduction of the online casino. Playing casino games at online casinos changed the nature of the web, so it is not surprising that playing mobile online casino games is changing the ways in which we use our mobile devices, at least in Europe and much of the developed world. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the US, where archaic and protectionist gambling laws prevent American citizens from enjoying the current mobile gaming boom. Continue reading

Appsta: The App Hub

AppstaIt surely can be frustrating to look for the desired mobile app across umpteen websites where the cases of the app being a spam are high. But even that does not stop us from throwing our android and windows phones into jeopardy. Thus, a common hub of apps was the need of the hour and this is where Appsta comes into picture.

The platform of Appsta covers virtually all sorts of applications that have ever been made by developers and acts as a hub where the applications have been divided into various categories on the basis of their functionality. Continue reading

MailTamer: Manage Your Inbox

MailTamerMost of our inboxes are unorganized. They are cluttered with mails that are not at all important, and most of the time, we don’t have the time to get through each of it to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. It is just too overwhelming to deal with.

But now, MailTamer, an email productivity application for iOs, allows you to tame your inbox as well as to view your email with a sender- focused view. This startup is a mobile utility that lets you perform actions on all messages from any particular sender which will allow you to take charge of your inbox. Continue reading

Readmill: Making Reading A Social Experience

ReadmillReadmill is an iPad app and accompanying Web site that helps users highlight passages in the e-books they are reading, and turns those passages into shareable, embeddable permalinks. Just as you post Youtube videos on your blog or any site for that matter, Readmill will allow you to share quotes.

There is a beautiful twist in this, though. An underlying social network exists that allows any users to follow each other’s reading histories. Continue reading