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Readmill: Making Reading A Social Experience

ReadmillReadmill is an iPad app and accompanying Web site that helps users highlight passages in the e-books they are reading, and turns those passages into shareable, embeddable permalinks. Just as you post Youtube videos on your blog or any site for that matter, Readmill will allow you to share quotes.

There is a beautiful twist in this, though. An underlying social network exists that allows any users to follow each other’s reading histories. Continue reading

OpenMargin: Let Your Thoughts be Known on Ebooks



A good book is worth sharing to your peers just as ideas needs to spread to gain recognition. And currently, there are a lot of sites that allows people who generally love books to come together and talk about them. Such sites are Quillp and ReadWhale. Then again at a time like ours where tables are available within our reach, we should use this technology to our advantage. Thus, it is just logical to discover new apps and services which help book lovers to easily associate with one another. And so an iPad app that allows you to share your ideas on an ebook you’re presently reading is now available at your fingertips. It is called OpenMargin. Continue reading