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Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop Application Now Lets You Access a PC From Your Apple iPhone !

Remote-Desktop-iphoneThere are a lot of remote desktop application that allow you log into & control a personal computer from your iPhone or iPad. But some of the better alternatives cost cash & possibly aren’t as simple as logging right into your Google account. Today, Google launched its Chrome Remote Desktop application, currently on Android since April, for Apple’s mobile OS. Once the application’s downloaded, you simply install a coming with Remote Desktop app in your Chrome internet browser, & from that point on you could access your home PC or Mac from virtually anywhere: Android, iOS, the desktop Chrome web browser, and Chromebooks could all acquire you there in a small pinch. Continue reading

Socialite: Stay in Touch With Your Friends!

Socialite LogoInternet navigation through all your social networks is sometimes quite chaotic and time consuming. As a one stop shop, Socialite collects recent feeds from all your favorite social networks which you own and can help you ease your social networking life. The app is available on the iPhone App Store for free. With easy installation and great user interface, the app is truly great for all social networking people. Continue reading

Ourspot: Collect Your Fond Memories, Share It with Your Special Person



Ourspot allows you to create virtual “spots” with others to share beautiful things you find online or in life.

It helps you to remember and engage with the relationships that matter most. As you collect more and more memories and moments, your spots become rich places to look back on and continue to grow.

On Ourspot, you can share photographs and videos that are special to you. You can then share those memories with your partner or friends without sharing it with your entire social network as on Facebook. Only people whom you choose to share these images and videos with are able to view it. You can also add notes, links to your photographs and videos. Continue reading