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10 Things For Starting a Startup!


All the global enterprise starts their footprint as an individual business unit, which always positively means it’s a direction. In an age not comparable with the pioneering era, various conditions have to be taken into consideration.

Market positioning

According to the common purpose of running a startup, that is, making profit, which is an indication of success and proof of qualification, rightly position your product within the market place is the first step. And, not to be judgmental, a basic common sense asked from a potentially promising entrepreneur. What is happening around you ? What will happen ?  Continue reading

Nutmeg: Now Anyone Can Invest

NutmegNutmeg is changing the way people manage their money by its smart, secure, and straightforward online investment management tools. It is designed to be affordable, transparent, and available to everyone by bringing technology to finance. Its principles comprise of great design as well as an appreciation of feedback and a desire to always to more for its users.

Nutmeg is equipped with an innovative concept and it hopes that, through this, it can grab consumers at a timeout of disillusionment with banks and existing investment models. Its basic premise is that anyone of use can be a great investor. Continue reading

Healthbox Provides Startups in Healthcare with Advise, Investment And Expertise



Healthbox is a platform where you will find world-class network of mentors that provides healthcare startups with their invaluable advice and connections.

How difficult is it to start a healthcare startup? Without help, it is difficult. Seeing the problem, Healthbox has come up with a trusted network of reputed names in the healthcare industry that can help you start a healthcare startup. On Healthbox, you will be able to generate ideas, test assumptions and focus your business in a dynamic workspace along with other promising startups, with a little seed capital for the initial thrust. Continue reading

YCharts, Analytics tool for investors, raises $3.25 in Series B funding



YCharts is a resource that gives you comprehensive information about the history, investments, growth of companies you might want to invest in. News is that YCharts has raised $3.25 million in Series B funding led by Morningstar, an investment research company.

Other investors were Hyde Park Angels, I2A and others. They have previously invested in YCharts. After the current funding, the total funding for YCharts has reached $4.75 million. Continue reading

YCharts helps you make the right investment



If you are someone who is new to investing, you are in good company with YCharts. If you are someone who had invested and is now looking for a new and reliable way to get information on investments, you will appreciate YCharts even more.

YCharts gives you objective information about companies that you might want to invest in. It does not provide you advice; it provides you rock-hard facts about a company’s sales figures, its performance over a period of time, its expenses and its income. Continue reading