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LoKast, connect instantly while on the go



LoKast is a mobile application provider based in New York City. The company helps people connect with people you physically meet while on the go. It provides a better shared experience with its smart technology and digital expertise.

The company provides instant social networking, especially targeting local networking because, after all, you meet people who usually live nearby. LoKast offers local file sharing from one mobile to another, and video and photographs sharing. It is also largely beneficial for businesses that need to deal within the local community on an everyday basis.

This proximity-based social networking app makes it easy and fast for people to connect with the social network of people they meet in bars, football games, music concerts etc. If you want to swap a photo or a contact detail with the wonderful couple you met at the Chinese restaurant, LoKast is there to make the “connect” quick and simple.

Recently, LoKast launched its 3.0 iOS app that allows users to connect, group message and share media within a social networking browser. The only thing you need is WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth to run this app.

LoKast as the “disposable social network” can be used effectively by professionals, businesses and others to share, connect, inform and entertain while they are mobile. Many organizations now only depend on online media for marketing and promotion. LoKast can be just the service they need.

It is true that with Facebook and Twitter on mobile, you can send and receive messages to your phone from anywhere. But with LoKast, you can exchange much more than just messages. It is a complete interaction program to help you connect with people you meet. You can stay in touch even afterwards on LoKast. Of course, you can go to e-mailing and Facebook if/when the acquaintance turns into a friend.

Specifically designed for maintaining new relationships, LoKast’s tagline ‘Connect your physical life, on LoKast’ says it all.