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Viddy: Mobile App For Video Clips

ViddyViddy is a mobile app for editing, improving, and sharing video clips. It’s often compared to Instagram because it allows you to add special effects with just a click. This app has two ways of enhancing your videos, namely special visual effects, and with music.

So basically, Viddy is Instagram- like video app. And although it’s about capturing great videos, what it really does best is its own social network, also similar to Instagram. Like the said app, Viddy’s user interface has a quite few similarities with it. Continue reading

Restaugr.am: Instagam-Based Site for Food

RestaugramInstagram is a free photo sharing and social network that has gone viral over the months. In this app, you can see thousands of pictures that range on just about anything. But what if I tell you there is a similar service but is only focused on nothing but dishes that are served in restaurants? That would be great news for binge- lovers. Continue reading

Streetgram: Search Instagram Photos Quickly

StreetgramInstagram is probably the most- used and popular mobile photo app to download. It has now more than 80 million registered users who have shared more than 4 billion photos.

A new app called Streetgram allows you to conveniently browse through the numerous photos of Instagram. It mainly focuses on the user experience more than anything. You can benefit from the maps to explore the newest geotagged photos, build your own collections, and explore user profiles and discover places around you. Continue reading

Plusgram: Buy and Sell Instagram Images



Instagram is an app as well as a social network. It is an app available for both Android and iOS. What it basically does is that it applies a variety of filters and effects on your photos. The photos taken with this app come out as either really artistic or, if you’re not able, quite overrated. All this happens on your phone, though shared photos routinely land on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Continue reading

Hashpix: Buy Photos Of Best Instagram Photographers



Hashpix is a service that is created for photographers. You simply need to sign up and find out when a new artist is for sale.

This marketplace is for photography fans where they can buy photos from the best Instagram photographers. These are only the top Instagram users. That means you can own the best Instagram photos!

Using Hashpix is simple and fun. All you need to do is to simply enter your email and get new updates in your inbox so that you can buy limited prints of a artists before others.

On Hashpix, you can sell your photos with ease. Continue reading

Pingram: Instagram And Pinterest Come Together



Pingram is a mash-up of Instagram and Pinterest. If you are a fan of either or both, you are going to love Pingram.

The site is free for use. It allows you to share your Instagram photos with a design that is similar to Pinterest. Pingram .me provides you with a Vanity URL page with first login and enables you to pin your photo. You can easily embed it on your Facebook page too.

Pingram allows you to share your Instagram photos with a design that is similar to Pinterest. If you love Pinterest, you will be at ease at Pingram. With Pingram, you can keep your friends updated with your activities. While travelling, you can share your wild experiences with your friends through Pingram. Continue reading

StreetFlow: Discover Great Places On Your Way



StreetFlow is your personal tour guide for any road trip that you want to undertake. It helps you to stay on track, not miss anything that you would like to see on the way and make your journey pleasurable.

It helps you to see, hear and learn about the interesting places along your route. Whether it is a family trip or your commute back home from work, you will never miss an interesting site with StreetFlow.

StreetFlow instantly brings your journey to life through informative audio and captivating images for interesting places on the way that you might overlook. Continue reading

Capture, Edit, Share Photos Easily With Lightbox



Lightbox is an app that allows you to capture, enhance and share your moments with friends.

Instead of capturing a photograph, editing it on Photoshop and then uploading it for sharing with others, you can save much of your time and effort by using an app that simplifies capturing, editing and sharing. Lightbox is a tool that automatically stores and uploads your photographs.

Lightbox understands that you do not want to share your photographs with everybody. To bring your experience as close to real-life as technologically possible, Lightbox allows you to keep all your moment in your personal photo journal, and selectively share them with your friends, family, acquaintances or the Lightbox community. Continue reading