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Shoutor: Humorous questions and answers on social network



Shoutor is a social network where you can meet new people, make friends, and share and be socialized. But Shoutor is unlike any other social network. The difference is that the topics, images and Q&A on Shoutor are more humorous.

Everything happening on Shoutor is light-hearted and funny. People here share things that they find funny. Even basic questions on Shoutor have a humorous bend to them.

The social network has chosen a niche, this is humor. Although many people do visit sites that specifically share humorous content, it is new to social networking. Yes, one always wants to have a good laugh with friends, but not all the time. Humour is a small part of our everyday life. But then again, targeting a niche works sometimes and it remains to be seen how Shoutor is able to make them indispensable to Internet users.

Shoutor encourages you to link your Facebook account with your Shoutor account. You can pick up a funny quote or a joke from Shoutor and share it with your Facebook friends.

Users on Shoutor share the funniest images, jokes, content and their writings. It is a good morning dose of humor to get you started on a happy note. Most of the questions that are featured on the site are tagged with funny photos.

Well, it can be a good place to hangout for those who are naturally inclined towards humour. They can meet like-minded people on Shoutor and make new friends.

Shoutor is accepting user feedback to improve the site, so anybody interested in giving them roses or criticism can sign up on Shoutor. Q&A based on humour with the social networking angle can just be what people need and do not get.