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HTC Desire C – The Last Low End Devices From HTC!

HTC DESIRE CThe launch of HTC Desire C may be considered as the end of an era for low end handsets from the Taiwanese firm  as  it has decide that cheap phones won’t be manufactured in the coming times. This is a cheap; rather I would say an economic smartphone as in case of this phone you get what you pay for. This smartphone has a very nice rounded and compact form which is made mostly of plastic. Continue reading

HTC Desire C – ICS for Everyone

HTC Desire CAfter few months of sleep and a lot of similar uninventive Gingerbread gadgets, HTC made a bum with their new series of One phones, returning to the right path. But, this series doesn’t respond to the vast majority of users because it is not aimed at the shallow pocket regular users. That’s why the Taiwanese giant decided to recycle their Desire  phone and in it to put the necessary hardware that will be enough for some one that doesn’t want or doesn’t have the money to buy a more expensive model.

Desire C has a tough task, to put Wildfire S in a well-deserved retirement. Continue reading

HTC Desire C – Not A Rumor Anymore?

HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

The Taiwanese HTC brings us a new Desire C, a heavily rumored Android phone, which photos leaked on several mobile phone web pages in the last month. The blurry images showed a smaller device with only 3 capacitive buttons, common for the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which design was somehow familiar. Previously codenamed HTC Wildfire C and HTC Golf, the device did some close-up shots.

We can clearly see that the device resembles the design of the Wildfire family, but at the end, HTC decided to give the Desire family name.

From the specs we can see, it’s planned to be a entry-level Android device that will run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). HTC decided to put this new kind of a low-end device instead of upgrading the existing ones. Continue reading