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HP Envy x2 – Hybrid Saga Continues

HP Envy x2As the hybrid was a total hit in the market and a lot of customers are switching to hybrids instead of a tablet solution, the big companies that were not into this format started to get interested in joining this evolution of the modern computer/tablet. One of them is HP. They are going to join that market with their Envy x2 model which is a part of their Ultrabook Envy series.

This hybrid is in line with their Envy series, continuing their line trend of slick, thin, good looking Ultrabooks, with its thickness of just 8.5mm and its weight of 3.1 pounds for the whole hybrid, while the tablet by its self weighs 1.5 pounds and the keyboard dock 1.6 pounds. Continue reading

HP TouchSmart 520 – At The Tip Of Your Fingers

HP TouchSmart 520We have already reviewed HP’s Omni27, all-in-one PC. Even though we were pretty happy with it, we have noticed some flaws one of which was that it lacked a touch screen.  Anyway a 27 incher is uncomfortable to use in a multi-touch surrounding so this version with its 23 inch is a much better choice.

TouchSmart 520 with its concept doesn’t differ much than the Omni27. The main difference is the touch screen. It has a standard resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The color reproduction is natural and well set from the start. The screen manufacturer is not listed but according to the view angles it should be an IPS matrix screen with a LED backlit. Continue reading

HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Edition- HP’s Musitian

HP PavilionHP and the company Monster have been collaborating for some time now. The speakers named Beats, helped HP keep their supremacy on the multimedia market, so no wonder that the American giant has accommodated their laptops to the Monsters design and especially brag about their audio capabilities. The HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Edition, is one of these representatives and it is quite different from anything seen so far.

HP has made a vast offer of parts implemented, so there is something for every man’s pocket. Continue reading

HP Pavilion dm1-4010us Entertainment PC – A Good Little Notebook

HP dm1

HP dm1

HP through the years produced many stylish, slick concepts for their laptop and netbook collections, this is the situation again with its updated collection of dm1 netbooks. To begin, the design seems to have been pretty much completely changed, providing the netbook a refreshing new look. Contributing to the complete experience is the over-all modest weight of 3. 5pounds and size of 16.7 by 3.2 x 10.2inches, enhance the recent new look. All of this creates a notebook with a great deal of innovative new tech that is appealing to the public. This collection of notebook computers is created mainly for the younger consumer and together with its portability, for the individuals who are usually on the move. Continue reading

Attunity recieves $3.55 million from Microsoft for OEM deal



Attunity, a real-time data integration and event capture software provider, gets $3.55 million OEM deal from Microsoft. The funding is a result of a 2008 agreement under which Attunity will supply Microsoft with Change-Data-Capture (CDC) and Open-Data-Base-Connectivity (ODBC) components.

The company has been, for almost two years, been supplying enterprise-class software solutions to businesses and organizations. Attunity offers software solutions such as Attunity Stream, a real-time CDC software; Operational Data Replication solution; and Attunity Connect, a real-time connectivity software, Attunity Power-Connectors for PowerPivot and SSIS, Attunity Federate and Attunity StreamFlow (data replication).

Businesses benefit from Attunity’s products by getting real-time access to information easily and fast across most technologies and in the cloud. Thousands of organizations all over the world use Attunity’s software.

Shimon Alon, Chairman and CEO of Attunity, said about the funding, “Our established relationships with OEM partners such as Microsoft have allowed us to advance our position as a leader in supporting large and small enterprises manage their big data and use the cloud. The proceeds from these payments will be used to further advance and finance the expansion of our product and service offerings, including our recent acquisition of RepliWeb.”

Earlier in September, Attunity acquired RepliWeb Inc., a file replication and file transfer technology firm for $7.8 million.

Attunity is a company that was born in Israel although they list their headquarters as at Burlington, U.S. It has top companies as its strategic and OEM partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, Business Objects and Cognos.