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You Can Now Send Directions to Your Android Phone via Google Search

send directions to my phoneSending out Google Maps directions to an Android Smartphone hasn’t already been that difficult for a while, however it’s now downright easy. Google has actually introduced a web feature that delivers instructions through a simple search. As long as your phone is effectively linked to your Google account, you only need to look for ‘Send Directions‘ to obtain the sphere rolling – choose the route, hit send and also your device will certainly be ready to navigate. Just some people show up to have accessibility to this option since this writing, but there’s a good chance that you’ll get to check it out before as well long.

Latest Chrome 42 From Google Comes With Push Notice And Bug Fixes.

Latest Chrome 42Chrome 42 has finished to a secure release and also is now available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Along with the common list of safety fixes (45 in total) and under-the-hood changes for security and also performance, Google’s newest release includes its new Push API and also Notifications API.

Together, these 2 new APIs allow web sites to send notifications to web surfers even after they’ve closed or navigated away from said site. Certainly, there’s a great line in between being useful & obtrusive when dealing with notifications. Fortunately, Google mandates that developers need to obtain consent for permission to make use of the Push API. Continue reading

Google Application Update Allows Android Users Include Nicknames for Contacts.

Google Application Update Allows Android Users Include Nicknames for Contacts.If you were got a person in your contacts list that’s an actual mom, Google now allows you call them by saying just that. Many thanks to an upgrade to the Google application on Android, you could give those people nicknames. The feature was currently live for some, yet it appears to be available for everyone now (simply appeared for me). This means when you say ‘Call mom,’ or use something various other term to endearment, your phone will certainly call them automatically. After further examination of the APK, the people at Android Police discovered Mountain View is advancing towards the Trusted Voice feature that emerged a few versions back. Continue reading

Google’s premium YouTube is Coming Quickly: Ad-free Video Clips, Offline Viewing, and Much More..

Google's premium YouTubeIt’s been rumoured that Google intends to offer a subscription-based version of YouTube by the end of this year, which would certainly allow you view millions of video clips on YouTube without needing to watch adverts, among many various other things, now it looks like everything regarding this version of YouTube is ultimately coming to fruition.

Bloomberg has actually declared Google would like to launch a subscriber YouTube to increase earnings and far better take on rivals in the paid video space, such as HBO Now and Netflix. Google is even beginning to warn material creators via email that they should agree to terms that would certainly let it include clips in its new subscription product. Continue reading

Google Announces the ARC Welder, Allows You Run Android Applications Within Chrome for Windows.

Google Chrome Run Android AppsAndroid applications are going cross-platform – at least on your nearest PC. Following a trial run on Chrome OS in September, Google is bringing its App Run-time for Chrome (ARC) task to Linux, Mac OS X & Linux. Although the job is primarily aimed on developers, it allows just about anybody to run an Android application on her desktop computer.

To do so, users can download and install ARC Welder from the Google Play store and the respective Android APK (Android application package) file they wish to run. Yet there are some limits. Just like how you would certainly make use of a smartphone, just one app can go through the ARC Welder program at a time. Continue reading

Gmail on Android: All Your Accounts Into One Inbox

New Gmail AppGoogle announced in a blog-post that its most current Android application for Gmail will see a new unified inbox. It’s a wonderful idea and also perfect for those that manage more than one inbox at a time, implying you could just stick to the one application rather than handling a couple of different email applications & getting rid of the demand for a 3rd-party e-mail inbox.

The other supported e-mails are Yahoo along with Google’s Outlook.com email. At the very least Google isn’t pretending that services typically aren’t being made use of also if Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail service. How do you see all those e-mails? The new update will certainly now show an ‘All Inboxes‘ option. Continue reading

Chrome OS on Beta Receives New Launcher With Google Now

Chrome OS on Beta Receives New Launcher With Google NowIntrepid individuals running Chrome OS beta will certainly soon get to test a huge new feature that’s not quite all set for stable release: Chrome Launcher 2.0. This version looks even more like a new tab on the Chrome browser compared to the platform’s current, much more standard one that’s basically a windows that shows application icons – it even has its very own search bar. It also comes integrated with Google Now that shows your session, flight, reminder, etc. cards if you use the feature on a mobile device or 2. Certainly, because it’s still a launcher, it has an application list you can access when required. Continue reading

Your Android Wear Watch Now Finds Your Missing Phone.

Android Wear Watch Now Finds Your Missing Phone.Google’s Android Device Manager simply got a lot more useful and awesome.

The service, which Google launched several years back as a way for you to find and protect your Android device, has apparently helped more than 30 million Android device owners find their lost phones and tablet computers, and now it’s increasing to include of support for Android Wear. So, if someone must ever before misplace and even steal your Android device in the future, Just ask your timepiece for assistance. Seriously. Continue reading

How To Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling On Android

WhatsApp-AndroidWhatsApp’s voice calling feature is now readily available to all Android users. The world’s most popular messaging application with over 700 million monthly active users just introduced this feature just recently & rolled it out slowly to its Android users. If you are not an Android users, you’ll just have to wait a little longer to obtain this feature. Yet if you make use of Android, & haven’t yet switched on voice calling on WhatsApp, what are you awaiting?

The process isn’t as simple as updating WhatsApp to start using the voice calling features. It involves a couple much more steps that you need to follow. We’ve described these here, so have a look to enable voice calling WhatsApp for Android. Continue reading

Google OKs Pre-Installing Waze on Android Devices !

wazeNext time you purchase an Android phone, you just could find Waze among-st its pre-installed apps. View, it’s now component of Google Mobile Services, or what you call the list of Android apps that manufacturers and carriers could install prior to delivering devices out to purchasers. If you remember, Mountain View purchased the gps application back in 2013, and it remained different from Google Maps. In Google’s & Waze’s announcement at the Mobile World Congress, spokesperson Julie Mossler wrote – ‘If a leading telecom pre-installs Waze in his mobile phones, a big percentage of the population would quickly have actually accessibility to blocked roads, dangerous intersections traffic and more in real time.’ Continue reading