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Google Fiber is Coming Nashville, Atlanta & North Carolina (Update) !

Google Fiber is ComingRumors broke over the weekend that Google might bring its gigabit internet Fiber connection to Charlotte & Raleigh-Durham, NC next, yet it’s not giving up there. The Tennesseean reports Nashville has actually a news planned, while the Commercial Journal specifies all those metro area plus Atlanta, based on confidential sources. Atlanta would represent the largest metro area for Google Fiber yet, & WSJ mentions that media in the area have actually been invited to a launch event lastday. All 4 cities were already on Google’s ‘Future of Fiber’ list so there’s no surprises here, but still – act like you’re surprised (& not jealous) when the announcement is made, it’s simply polite. Continue reading

Google Moves One Step Closer to Coming to Be a Universal Translator !

google translatorDespite having the assistance of modern innovation, holding a conversation in 2 different languages could be tough. Google Translate permits you to talk with an people and also have each utterance translated as message and audio, however previously you needed to by hand toggle each time the other person talked. As expected, Google is speeding the procedure with smarter language recognition & speaker switching, which comes as component of a new upgrade. So when you boot up the application and press the microphone symbol, it’ll acknowledge which of both languages is being talked, provide a translation then instantly alternative whenever the conversation flips over. No more tapping on the screen repeatedly. Continue reading

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop Application Now Lets You Access a PC From Your Apple iPhone !

Remote-Desktop-iphoneThere are a lot of remote desktop application that allow you log into & control a personal computer from your iPhone or iPad. But some of the better alternatives cost cash & possibly aren’t as simple as logging right into your Google account. Today, Google launched its Chrome Remote Desktop application, currently on Android since April, for Apple’s mobile OS. Once the application’s downloaded, you simply install a coming with Remote Desktop app in your Chrome internet browser, & from that point on you could access your home PC or Mac from virtually anywhere: Android, iOS, the desktop Chrome web browser, and Chromebooks could all acquire you there in a small pinch. Continue reading

Google is Close to Launching “OK Google” Always on Voice Commands for Chromebooks !

OK GoogleYou could now say ‘OK Google’ to your Chromebook. Well, people running very early release software could anyway.

The latest early launch of Chrome OS has an always-on feature that allows users to jump into voice command mode. All they need to do is get the launch on the Chrome Dev channel and then toggle a flag in ‘Chrome OS’ settings menu. Google worker and also Chromium source code expert Francois Beaufort explained the best ways to setup the feature with an post published on Google+. Continue reading

Google+ Could Automatically “Enhance” Your Mobile Video Recordings !

Google+Google’s familiar with tweaking your images automatically, and now it’s prolonging that expertise to video clip. By using Google+ and its auto-backup system for your media, Mountain view says it could adjust the lighting, color, stability &, soon enough, speech in any video you shoot. Simply make certain to have Auto Enhance activated on your device and, well, that’s the only factor you need to worry about actually. It’s a bit different than what the search giant did with Auto Awesome videos, actually, and also if you intend to see an admittedly low quality example, pop beyond the break. Continue reading

Chromebooks Are to Getting Always-on ‘OK, Google’ Voice Search !

ChromebookGoogle prepares to up the level of Chromebook voice control, evaluating by a new, experimental release. According to François Beaufort, you could now say ‘OK Google’ to turn on voice search on your Chrome OS notebook anytime the display is on and also unlocked. That always-on capability has been available for some time now on Android phones & tablets, however until now, Chromebook users had to initially open up the application launcher or a new tab in Chrome. As it’s still in the experimental stages, you need to be running on the dev channel and also allow the relevant flags, as shown in the source. Following to a brief voice training session, you’ll prepare to begin barking commands.

Google’s New YouTube Show Reaches Out to iOS Developers !

GmailDespite the ongoing battle between Android and iOS, the truth is you’re likely loading up Google services on it either way. Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Drive – take your pick, as Homescreen.is shows, they’re popular. Now Google has a new web-series devoted just to iOS developers (to go along with its community efforts for everyone busy making Android apps) but as the first entry demonstrates, getting the dialogue started can be a little awkward on the Mountain View campus. Google has its reasons for pulling iOS developers deeper into the fold including cross platform gaming and wireless file sharing, so we won’t hold our breath expecting to see a similar move from Apple any time soon.

Google Now is Almost Ready to Regulate Your Nest Thermostat !

Google NowKeep in mind how Nest assured that you would one day use Google Now to control your thermostat? That day is very almost here. Droid-Life has discovered that the search tool is responding to temperature requests, and also will certainly reveal you a Google Now card when the thermostat is cooling or heating your home. Nonetheless, you cannot in fact use this feature yet – you need to authorize your Google account to make this work, & the necessary web-site isn’t really entirely ready. Nevertheless, it’s clear that you’ll quickly be commanding your climate using little more than your voice.

Microsoft is Working on a Service for Streaming Applications and also Games to Windows Devices !

Microsoft is Working on a Service for Streaming Applications and also Games to Windows Devices !Microsoft is developing a better way to compete with Google & its cloud-based applications and also operating system. The company is building an experimental service for streaming applications and video games on Windows, it’s declared.

ZDNet has actually reported that Microsoft’s Azure-based streaming service is codenamed Arcadia, a nod to an earth in the company’s Halo game series. Arcadia will permit you to stream applications and also games to Windows. Streaming apps are generally designed to run straight from the cloud to your computer or device, & the applications would likely consistently be current and totally integrated with Windows. Continue reading

Google Glass Basecamps Look to Close US and London, Yet You’ll Never Ever Suspect the Reason Why !

basecampGoogle seems shutting all Google Glass Basecamp stores, it’s said.

9 to 5 Google just recently spotted a post on Google+ from Spencer Kleyweg, a Google Glass developer, which pointed out that Google was no longer accepting scheduled appointments for Glass support at Google Basecamps.

The concluded that the physical retail stores – which are mostly used for showcasing trials, technical support, and also one-to-one appointments for Glass across the United States and in the UK – are doomed. Continue reading