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Google Play Music on Android Allows You Locate Your Friend’s Playlists!

google play musicYou could keep in mind that Google Play Music All of them Gain access to on Android briefly got public playlist searching back in August, simply to shed the option an instant later on. Well, it’s back – and this time, it seems right here to remain. Similar to Spotify, the upgrade Play Music app now allows you locate others’ very carefully curated blends and stream them right away.  If you need a ready-made party playlist or just want to find out what your friends are listening to, you simply need to see the playlists area and start typing. The feature may take a while to hit your phone, yet Android Police has a download if you cannot hang around to have a look at others’ tastes in tunes.

Google Hangouts Adds Free Voice Calls to Phones in US, With Further Google Voice Integration!

imageGoogle has actually updated Hangouts, adding the capacity to position free of cost voice calls – also called VoiP calls- with Hangouts for Android, iOS, as well as web.

Your call is free when placed to other Hangouts users and phone number in the United States and Canada. In shorts, calls to the United States and also Canada are offered by Google cost free from all nations where Hangouts calling is readily available (even if you don’t have Google Voice). International phone calls will cost a ‘low’ rate, according to Google, which additionally noted this Hangouts update is rolling out over the following few days. Continue reading

Google Will Reportedly Change Your Broken Nexus 5 Free of Cost!

NexusEven though the Nexus 5 is on its last leg – or maybe as a result of it – Google is reportedly all set to offer cost-free substitutes if your alreadying existing device is busted. The search giant supposedly isn’t worrieded about semiotics, either, so no description about exactly how you damaged it is needed. Google simply wants to provide you a new (refurbished) Nexus 5, end of story.

This is specifically good news for people who were stricken by a bout of clumsiness. Admit it: we’ve all dropped our phone at one point or another. Yet rather than charging a pretty penny for a replacement, Google is relatively feeling mighty generous. Continue reading

Nokia Here to Launch on Android as Samsung Galaxy Exclusive, Will Power Gear S Maps Too..!

here_mapsNokia has announced that its Here mapping app will be offered as an Android beta app just for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

This information follows an announcement from the other day, when Nokia claimed it had actually partnered with Samsung to also bring the Below application to Tizen-powered smart devices by Samsung such as the Samsung Gear S. Just it’ll power the smartwatch’s maps and place function referred to as Navigator. Continue reading

Google’s Voice Search Application For Android Now Understands 5 Languages At Once!

googleGoogle’s voice search performance is useful for lots of people, specifically considering the greater than 50 languages and dialects it supports. According to the search giant, more than half the world’s population talks 2 or more different languages, and now it is including brand-new functionality to additionally accommodate multilingual people

With the Google search app for Android, users could now search in multiple languages immediately without having to dig with the settings menu to flip back and forward manually. Continue reading

Google Glass Update Brings Access to All Your Phone Contacts!

google glassGoogle Glass is acquiring a great deal better today, as a firmware upgrade brings in some required features to the heads-up wearable.  A new way to access and communicate with your contacts is incoming, however that’s not all. You can now access your entire contacts list, and also keep an extended number helpful for when you should get hold of them quickly. Making use of Google Contacts as a backbone, you can now obtain access to your entire list via Glass. Previously, just ten contacts were reachable via Glass. Why they are just now using Google Contacts – we can not say. Continue reading

Google Brings Android 360-Degree Photo App is Now Available to iPhone!

shhereGoogle has just added a great new application for iOS users to download that will certainly allow you take great panoramic 360-degree images or even publish them on Google Maps too. The brand-new Photo Sphere Camera application gives iPhone users the very same awesome panoramic video clip feature that Google first brought to Android phones back in 2012.  Continue reading

Google Acquires Emu, A Startup Messaging App That’s Likewise A Personal Assistant!

emuMessaging startup Emu has actually been obtained by Google, a minimum of baseding on a message on the homepage of the website. Emu, is a messaging app, which gleans contextual information from your conversations and permits some Google Now like performance to be utilized straight from the application.

The automation attributes are likely just what Google wants from Emu, with functions such as setting Schedule suggestions, snoozing messages and area based reminders built-into the application. Continue reading

WhatsApp for Android Use Will Have You Talking to Your Wrist!

android-wear.With over 500 million active users, WhatsApp probably has greater than a few customers sporting  Android Wear. Beginning today, those people will certainly be able to review and response messages directly from their wrist. The new feature are lunching somewhat silently however – the App’s Google Play listing hasn’t been updated yet, and the direct link on WhatsApp’s website makes no reference of the smartwatch features - but users who update manually will find a new app installed on their Google Wear device.  Continue reading

Google Voice Provides Web-Based Calls With Hangouts, No Google+ Profile Needed!

Google VoiceThe report is that eventually we’re visiting Google Voice combined completely into Hangouts, which’s obtaining also more detailed to ending up being fact. You can now make phone calls via Hangouts directly from the Google Voice web-site, no Google+ necessary. As Mountain View’s Alex Wiesen keeps in mind on G+, the new feature is provided as an option in the, Phone To Call With’ drop-down box. It appears a little small, certain, specifically when you take into consideration that Hangouts is already just how you make phone calls outward Gmail – but any updates for the oft-neglected support are welcome, appropriate?