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GiftHit: Send Gifts Friends through Facebook, Email, or SMS

GiftHitA website and Facebook app called GiftHit is a fun way to send friends fun, personal gifts from local hangouts instantly through Facebook, email, or text. Sending gift cards to friends is actually a good idea but giving them that plus a real beer via a wallpost is way cooler.

The gifts you can give can range from late night wings, mani-pedis, and concert tickets to your friends by Facebook wall post, email, or text. “It’s the best way to say hi, happy birthday; sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.” Continue reading

Fundable: Raise Funding Online

FundableFundable is the first to take advantage of the Jobs Act, also known as the Crowdfunding Bill which allows startup companies to publicly raise money from anyone who wants to back them up. Fundable makes investing a lot more accessible, providing two ways to support companies, that is through rewards or equity.

The rewards earned by Backers range from product pre-orders, unique gifts, to special incentives by the companies’ founders in exchange for pledging capital. If you have larger investments, they can also offer equity in their companies. Continue reading

SendAsGift: Choose The Right Gift For Your Loved Ones



Send a Gift is a platform that helps you to send gifts to your loved ones that is cherished by them.

The platform claims to put an end to bad gifts. If you wonder what you present your loved ones on special occasions, then there is help for you. Instead of presenting someone with gifts that they do not care about or do not want, you can gift them the things they actually want through Send as Gift. Continue reading

Pinpuff: Measure Your Pinterest Influence, Get Rewarded



Pinpuff is a service that allows you to calculate your Pinfluence and get perks. Pinfluence is the measure of your popularity, influence and reach on Pinterest. If you are a fan of Pinterest, you will love Pinpuff.

The service, apart from providing you a measure of your popularity on Pinterest also decides monetary value of your pins and traffic that pins generate. It provides you value of your each pin.

Pinpuff is a medium through which you get PinPerks for Pinfluencers and businesses. Continue reading

ActiveGift: Send Gifts Online Anonymously



ActiveGift provides you the freedom to give gifts anonymously. If you want to give someone a gift and do not want to go to a store and buy it, ActiveGift is the online platform to use.

Using ActiveGift is a breeze. You can sign up for ActiveGift through your Facebook account. You will get onto the ActiveGift dashboard where you can type details about the recipient. You can also invite mutual friends or contacts to suggest the gift for the recipient. You select the gift from a variety of choices.

ActiveGift changes the way you plan and give gifts. Continue reading

GoGappa: Luxury Gifting For All Occasions



When did you last wish you had delicious cookies or bought an elegant showpiece while you are unable to go out of home? If you crave shopping and do not have time to go out of home to explore different markets for the best buys, you can check out GoGappa. It is your online gift store.

On GoGappa you will find gifts for all purposes. All gifts are neatly categorized into fruit basket, gift basket, sweets & chocolates etc.

You can also browse gifts by occasion such as anniversary, birthday, get well soon, romantic, congratulation, just like that, I am sorry, Diwali, Christmas and so on. Continue reading

Giftwhip: Wrap Your Online Gifts in Beautiful Covers



Giftwhip is a virtual gift wrap for online presents. It allows you to transform the look and feel of any online gift with gorgeous digital wrap, cards, bows and their Peek-Proof countdown timer.

The service has transformed online gift giving. Everybody would agree that wrapping is a very important part of gifts. If the wrapping is attracting, then the stuff inside also looks good. Imagine a great book with a lousy wrapping. It reduces the attractiveness of the present itself. Continue reading