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SolidOpinion: Discussion Makes You Engage

solidSolid Opinion is a an ideal platform if you are looking to transform a dull discussion into a engaged and self-moderated community that helps in promoting your content, so that you can earn a handsome amount of money every time your content is promoted through these self-moderated discussions.

Solid Opinion offers its users social points every time they partake and engage themselves in a discussion. Solid Opinion users will be earning social points every time they like, vote or post. Also, they get to earn these social points when an outsider is interacting or contributing to their post. Continue reading

Ravox: Create Free Facebook Store

RavoxMillions of people use the Facebook environment as a personal experience by only discussing, commenting and sharing things they care about. Social media users are hearing about products more from friends than brands.  To create a successful plan for social selling, businesses need to reach a large number of users within a target audience and get them highly motivated to either purchase or share products. While many small businesses are eager to get in the social selling game, they often become stumped shortly after setting up an account. Continue reading

SuckMyTrend: Be Posted on the Latest Trends

SuckMyTrendWhat if there’s a service that allows you to be posted on all the latest trends in one place? That’s exactly what Suck My Trend is aiming to do. This UK- based startup takes a look at the latest and the greatest trends on the internet and roll them all together in one place. It focuses on social trends and hot internet searches. It is truly a unique way to be in the now. And in just 4 months, over 600,000 people have visited the site. Continue reading

BluffBust: A Fun Lie Detector Game

BluffBustIf you think you are already good at detecting lies, think again. Because you might be surprised how wrong you could be when you try out this new startup called BluffBust.

BluffBust is a social game that improves your lie detecting skills. People on BluffBust can share their own stories and then you can decide if it’s real or lie. Simply watch the video and make the call. Guess whether it’s the truth or pure tall tale by clicking “Truth” or “Lie.” Continue reading

GameChanger: Scorekeeping for Teams

GameChangerNow, you’ll never miss a game you’ll love. GameChanger offers you a service that allows you to collect, manage, and distribute live streaming game data for youth, high school, and college sports. With its mobile apps and web tools, it is gradually changing the way amateur sports team to get up- to- date stats. Basically, GameChanger gives you a scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream, and recap stories to everyone.

In every game, the Gamechanger online tools will deliver a play- by- play GameStream to the web browsers and mobile phone users, or to real- time scoreboard widgets hosted on the website of local news outlets, leagues, tournaments, travel teams and school. Continue reading

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard – All You Need For Your Tablet

Microsoft Wedge MobileAs we have seen the time of the hybrids is coming. All of the major manufacturers have seen that the tablet itself is not that comfortable to work on so they are joining the hybrid race. Windows 8 is coming this way and it is expected in the fall. For this the manufacturers are making new tablets and hybrids. For the regular tablets there are a lot of solutions that will make them more comfortable and Microsoft is joining this game.

They introduced on the market a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that comes together with the smallest mouse and a casing that can be used as a stand for the tablet itself- this keyboard will be usable with all the windows tablets. Continue reading

Questli: Play a treasure hunting game that combines virtual and real



Questli, as its name suggests, is a treasure hunting game with viral characters that combine the virtual world and the real world in a unique way.

Unlike many others treasure hunting games; Questli guides you through the real world where you have to complete tasks, visit places or answer questions in order to win money, coupons, rewards and discounts.

Questli is real fun. Because it is a crowd-sourcing game, anyone can create his own quests. The platform is Continue reading

Kiip: Reward Every Virtual Achievers of Your Game



At this time of technological advancement, games are generally part of our lives. And our mobiles extend from texting or calling to something that connects to the games you love. If this is the case for you, then you are surely not alone. Now, there are millions of people, phones in hand, marketing games and puzzles. But don’t you think it’s merited to be rewarded for all the efforts you’ve put through? Now Kiip wants to hook you up by rewards such as snacks and lattes for the effort you exert in your gaming. Continue reading

LaunchNow: From Startups To Game



It is a note- worthy fact that the number of startups on the web is going up dramatically and quickly.  Undoubtedly, competition among these startups is in the works, and what better way to heighten this is to turn it into a game. LaunchNow Company is here to make that happen. Its idea is rather simple, turn startups into a game.  It highlights exceptional game-play that allows you to create a real company and lets you interact with other competing startups and entrepreneurs as well. Continue reading