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You’ll Never Believe Just How Much Seagate’s 8TB Hard Disk Expense !

SeagateSeagate is never satisfied with the hard disks available & has actually yet once again broken the mould and created a brand-new type of HDD, saving everyone money.

This new disk drive uses Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology to cram much more data onto each platter of the disk drive. The 3.5-inch 8TB HDD is presently available for $260 which has to do with £165.

The shingled drive fits more data onto a disc but overlaying data tracks, as opposed to spacing them out. This is a bit like tiles on the roof of a house, hence the name. This improves capacity by 25 per cent, allowing them to stay the very same size but also for much less cost. Continue reading

Google Glass Basecamps Look to Close US and London, Yet You’ll Never Ever Suspect the Reason Why !

basecampGoogle seems shutting all Google Glass Basecamp stores, it’s said.

9 to 5 Google just recently spotted a post on Google+ from Spencer Kleyweg, a Google Glass developer, which pointed out that Google was no longer accepting scheduled appointments for Glass support at Google Basecamps.

The concluded that the physical retail stores – which are mostly used for showcasing trials, technical support, and also one-to-one appointments for Glass across the United States and in the UK – are doomed. Continue reading

Pebble’s New Smartwatch – The Pebble Steel For $249 Will Ship From January 28, 2014!

steel-silver-front-400-786fdb056101d49721da42b3d5243efaSmartwatch pioneer Pebble is introducing something everyone has been waiting for at CES this year: new hardware. But the hardware isn’t so new that it throws the baby out with the bath water– any software developed for the current Pebble will work with the new one, and vice versa. And there’s something new for everyone, since Pebble is also announcing the launch window for its application store and new parter software. Continue reading

Top 10 iPhone Applications in 2013

If there is a digital device in the world that allows you to feel the passion, enjoy the excitement, smell the beauty and to make decency a part of your life; all at once, it is none other than the Apple iOS running Apple iPhone that has this special ability. Emerging as a perfect digital assistant to match the needs of your routine, iPhone has globally become the premier mobile phone that satisfies the requirements of the customer in the most effective way while giving you a unique experience at the work. With the popularity of the iPhone is on its peak at the moment, it is important that we find out the best Apple iPhone apps in the year 2013. Here is a list of 10 Apple iPhone applications that could possibly be the best of the lot for the year 2013. Continue reading

Acer Iconia W3 – Lightest Windows 8 Tablet In Market!

ACER ICONIA W3 LOGOIt is difficult to believe but the first windows 8 tablet having 10 inch screen hit the market only three weeks back.  At present, Acer Iconia W3 is the only option available in market with an 8- inch screen. Moreover, it has windows 8.1 that bring few improvements due to which an e-reader tablet like this becomes easy to use. The W3 looks quite similar to W510 and it seems that the W510 has been cut down to size by two inches. Continue reading

Blackberry Playbook – A Tablet With Highly Efficient And Bulletproof Operating System!

BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK LOGOBlackberry has recently launched a tablet that runs one of the most hardcore and industry friendly operating systems known to man at its core. This tablet has ONX operating system along with BlackBerry Playbook as hardware. This is an enterprise friendly tablet that has been manufactured by Blackberry with a hope to follow the footsteps of Blackberry handsets which are used by a number of corporate executives and Black Berry messenger addicts across the globe. Continue reading

Apple ipad 4 – A Tablet Having 1.4 GHz Processor!

APPLE IPAD 4 LogoNow with the launch of fourth generation Apple iPad, Apple has continued its reign in the market as slate king. The Apple iPad 4 has all the features that you want in your tablet. A good performance with a stellar screen, an improvised camera, high speed Wi- Fi and a library of apps are some of the features that will definitely evoke you to buy it.  The fourth generation iPad looks just like the previous model and it is available at the same price as well. Continue reading

Huawei Ascend D2 – A New Era Chinese Smartphone!

Hauwei Ascend D2The launch of Huawei Ascend might be a new era of beginning for the Chinese smartphones in the world market. This smartphone has been manufactured by a Chinese firm Huawei and it is a high end device with the budget handset. This smartphone was launched alongwith huge Ascend mate at CES 2013 and provides a great smartphone experience in terms of scales and features. When you look at this smartphone for the first time, the sturdy chassis will immediately catch your attention. Continue reading

Asus Transformer Book TX300 – A Notebook Cum Tablet With A Sophisticated Design!

Asus Transformer BookThe best part about windows 8 is that it has allowed the giant corporations of the computer industry to manufacture the hybrid designs of laptops and tablets. These hybrid designs are gaining a huge popularity among consumers worldwide and sensing this, Asus has come with Transformer Book TX300 with a detachable display. This notebook cum tablet has been provided with a 13.3 inch screen along with an Intel Core i7 processor with a RAM of 4 GB and SSD of 128 GB. Continue reading

Asus VivoBook S400CA – UH51 – A Prime PC For Learning Windows 8!

AsusAsus, a known corporation of the computer industry has recently launched a new laptop named Asus VivoBook S400CA- UH51. This is a windows 8 compatible laptop that provides an excellent feel as it has a touch screen. This is the first laptop that shows good windows 8 compatibility at a decent price. The appearance of this laptop is similar to a normal laptop with a 14 inch screen. Continue reading