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Oppo Find 5 – Thinnest Phone With The Best Screen On The Market

Oppo Find 5This Chinese company is not that well known outside its country, but they have introduced phablet (phone-tablet), that is nothing but revolutionary, in today’s sense of the word. Their product has stirred a lot of dust, because of the performances and its overall dimensions that are not matched so far.

The phablet is called Oppo Find 5 and it has a 5 inch screen that has a resolution, which even Apples products dream of. Its 5 inch screen works in full HD (1920×1024) 1080p resolution that measures 441ppi, which are more than 100 pixels per inch, when compared to Apples iPhone 5. Continue reading

Logitech TV Cam HD – Family Skyping

Logitech TV Cam HDSkype has been around for years and for all that time it has been holding the lieder position, when compared with the competitors leading connectivity programs. Even though, the number of devices that support the function of this software without the help of a computer is vast and still increasing, they all have one thing in common- they are all made for personal usage.

Logitech’s TV cam HD is made as a device that is mainly targeted for a family usage. Continue reading

Dell XPS Duo 12 – Swivel Is The New Hybrid

Dell XPS Duo 12While the hybrid game is still heating up, some of the manufacturers are still looking for alternatives to this game. Dell, as one of them, has had their debut two years ago with their Dell Duo hybrid, but at that time it was really ahead of time and it vanished from the market soon after. Now, they are making a comeback of the same technology in a newer version and now it is the right moment. They introduced their new version of IFA and it is called Dell XPS Duo 12.

The main aspect of the Dell XPS Duo 12 is its swiveling screen. Continue reading

Nikon Coolpix S800c – Another Android Camera

Nikon Coolpix S800cRecently we have reviewed the Samsung Galaxy camera, a camera that is a combination of a phone and a camera, without the calling capabilities. Now, we are reviewing another one in this line of products, which has similar aspects and similar ambition, to be appealing to the regular social networking user, which is hocked on Android and constant social updates. These cameras want to make their way around the phone cameras that are more and more stepping in their turf and take the leading role.

Nikon’s Coolpix S800c is a step in that direction. It has all the needed aspects of a regular idiot-proof camera, but with an exception of its possible upgrade via implementation of additional Android apps, thus improving its usability. Continue reading

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity – To Infinity And Beyond

Asus Transformer PadAsus has been very busy this past year and now we are looking at some of their innovative approaches and views on how the whole netbook/tablet industry should go. So what is the next logical step? Is everyone happy with just a tablet or just a notebook? Their transformer series are redefining how people use these technologies and are making all of the pickiest customers happy. We have seen a Transformer pad from Asus before and we were amazed, but now they are bringing our delight even further by introducing their upgraded new version called Infinity. Continue reading

Lava XOLO X900 – Intel Joins The Mobile Race

Lava XOLO X900

Lava XOLO X900

Intel wants a piece of the mobile market and they wanted this for a long time. They joined almost all the markets with their processors, but this has been one market that they haven’t left a mark on. So, how are they planning on doing it? In collaboration with an Indian phone company called Lava. This phone has been launched in the Indian market on the 23rd of April 2012 and with their first try, Intel in collaboration with Lava is turning heads and beating scores all over. This phone ranks with the top competitors on the market, right next to HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy III. So let’s see what makes it tick, what is under the hood that makes it so good.

On the surface it looks like a normal Android phone, a bit like a copy of iPhone. It even runs on an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), with a possibility on future upgrade to Android 4.0. It has a sleek design, black surface with metal lining. Continue reading