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WhatsApp Brings End-to-End Encryption to its Android Application !

WhatsappWhatsApp Android users won’t even have to lift a finger to take advantage of the strongest encryption but for a significant mobile messaging client. The application’s most recent Android upgrade will include strong end-to-end encryption by default, meanings that your messages are simply visible to you and the person you’re chatting with, The Verge reports. Most significantly, the company won’t be able to decrypt messages by itself, also if they obtain demands from law enforcement. It’s a step above the conversation file encryption FacebookGoogle offer, which they can perhaps decrypt. WhatsApp tapped Open Whisper Systems, developer of the safe called app Signal & TextSecure, to implement the file encryption. Continue reading

Facebook Will certainly Filter Out Excessively Promotional Page Posts in 2015 !

facebookFacebook is fortunately taking more steps to show fewer spammy posts on your News Feed – & we’re not talking about traditional web advertisements. We’re talking about overly promotional status updates posted by page accounts, like the ones you can see after the break. The social media network promised to bury “like-bait” posts (of the “1 Like = 1 Prayer” type) underneath even more relevant content earlier this year, & now it’s doing the very same thing to Page statuses that drop under any of these criteria. Continue reading

Facebook Plans to Control Russia’s Social Media Networks Through Applications !

facebookWhile Facebook is successfully the default social media network in numerous countries, that’s not real in Russia – it regularly plays 2nd fiddle to local service VKontakte and old-school LiveJournal blogs. The company thinks it knows how to crack this nut, however; applications. The internet giant tell Business Insider that it’s persuading Russian developers to write games and also some others web-based titles that might lure people away. It’s wishing that the potential of reaching a wider audience will certainly be hard to resist. You may please Muscovites by producing for VKontakte, however you might capture an international audience through a smash hit on Facebook. Continue reading

Whatsapp’s Read Receipts Finally Work The Way You Thought They Did !

WhatsappChances are, you have actually been interpreting Whatsapp wrong this entire time. The most of people look at their sent messages, see those double green check-marks, and assume those missives have been read by their receivers. Not quite! Those only indicate that they have actually reached the pal in question, yet the Facebook subsidiary finally changed those checks to work the way you thought they did. According to a recently upgraded details in Whatsapp’s FAQ, you’ll be greeted by a pair of blue check-marks on your message when the recipient finally gets around to opening it. It’s a minor, if extremely useful addition to the mix – since that runs out the way; the team might intend to spend a little team seeing how it can make the service a bit more protected.

Facebook’s New Layout for Android and also iOS Highlights Most-Liked Photos !

FacebookFacebook on Thursday has begun turning out a new layout for the Photos part on its Android and also iOS applications, and also has actually likewise included a new “Uploads” tab.

The new design in the Facebook application (First Stated by Techcrunch), now shows a new collage-style concept in the Photos area and also in the new Uploads tab, increasing the size of the most-liked images amongst them. Because of the automated selection technique that highlights these images based upon the number of likes, there is no way for the customer to un-highlight these images. Continue reading

Facebook’s Reported “Moments” Application Will Help You Share Independently!

facebook-privacy-checkupFacebook’s megaphone-like technique to sharing makes it much less than ideal for more personal missives. Sharing private photos or jokes with choose people is something of a test of nerves. One slip of a drop-down food selection, and also your intimate photo could go global, rather than simply to your ‘Mates’ personal privacy group.

However, Facebook wishes you to share in anyway, and to anybody you like with self-confidence it appears. According to TechCrunch, the social media network’s working with a ‘Moments’ mobile application to help. Continue reading

Facebook Launches an Open Source Company and Releases New Routing Tech!

todoFacebook is upping the ante in the open source world, revealing on Monday a new open source modern technology for routing data throughout server caches, and also a new open company (along with other big-name organization) to assist cultivate open source initiatives.

Facebook revealed a pair of open source initiatives Monday at its inaugural @Scale seminar in San Francisco, including a company called TODO that will certainly aid other companies get started down their own open source paths, and also a new networking tool called mcrouter. Continue reading

WhatsApp iPhone Application Confirms Voice Calling Feature Launch Imminent!

whatsapp-iphoneVoice Calling, the one large feature missing out on from WhatsApp’s collection, is contacting the popular platform soon. We have actually been becoming aware of this feature considering that February, when WhatsApp Chief Executive Officer Jan Kuom announced that the voice calling feature would be contributed to Android as well as apple iphone first, followed by BlackBerry, Nokia as well as Microsoft platforms. Now, NDTV Gadgets has detected a mention of the attribute in WhatsApp’s iPhone app, which just about verifies that the attribute is certainly nearing launch. Continue reading

Facebook Tackles YouTube With Video Counter, Hits a Billion Plays Daily!

Facebook VideoThough it’s still much from YouTube, Facebook fired a shot across its rival’s bow by saying it now serves up a billion indigenous video views every day. On top of that, its newest update (Rolling Out Quickly) has a YouTube-like view counter for public video clips, making it simpler to locate well-liked varieties or view how your own uploads are doing.

Facebook said two-thirds of video views were from mobile devices, a stat no question helped significantly by the new auto-playing feature that’s on by default. A recent video ranking adjustment also gives regular video clip watchers more alternatives. Continue reading

Facebook’s brand-new Save Feature Allows You Read Top Ten Lists Later!

facebook savePerishing to understand what the top ten finest shows from the 1990s are, but simply do not have time to click through that Facebook link? That’s okay – the social network’s app will obtain a brand-new feature: SAVE. Consider it like Pocket, however simply for Facebook. Links, films, spots, songs and more can now be included in a ‘SAVED’ list by tapping on the thing’s alternatives drop-down, allowing them to be viewed later on through the application’s ‘More’ tab. Continue reading