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SocialNightlife : Ideal for Nightclub Enthusiast!

SocialNightlife logoYouth is all about having a great life full of excitement and adventure. For excitement, one does all kinds of amusement and parties, but the best way to enjoy your life is through a social night life. To provide you with such excitement of life, you have a powerful tool available for you, SocialNightlife! SocialNightlife is an amazing nightlife professional tool to render you with inventive social networking answers for nightlife lovers.

With the help of SocialNightlife, you can have an amazing nightlife. For nightlife lovers, it provides them with a tool to manage their guest lists and reservations made for the tables, offer inducements and keep a track of the reports and analysis made. Continue reading

Live City: Gather Details About Every Event!

LiveCityAppYou always wish to stay updated with the happening in your city, don’t you? Sometimes you think of places to go, sometimes you wish to explore new things but are confused about where to go. Randomly when you sit with your friends and wish to go on out together, you sit and browse through various websites to gather info regarding the latest events of the town. But not anymore! Now you have an app which gets you every detail of the events happening in your city. Live City app collects events from the most well known and reliable resources and bring to you in a systematic and categorized manner to your Smartphones.

Live City brings the whole world at the tip of your fingers. Continue reading

Litmind: Perfect Place for Professional Photographers!

Litmind logoDo you have an interest in Photography? Do you wish to have a career in this field? If yes, then here is the right solution for you, Litmind. It is the ideal place where you can come across models, stylists, professional photographers and modeling agencies meet to share work together. Now, you can easily find models for your advertisements, or banner production, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, modeling agencies and much more at one place.

Litmind helps you to organize your projects, shooting, occasions, concerts, events and castings within its work-groups feature. Continue reading

WikiDo: Find Your Event Now!

wikido logoHave you ever questioned your mates “What’s the plan for tonight? One place which readily answers your question is WikiDo. It provides you with all the information of any and every kind of event occurring within your locality on any particular day. All you need to do is simply search in WikiDo for the events happening for the day within your city. It surfs the Internet and provides you with the search result of every event it can find. The things which you need for the event and during the event are categorized conveniently into different sets for your help. Continue reading

Winlogviewer: Observe Windows Events on Various Servers

Winlogviewer logoWinlogviewer is an aggregation service from Microsoft Windows event logs. It facilitates multiple server logs to support busy system administration through a safe, secure, easy web interface from anywhere you are, just with the help of an Internet connection, the best part is everything is carried out from one place. It informs you about the performance, and status of your system. The automatic set up of the centralized system makes accessing of the data difficult, Winlogviewer simplifies it.

Winlogviewer helps to showcase all the servers alongside on your system’s dashboard. Continue reading

BragStats: Social Networking for Athletes

BragStatsBragStats is an innovative and a fun new social networking and website portal for any athlete of any age to record stats, athletic, and academic info, upload sports pictures and videos, and stay connected with fans and family and share their sports’ accomplishments!

It is a network that comprises athletes, teams, coaches, fans, and families. It allows all members to make free personalized profiles and connect with peers and families. So if you are an athlete, a parent, or simply a sport enthusiast, you can make one personalized sports profile. Continue reading

GiftHit: Send Gifts Friends through Facebook, Email, or SMS

GiftHitA website and Facebook app called GiftHit is a fun way to send friends fun, personal gifts from local hangouts instantly through Facebook, email, or text. Sending gift cards to friends is actually a good idea but giving them that plus a real beer via a wallpost is way cooler.

The gifts you can give can range from late night wings, mani-pedis, and concert tickets to your friends by Facebook wall post, email, or text. “It’s the best way to say hi, happy birthday; sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.” Continue reading

BuenosAiresMusic: Complete Guide to Finding Live Music

BuenosAiresMusicBuenosAiresMusic is a clear, informative website that aims to be the one- stop spot for music lovers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jesse Rosenfield, founder of this site, wants to give artists, musicians, and teachers a way to showcase and promote their events in a way that would be highly visible to anyone.

When you enter the BuenosAiresMusic homepage, you get to see a big slideshow of upcoming events. And when you click on the little dots on the lower right hand corner, you can scroll through events by twos. These are the hotspots of the site, and this is where you want your band to be. Continue reading

HobbyBuddy: Bringing People with the Same Hobby Together

HobbyBuddyHobbyBuddy is a platform that brings people together to do things they love. If you love a game that is entirely difficult to find a group to play with unless you have a regular group meeting, say for example Euchre, you can use HobbyBuddy to find existing local action or try to organize a group from scratch.

This platform helps you get in touch with people in your hometown or on the road to enjoy your favorite pastimes together. Continue reading

PlaceFull: Instantly Book Parties And Events

PlaceFullA good place for an event should not be hard to find and book, especially if you don’t have much time on your hands. A startup called PlaceFull makes it easier to find and book space online instantly for parties and events. It is changing the way we find and reserve spaces online.

Based in Seattle, PlaceFull transforms online bookings of space. It offers people who are preparing events real- time bookings, photos and powerful scheduling tools. With this, you can do away with bookings through phone calls. Continue reading