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Jibr: Create Professional Looking Websites

JibrBuilding a website can not only be really frustrating, it can also exhaust all the time and money you have. When you try and build one from scratch, it has the ability to try your will, only to come up with a not- so- satisfactory outcome, if you’re not a professional. Thus, you have to actually learn coding and the software more. Building a website is truly a challenging concept. But what if I tell you there is an easier way? Continue reading

CompileBox: Get your website info compiled



CompileBox is platform which allows users to customize and generate a simple clean pop-up that allows any website or web store to compile information such as social media profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, about us page, contact us page etc. into a simple pop-up activated by the click of a button.

With CompileBox, you can reduce the amount of information displayed on your website and focus on what matters to your visitors.

You can also boost your conversion rate with CompileBox. It increases your visitors and customers by providing them the Continue reading