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MPOWER Financing : Loans for Domestic and international Student at US Colleges

MPOWER FinancingMPOWER Financing is a college funding for highly- employable domestic & international students at top US campuses who are left out of traditional banking options, to help them to initiate or complete their college degree.

Over 5 million students both domestic or international struggle financially to get into or through college in the US. Up to 15% of students drop out because of financials while others downgrade their education to make ends meet. By partnering with universities, pooling investments from private investors, and applying advanced risk analytic’s to estimate borrowers’ post-graduation earnings, MPOWER provides loans to students left out of traditional financing options. Continue reading

Google’s Helpouts Experience Service is Now Available for Apple iPhone!

googleNeed to brush up on your cooking abilities, yet only have your iPhone around at hand? Don’t panic> Google has silently brought its Helpouts solution to iOS. Just like the alreadying existing Android application, the iPhone-sized app (sorry, no iPad series) allows you schedule video chats with experts on topics ranging from annealing to bike repair service. Just be ready to limit on your own to complimentary suggestions – Google isn’t really supplying paid Helpouts in the iOS app. You’ll likewise should go to the web if you want to give listings for your own instructional sessions. If neither of those limitations is a deal-breaker, though, you could begin taking courses today.

Adobe Backs ConnectED Campaign, Sends Cost-Free Software Program to Institutions!

AdobeMicrosoft, Apple, Sprint and Verizon have already forked over millions to assist the president bring high-speed broadband to institutions and amp up the part technology plays in education. Now Adobe’s on the bandwagon too, and it’s bringing along deposits of software program and academic resources for educators and youngsters. Pupils at some 15,000 United States schools obtain accessibility to Photoshop Elements and Opened Components, while the staff obtains tools from Adobe’s Education and learning Exchange, digital trademark software and presentation tech for span understanding. Continue reading

Eventot : All Events At One Site!

Eventot logoWell, everyone wonder about the latest buzz of the town, city or world. Sometimes you wish to find out what’s going in your city so that you can participate in it. For others, it’s always party time during weekends and they prefer to find an event to chill around with friends. To get an up to date knowledge of the events happening around the world, you have Eventot. It simply takes you around the world, to the place you want to go! Find out about the latest events happening across the world and get connected with your friends.

Eventot allows you to follow your friends about their location and see their daily plans. Continue reading

Pickagenius: The Geniuses On The Web

Pickagenius: The Geniuses On The WebPickagenius.com is a one of the many websites which offers to bring together the advice of the experts to those seek. At first glance, it does look like one of many, undifferentiated websites, but upon further inspection, the website’s intention seems to be more than just transferring advice from one party to another.

The navigation of the website is quite smooth with an easy interface to deal with. When you do navigate to find the topics that interest you, you will see that the website has transcended from being just a website of free advice to a website that harnesses the power of crowdsourcing, i.e. the art of formulating a solution via many people. Continue reading

Goalbook: Transforming Special Education

GoalbookGoalbook is a secure platform for schools to manage and collaborate around student Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). Its goal is to help the educators to collaborate more efficiently, streamline communication, engage parents, and improve student agency through goal setting, which will in turn bring about a true individualized learning.

It aims to provide students a single, shared lesson plan. The basic premise is to have students a part of a connected network of educators, administrators, and parents by making a database of goals, strategies, and milestones. Continue reading

Practutor: Adaptive Learning Platform

PractutorPractutor  is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. Basically, Practutor is established to focus on the students. Since most students find it difficult to love these subjects, Practutor aims to solve this challenge and make students be more enthusiastic in learning Math and English.

Indeed, Practutor is virtually effortless and very intuitive for students to use. Continue reading

Word on the Wire: Display Results from Multiple Platforms in a Single Search

Word on the Wire

Word on the Wire

The World Wide Web is the leading source of information that comprises of education, commercial, and government sites. The collection of sites residing on the Internet form one of the largest repositories of information in history. But then again, if not used correctly, searching for information can totally be like finding a needle in a haystack.

But now a web application changed the way we search for contents on the internet. Word on the Wire allows users to display results from multiple platforms in single search. Continue reading

VentUtter: Social Network Without Restrictions



VentUtter is a social network with a difference. On it, you can, as its name suggest, vent out your emotions without any inhibitions or restrictions.

The social network allows you to connect with others and expand your network fast. You can view profiles of other people and add new friends. You can also share your photos and videos. Create your own group or join others on VentUtter. These are some of the features that are there in almost every social network. But VentUtter is different from other in that it allows you to post almost anything. There are no restrictions.

Members of VentUtter have the freedom to post and share anything. Continue reading

Rafter: Education Meets Technology



Rafter is a wonderful resource for any student that wants to learn, but cannot afford the rising expenses of education.

Ideally, education should be inexpensive and available to all, but sadly it is very expensive and most people feel the strain. It gets worse when students find it difficult to afford study material. That is because there are a few suppliers and they do not understand technology.

Schools need a true technology partner that reduces costs and uses technology for better services. It can be used by educators, mangers, retailers and everybody. Rafter is a service that aims to make education cheap and easily available. Continue reading