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Twitter and Stripe Could Launch ‘BUY’ Button This Year, So You Can Shop From Tweets!

Twitter-shoppingTwitter has been working with Stripe to kick off an eCommerce effort, it’s claimed. Since Twitter is a public company, it needs to boost revenue and  keep shareholders happy. That said, ever since last winter season, reports have actually asserted the company is thinking of tackling eCommerce. A lot more specifically, Twitter wants to allow users purchase products straight from tweets.

Twitter was obviously near authorizing a manage payments Start-up Stripe in January. It now shows up a deal in between the two firms has actually ultimately been struck, base ding on tech information blog Recode. Continue reading

Twitter Shopping Coming Soon? “Buy Now” Buttons Seen In The Wild!

Twitter-shoppingIt appears like Twitter’s leaked “Buy Now” button is more than simply a proposal, nevertheless. Recode has identified the button (since yanked) lurking in tweets seen from the mobile app, attracting people into making impulse purchases when browsing their social feeds. While the shopping link was frequently broken, one tipster reports obtaining a check out page in-app, obviously, it would not take long to get whatever recorded your attention. Neither Twitter nor its project partner, Fancy.com, are discussing the unintended leakage or their future goals. Continue reading

Bhaktimall: Digital Book Store

Bhaktimall: Digital Book StoreBhaktimall brings a lot of surprises for all spirituality lovers. For all those who are not aware, it is a mall’s digital version. Unlike a typical mall, it does create an illusion of joy or happiness , which is often meager and temporary in its appeal. On the other hand, Bhaktimall centers of offering transcendental, pure and lasting bliss to all lovers of spirituality. The mission of Bhaktimall can be best described as serving as an instrument guiding people to experience true happiness. Continue reading

e-ProductPlug – Shape Your Data Automatically!

eproductplugEver since eProductPlug was launched in the online space, it has played a pivotal role to reshape the delivery and retrieval of vendor-based product feeds to leading eCommerce business platforms like BigCommerce, Volusion and 3DCart.

Today, eproductplug has given a sense of empowerment to major online retailers by offering them an innovative and efficient solution that effectively and easily automates the inventory and product management cycle and also aids in easy handling of the entire process. Continue reading

3DCart – Making Online Shopping Cart And eCommerce Solution!

3DCart3DCart is a uniquely designed online shopping cart boasting of some exciting features. The features found on this shopping cart are sure to benefit several merchant in different ways. The interface of 3DCart is somewhat distinct from most of its competitors.

Owing to a unique interface, some merchants will take some time to get used to the website design. Merchants who are mulling over to migrate to 3DCart will have to spend some time in understanding how 3DCart functions. Continue reading

PinaCMS – How is it Different From Other Ecommerce SaaS Solutions!

PinaCMSThe present SaaS e-commerce systems are designed in such a manner that the developer completely controls the system. This restricts the expansion as well as customization of these systems. However, PinaCart is a one-of-its-kind ecommerce system. It is a simple and a quick solution to all your ecommerce queries.

With PinaCart, all you have to do is download the software and install it on your system and within no time, you will start getting your clients. Continue reading

BQool – Your Multichannel e-Commerce Solutions!

BQool LogoYou often prefer cool business tools for your daily business operations for the development of your business. Ranging from project planning, software developing, eCommerce solutions and usability design, everything needs to be sorted in a well-defined manner. BQool is a simple cloud based eCommerce solution for businesses on Amazon International market places. Continue reading

Ravox: Create Free Facebook Store

RavoxMillions of people use the Facebook environment as a personal experience by only discussing, commenting and sharing things they care about. Social media users are hearing about products more from friends than brands.  To create a successful plan for social selling, businesses need to reach a large number of users within a target audience and get them highly motivated to either purchase or share products. While many small businesses are eager to get in the social selling game, they often become stumped shortly after setting up an account. Continue reading

FlashNotes: Buy and Sell Notes

FlashNotesFlashNotes provides a chance for students to communicate with fellow classmates to help assist in their goal of academic success. Through this, students will have enhanced communication with one another which will also further their ways to learn.

So basically, FlashNotes is a medium that lets students to have the same opportunity to succeed in college by exchanging information, knowledge, and study strategies. Continue reading

AmberCart: Integrate A Shopping Cart To Your Site

AmberCartAdding an e-commerce to your website or blog is not as hard now that AmberCart is here. It is an innovative but inexpensive way in creating a cart straight on your product page. Your buyers don’t need to leave your website when they checkout. It will be more convenient to them since AmberCart has a direct approach that draws out trust and confidence.

AmberCart will allow you to sell your products direct to your blog or your website by pasting one line of provided code into it. Continue reading