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Readmill: Making Reading A Social Experience

ReadmillReadmill is an iPad app and accompanying Web site that helps users highlight passages in the e-books they are reading, and turns those passages into shareable, embeddable permalinks. Just as you post Youtube videos on your blog or any site for that matter, Readmill will allow you to share quotes.

There is a beautiful twist in this, though. An underlying social network exists that allows any users to follow each other’s reading histories. Continue reading

Sellfy: Easily Sell & Promote Your Digital Products Online



Sellfy is a platform where anybody can sell digital products such as design templates, graphics, e-books, photos, music and so on.

Selling is very easy with Sellfy. You can start selling on your own website within a minute. You can upload your product, enter a price and embed the code and instantly start selling.

You can upload ebook, music, video, software or anything else digital and sell it with the help of social media. All it takes to get started is one minute. You can drag & drop your product file to upload, enter a price and that is it! Continue reading

Instabuck: Sell Any Digital Item Securely



Instabuck is a platform through which you can sell any digital item. With the coming of digital products such as e-books, music, software, images etc. there is no dearth of what you cannot sell on Instabuck.

With Instabuck, you do not have to worry about servers, scripts and the technical stuff. Instabuck takes care of all that. You can learn how to use Instabuck in just three minutes and start selling your digital products.

Everybody knows that running an online business is tough. You need to deal with so many things such as product development, customer support, promotion, testing and so on. Continue reading

Blueprint Mint: An amazing Internet marketer for shoppers and sellers

Blueprint Mint

Blueprint Mint

Blueprint Mint is an online marketplace for Internet marketing related products. It simplifies your search for the product you are looking to buy, makes sure you buy just what you need, and provides you an opportunity to sell your products on Blueprint Mint.

You can sell anything on Blueprint Mint like e-books , PLR material or resources such as graphics or WordPress themes. For new products to get authentic reviews and feedback, Blueprint Mint helps you get reviews by allowing users to request a free copy of your product in return for a review. This is a wonderful tool for sellers on Blueprint Mint.

Most of the content on Blueprint Mint is in the WSO forums, but it categorizes the products to make searching easy, allows reviews/star ratings for products and provides a powerful search feature. The user-friendliness of its design makes browsing easy.

Services to sellers are for free on Blueprint Mint. You will need to provide an affiliate link (preferably from WarriorPlus.com and with at least a 40% commission). Matthew Platts, the man behind Blueprint Mint is developing an in-house payment system whereby you will not need to provide an affiliate link.

A product can be measured on the basis of the stars it gets (from one to five). After a product has received three reviews, an average of all the ratings is displayed beside the product.

Customers can filter the search by product rating too, so the products that get the maximum number of good ratings will be on the top for that particular search. And because customer feedback is so important, most people are likely to use search a product by product rating along with/apart from general search.

Products when submitted land in the admin queue and are tested on creditability and usability after which they are approved to appear on Blueprint Mint.