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Flevy: The Business Documents Marketplace

FlevyFlevy is a marketplace for business documents specifically the ones that are used by people who work in a business function. The documents varies from Excel Financial Models to customizable PowerPoint Templates to “How- To” Business Frameworks. It basically helps those who are in the Marketing, IT, and Corporate Finance industries explore and access vital documents like:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Primer
  • LBO Valuation Model
  • Cost Drivers Analysis Framework
  • Research Report-cum-Financial Model
  • Crawl Walk Run PowerPoint Template Continue reading

YouSendIt: Access, Sign & Share Documents From Anywhere



YouSendIt is a platform that helps you to share and sync your content in the cloud the best way. After that, you can access files and folders anywhere and anytime.

No more bounced emails, complicated FTP and fax machines. With YouSendIt, you can effortlessly send and share files, sign documents and access your content on the go. And all your data is kept secure. Continue reading

SigningHub: Go Paperless, Help Efficiency, Get Convenience



SigningHub is a document signing app for businesses and industries. You can use SigningHub ’s public cloud service or host your documents privately.

The service helps you to replace paper-based approval processes, improve efficiency and security and do it all in the cloud so that you save time and hassles. It is so simple to use that you need not have any hardware or IT knowledge. You simply upload, share and sign-off documents.

With SigningHub, you can impress your customers and partners with how easy it is to do business with you. You can e-sign contracts in minutes and save much of your valuable time and effort. There will no more be the hassle of printing, mailing, faxing or sending documents through couriers. Continue reading

Tibbr: A Social Network for Enterprise



Tibbr is the very first social platform that is particularly created for the workplace to get the right information find you. Its basic premise it to reduce all the chatter and distractions that comes with traditional social networks. It makes you focus on the more important things and lets your team to get things done.

Tibbr allows everybody to connect and collaborate in real time. It adheres to the applications and processes that are needed to finish a task. Like Facebook and Twitter, Tibbr allows the staff to “follow” each other and subscribe to a particular subject in a corporation. Continue reading

AppGreen: An Amazing Mobile Catalog Builder



AppGreen is a mobile catalogue builder. It offers easy-to-use platform to build your own mobile catalog.

The aim of AppGreen is to assist your sales activities, improve your sales efficiency and boost your brand awareness. You do not need to install software or to maintain anything to use AppGreen. You can get unlimited storage for free during the beta period.

Forget paper documents and PowerPoint. Get them all into your mobile and prepare to amaze your customers. Continue reading

GroupDocs: Share Documents, Collaborate Easily



GroupDocs is a document sharing and collaboration tool in the cloud. With GroupDocs, you can upload, convert, view, sign and compare documents with your colleagues or business partners in real-time.

Their easy to use collaboration platform allows you to work with your documents how you want and when you need them. To use GroupDocs, you simply need to register and start using it. The service is free of cost for the first year. Continue reading

Zilicus: Manage Projects Easily Efficiently



Zilicus is an online project management system that allows you to collaborate on your project easily to empower your business.

Get your team involved in a complex project easily with Zilicus. It is very easy to create project plans, tasks, milestones, and to schedule, assign and give tasks to team members using Zilicus PM.

You can share project plans, online calendar, issues, risks, tasks, email alerts, documents or anything else you want to discuss with Continue reading

Doo.net Raises $6.8 in Seed Funding



Doo.net, a digital solution for managing paperwork and documents, has raised $6.8 in seed investment from DuMont Venture, and angel investors namely Dr. Hermann Simon and Lars Hinrichs.

According to the startup, it reinvents paperwork. They target their services at consumers and small businesses.

Their website is currently in beta version. They have built a beta version of their OS X client and backend. They are also Continue reading