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Grooming Your Startup to Sell !

When Kfir Moyal began building websites at the age of 14, he probably didn’t consider that his company would one day be worth close to $500 million in assets. His company, Matomy Media, uses strategic moves and sharp marketing to advance their interests, growing through grassroots acquisitions and startup funding.

Their path to success wove through many avenues, and there are lessons to be learned here for those grooming their startups for sale. Continue reading

Software companies can easily manage and share product development through Sprint.ly



Sprint.ly is project management software that helps you to get everybody to participate in the development of a software product, even those who are not technically qualified.

With Sprint.ly, you can have a painless software development, something which is not known up till now. Software developers can now ask anybody (managers, non-engineers etc.) for advice and tips. They no longer need to work in isolation. Continue reading

Flow raises $3M to make real-time app development easy



Flow, a platform for real-time app development, has raised $3 million in seed funding. It is a real-time data PaaS (platform as a service) platform which serves both app developers, and enterprises and consumers.

Flow is the brainchild of Alterman. He has been behind many diverse entrepreneurial platforms namely Kickapps (acquired by Kit digit), Triton Network Systems, SkyCross, MeshNetworks (acquired by Motorola), TeraNex and more. His creations have been in diverse industries. Flow is the newest project of Alterman. Continue reading

Broaden your market by going local. Get your app translated at Tethras



Tethras is a solution for app developers through which they can localize their apps by getting them translated into different languages.

It is true that making a success of your product in countries where there are no English-speaking people is hard. Of course, you can hire a translator, but what Tethras offers you is quality, guarantee and precision.

Because Tethras deals solely with translation of apps developed by programmers, they have the expertise that you will not find anywhere else. You can use the services of Tethras to localize your app and increase global sales of your apps.

This developer-friendly solution is easy to maintain as you make updates to your apps. Its translation leveraging mechanism makes sure that you do not pay twice for the same translation.

All you need to do is to upload your app and it gets quotes instantly. Your words are counted and quotes are generated in over 30 languages. Tethras instantly pseudo-translate your files for download and testing. You can choose from multiple translation levels so that you can make sure that each file in your app gets the level of attention it deserves.

Once you have bought Tethras, your app will be in translation within minutes.

For updates, you just need to re-load the app to Tethras and they will tell you what files need to be changed and about the translation that needs to be done. The company will check out the translations you paid for the last time, and will give you a quote for the rest of the material. They make sure that you do not pay twice for the same content.

The basic pack of Tethras starts with $0.10 per word. Translation is done by native speakers of the language and managed by Tethras. The Professional package is for $0.18 per word where you get translators with extensive translation experience along with other facilities. The Ultra package is for $0.25 per word and come with the facility of reviewing and having a separate professional translator. The Specialist package is for $0.30 per word. The translations are done by an expert in the particular field that the app is targeted towards. It includes other services as well.

Advise.me mentors, markets, help fund companies



Advise.me provides advisement and operational support to companies. Their team consist of the brightest and most successful minds in the industry that put their creative, strategic and managerial expertise to help businesses do better.

They provide a uniquely crafted structure to every company they work with. Along with this, Advise.me also brings high level of connections and operational support to the table.

Advise.me only works with companies that have industry disruptive models, and help them groom into market leaders.

Their expertise is in marketing, product design, development and infrastructure, business strategy, business development, operational structure, security, accounting, funding and M&A. Advise.me is open to work with companies at any stage of their development. A company might be big, small or a start-up.

The team at Advise.me is profiled on their corporate website. They are some of the most connected, successful and accomplished serial entrepreneurs, angel investor, venture capitalists, senior executives and so on. You can check out the background of their team members and chart out in which way they can help you further your business.

Getting experts into a company is always beneficial. The greatest advantage with Advise.me is that it brings experts from various fields who collaborate to help a company reach great heights.

They work at captivating, engaging and motivating your potential customers to act by identifying and using unique marketing and media opportunities. They will help you in product design keeping marketing and promotion in mind.

Advise.me is currently located in San Francisco, CA and in New York. The companies they work with do not necessarily be geographically close to them. Their program called ‘Global Startup Initiative’ is called global because they work with companies from around the world. Advise.me after working with a company can also help them relocate to one of their areas.

JUX – Amazing Open-source Sitebuilder Lets You Create Your Fee Professional Looking Website With No Ads

JUX logoHow many times have you ever wondered that, “Man, When can I have my own site which people can actually see?” We often have to suppress that wish either, because of the shortage of our money or due to the lack of expertise in building a site. Time has come and now you can actually build your own site right from your desk with a few clicks and drag and drop features and launch it on the fly for absolutely free!!! JUX is that gifting and wonderful platform that allows you to full fill your dream.

With extremely easy to use user interface JUX allows you to build your dream site. All you need to do is log into site, provide a name for your site, URL, select a theme, add pages, do the editing and there you go. Your first website is ready to launch.

You can give your website a professional look with advance features like adding videos, chat, like and comment options, maps and many more. With JUX you can build unlimited websites, full access to the source code, have your own domain and guess what you can also move your site any time you want!

It is more than a simple site builder; it is a collaboration platform where everyone benefits from the contributions of everyone else. It combines the Open Source & Creative Commons principles under one hood with. Words aren’t enough to describe all the gifted features, just visit the site and you will know what you have been missing so far.

Teamelio – Online Task Management Platform For Teams And Individuals

Teamelio is a superb web application to manage the tasks of your stubborn Project! Digital cube GmbH & Co.KG from Cologne, Germany has developed the site and they did it with ease in style. It has got all the features that a project management tool needs, completely web based and super easy to use.

With Teamelio you can create task, groups, assign task to a particular person or group, set reminders, alarms for every task and many more!!! You can post notes, make comments and get email notifications for each item! The user management is also very easy; admin will have full control over the users. You
can access Teamelio from any part of the world, even when you are at move from your Smartphone. It also provides you with a dashboard with all the highlighted and important activities going around your team.

If you are tied up in a messy situation with your team and the tasks flying all around then Teamelio is the tool that you are looking for. Right now (from March 2011) it is in live status and is free to use!

Projecturf – A Magnificent Online Project Management Platform

Projectturf LogoProjecturf is a magnificent online project management platform that is cooked by latest Web technologies with hundreds of smart features allowing you to work efficiently and systematically.  Users oriented and intuitive design of Projecturf makes your project management extremely simple.

Projecturf is different from other project management tools for its user friendly well-designed interface as well as surprisingly customizable useful features. Using Projecturf management of a project is very simple and at the same time you will be able to manage multiple projects. First create a project with name. then add your team member for that project and finally start working smartly as well as faster than any other project management platform.

In Projecturf you will find all types of necessary features as well as you must not feel any scarcity or lack of any features or tools. Suppose that you have got email about a discussion topic, to answer of that topic you don’t need to login to Projecturf, you will be able to reply directly from email. Report with graphs will give a synoptic idea about the situation of the project and what‘s going on or what need to be done this week as well as impending works. Printing directly from the Projecturf is also possible in various formats. That will reduce your hassle of printing and formatting. Recently, Projecturf introduces lots new intelligent and elegant features in the second version to gives a new experience of project management. Sticky note on Projecturf would not let you to forget about important work. Another interesting feature is that bookmarks are also available and you can easily save your project related web link.

Subtle permission management allows you to grant access in every section and private talk is also possible with other members. Assigning work to team member is very simple and you can assign multiple user for the same work just tic mark on the names.  OHH you are familiar with using whiteboard, no problem Projecturf collaborate with whiteboards! Google docs’ integration is another interesting feature that will allow you to share with others. Unlimited users and unlimited space makes you more sparkling and free you from thinking about space as well as you don’t need to bother about backup that is most important concern for desktop based project management tools.

All important features of Projecturf at glance:

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited team member
  • Users oriented well-designed interface
  • Global dashboard
  • Events Calendar
  • Whiteboards
  • Instant Reports

Exporting or importing data, sharing document, automatic back, dashboard view and many more attractive features will never let you choose other project management tools if you try Projecturf’s trail version.

Podio – The True Social Work Platform With Unlimited Possibilities

podio logoImagine a project management platform that comes with endless possibilities to deal with almost all kind of projects your company may engages with. Podio is exactly that kind of dream work platform with absolutely stunning user interface, that allows you to manage your projects in a smart more social way. Here, you can manage projects such as Software development,  Education, Marketing, Sales & CRM, Human Resource, Finance, Engineering, Public Relations, Community or even more special types of projects and there is no boundary.

Wondering how is it possible for one single platform to integrate them all? It is the apps based architecture of Podio platform and its App Store what makes everything possible. There are thousands of apps available in the App Store, you can add them one by one to shape up your project. Podio also provides a very simple and straight forward way to create your own custom app graphically without any prior programming skills.

In Podio, you need to create an organization first which is free and one can create more than one organization under the same Podio account. Then, you are able to create spaces under an organization, each space can be considered as a project. When you create a new space in Podio, you will get a very basic but core set of functionality by default, these are Activity stream, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Add app. These basic functionality make you capable of creating and managing tasks, calender events and collaborate with your team members etc.

Does it stop here? No, its the beginning. Now, you can add additional apps to your project like File Library, Twitter, Milestones, Events, Bugs, Releases etc from App Store as you feel necessary. You can also choose from specially bundled app packs. One app pack usually contains more than one related apps among them Project Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Intranet, Product Design, Digital Agency: Team Space, Projects, community and Web App Development are most popular in the store. All these apps are well integrated with the space providing unique capability to increase productivity. You can write comment on almost every item in apps making collaboration easy and the activity stream keeps you updated on all the activities around your spaces.

Podio can be called as an all-in-one solution for enterprise. With Podio, it is you, not the software, who decides how your work should be done and this is how Podio is different from Basecamp, Yammer or any other existing social work platform. It comes with a free plan for 10 users and a premium plan for 25 users with premium features including detail reporting, user management and  priority supports. Obviously, the free plan will help attracting more businesses to the platform and eventually turns them to premium subscription.

However, you need to move across the apps to carry out different activities and comments are leaved here and there providing to many options to collaborate, these might be overwhelming with excessive information and might be a drawback for this system.

Podio is based in Denmark and is lead by Tommy Ahlers (former CEO of ZYB, which is sold to Vodaphone at $48.7 million few years ago) as CEO and more than 15 multinational team members.

Planbox – An Intuitive Agile Project Management Software

planbox-logoPlanbox is a web based Agile project management tool for software development as well as for other projects. Agile is the most popular software development method widely adopted by the industry. Planbox‘s agile implementation allows you to keep track of tasks, items, people and overall project progress through a very different but efficient way.

Planbox provides a robust user interface to ensure high productivity for the whole development cycle which may seems a bit complex on the on first sight. But, the user interface is well designed, very interactive and truly informative and all the development and management operations are performed trough only few pages. Unlike other project management software, here you don’t have to look around multiple pages to perform various related tasks. This will keep your entire team more focused and will save cumulative time in daily reporting and task management activity.

In Planbox, projects are organized in two levels, initiatives and projects. Initiatives can be called as your company or business unit which can have multiple projects under its workspace.  You can add as many people you want to your project and assign them various roles. For each project, you can add multiple work unit/functionality as items to your agile iteration cycle and set type, priorities, description, labels etc. Each item can have multiple tasks with estimated time to complete and can be assigned them to team members. From here user can start working on assigned tasks and mark it as complete when done, time elapsed on each item will be calculated automatically. If necessary, files can be uploaded to any item and user can write comment/review with email notification to keep team members updated on progress. You can move items back and forth through the iterations easily. And all these operations are normally done form one single Plan page making it a easy to use tool.

Form The Plan page, you can view different progress bar for different matrices including progress for items, users, projects etc. The Plan page also lets you filter items and data through different filters matrices, you can filter items by projects, people, type, role, label, importance, value, etc. And all the data shown on the page are updated interactively as you set different filters which is another strong feature of this attractive software.

Planbox‘s dashoboad shows progresses of your projects for the current iteration cycle. You can see latest activities on projects, top priorities and the Burndown chart. The Burndown chart shows the tasks remaining in the current iteration cycle giving you an idea how you are going to meet the target by the end of the iteration.

Planbox comes with three different pricing plan including a limited edition free plan which is more than enough to test the platform. If you are looking for a high productivity project management tool, this might be what you are looking for. So, please give it a try and let us know your feedback.