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Aircus : Up For A Website!

Aircus LogoPeople often desire to create a website to expand and promote their business on a global scale. However, they are scared of the long technical procedures and costly expenses. Not anymore however! With the help of Aircus, you can design an easy responsive website for yourself as well as your business without spending a single penny. All you need to do is fill in all the information related to your business. And the rest of things, are taken care of by Aircus

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Notism: A Great Way to Share Visual Content with Your Group!

NotismappOften people face problems in sharing visual content with their clients or team members on the Internet. There have been many suggestions made to sort this issue of sharing visual content over the Internet, however not much success has been achieved. But, Notism is a place where you can easily share visual content with your clients as well as team members. It provides an excellent collaboration without any clutter. It simply updates your creative tasks and send invites to your colleagues to share generate feedback and sign off designs- everything at one place.

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Desall: Connecting Huge Brands to the Creative Community

DesallDesall is a crowdsourcing platform that connects companies and private clients with a global community of creative talents through its amazing design contests. This is a relatively new site, born only this year through Davide Scomparin, which is based in Treviso near Venice. But either way, it strives to help companies find new and state- of- the- art design solution since it started. It also helps the creative to connect to each other, get notices, and be visible to the design companies all over the world. Continue reading