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Litmind: Perfect Place for Professional Photographers!

Litmind logoDo you have an interest in Photography? Do you wish to have a career in this field? If yes, then here is the right solution for you, Litmind. It is the ideal place where you can come across models, stylists, professional photographers and modeling agencies meet to share work together. Now, you can easily find models for your advertisements, or banner production, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, modeling agencies and much more at one place.

Litmind helps you to organize your projects, shooting, occasions, concerts, events and castings within its work-groups feature. Continue reading

Volerro: Sorting The Manner Teams Produce, Refine And Handle Content!

Volerro logoHave you ever thought of a help which could simplify your collaboration of all kinds of digital content and have a suitable platform for an efficient interaction with photos, videos, websites, documents and many other forms of digital content. Here is the right solution for you. Volerro eases the way teams pool resources to generate, process and distributes all kinds of digital formats. The only thing you need is a web browser and you are ready!

Volerro collaborates on all kinds of MS office files or Adobe documents, photos, videos, audio clips and even websites. Continue reading

Winlogviewer: Observe Windows Events on Various Servers

Winlogviewer logoWinlogviewer is an aggregation service from Microsoft Windows event logs. It facilitates multiple server logs to support busy system administration through a safe, secure, easy web interface from anywhere you are, just with the help of an Internet connection, the best part is everything is carried out from one place. It informs you about the performance, and status of your system. The automatic set up of the centralized system makes accessing of the data difficult, Winlogviewer simplifies it.

Winlogviewer helps to showcase all the servers alongside on your system’s dashboard. Continue reading

Group Gel – The Fun Way To Manage Groups!

Group GelGroup Gel is a unique website that connects people of similar interests and hobbies. As the saying goes “United we stand, divided we fall”. Group Gel lets you unite and interact with your group in an easy and fun way. At group gel, one can create groups, send messages to all the members together, conduct surveys, schedule events and lots more!

The man behind Group Gel, John Marshall is a groupie himself and has been involved with and managed several groups including the YMCA, Entrepreneur’s Organization, American Cancer society and so on. He always wanted to create a platform that could simplify their group activities and let them communicate in an easier manner. Continue reading

MySocialCloud: Internet Surfing Simplified

MySocialCloudIf you’re not as organized as to remember all your logins and bookmarks, then MySocialCloud is perfect for you. This startup allows you to manage your online life by bookmarking, stream consolidation, filtering, and auto- login capabilities.

MySocialCloud basically lets you store all you login credentials on the cloud. In this regard, you don’t have to remember every username and password to every site you’re registered to. Not only that, the “Cloud It” button can automatically bookmark sites for you and organize them into lists. Continue reading

Save the Mom: Manage Family Problems Fast

Save the MomMoms have always been the center of the family. That being said, the members of the family mostly rely on her to do almost everything. A lot of information passes through them on a daily basis in many numbers of different ways: phone calls, text messages, emails and notes. But there is just so much that a mom can do.

With the many advances of technology, Save the Mom, a family organizer especially made for super busy working moms, can provide a more concrete help to moms. And one of the best ways to communicate with the family is to let them express themselves with tools they know and use in everyday life. Continue reading

AgileSense: Make Sense Of Your Data In Minutes



AgileSense is a service that can help you to make sense of your data easily and effectively.

Through AgileSense, you can integrate data from all internal and external sources. You can create intuitive role-based dashboards, metrics and charts too. With the help of this service, you can use data to get an insight into the activities going on and make informed decisions.

AgileSense helps you with making sense of your data by creating dashboard with your custom metrics, charts and reports. And it does that in minutes. Continue reading

DeskAway: Online Project Collaboration



DeskAway is a new online project collaboration that incorporates some of the social networking elements in web based project collaboration. With this service, you are able to import basecamp data to DeskAway as well.

This service is perfect for teams who are collaborating for a project such as small- scale to medium- scale businesses, organizations, or even groups within large enterprises, for instance: creative and technology firms, consulting, HR, media, marketing, SEO, startups and non-profit organization.

DeskAway is founded by Synage Software in Mumbai, India. It delivers software as a service over the internet to the global audience. It offers very interesting features which include sound graphic charts elements to show reports, comparisons, timeline, and more. Continue reading

Gazelle: Point-of-sale, Inventory, Accounting System For Small & Medium Businesses



Gazelle is a point-of-sale, inventory and accounting system for small and medium businesses.

Its built-in-online store allows traditional retail stores to reach the global population of Internet. Other features of Gazelle include multi branch support, customer relationship management, cloud deployment, comprehensive reporting facility and more.

Gazelle scale with your business growth and is capable of point-of-sale management. Gazelle also provides software development and consultation services. They do all sorts of projects from personal websites, enterprise applications and mobile developments including Android and iPhone.

Every businessman knows that when the business starts to pace up, it is important to keep everything under close watch. Continue reading