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Fundry – Crowd Funding For Software Developement

Fundry logoFundry is a different type of crowd funding platform for software developers. It is different because here you can get fund for developing a full software project or for features only for a already developed or open source software project. Funders can contribute to get the features they want. Its a win win situation for both the developers and the funders.

In Fundry, a software developer can add a project and list features that he/she plan to develop, as well as accept or reject new feature requests from the community. Once the pledged fund is raised for a feautre, the developer develops the feature and releases to the funders community to accept the work. Funders get 7 days to accepts or reject the feature. If majority of funders accept the feature, the developer gets all the pledged amount but if a minority of funders accept the feature, the developer gets fund from only those funders that have accepted the feature. Fundry charges 5% fee on any funds you receive from funders and a PayPal fees when you withdraw the fund to your Paypal account.

Funders can load money to their Fundry account and pledge for new features or project. Funders have full control to their money and can cancel a pledge any time they want before the development is complete. This way a funder can get a new feature by paying only the fraction of the actual development cost.

33needs – Fund Your Social Startup From Crowd

33needs logo33needs is a crowd funding platform for social start-ups. Crowd funding is getting popular after initial success of Kickstarter, a well known crowd funding platform for creative projects, which funded project like Diaspora. Crowd funding is a kind of micro funding process, which helps entrepreneur with brilliant idea to get the seed funding from individual micro investors.

33needs aims to help entrepreneur to solve social and environmental problems around the world including poverty elimination, safe water supply, green energy solution, mass education, health issue, social welfare etc. A profit making startup can seek fund in . 33needs by mentioning what problem they are going to solve, how much money they need to solve it and a description on how they are going to solve the problem with a video to present their idea visually. Individual investors can invest their money into the startup for social good and get a percentage of review for a specific period of time. . 33needs takes 5% of the total amount raised if the goal is met.

The idea is good and it is true that together we can solve big problems. Lets see how good role can 33needs play to solve social issues around the world.