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Heeduser – Receive Audience Feedback At Your Own Created Online Community!

Heeduser LogoOften when you own a company or launch a brand, you wish to find out the feedback of the customer regarding your product. However, in most cases, you are not able to do that because of the lack of a strong community or forum centre which could refer to your product directly. But, with Heeduser, you can plan your own customer feedback platform.
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Amirite: Share Your Views

AmiriteIf you are looking for a place to share any of your thoughts and opinions, then amirite? is the right place for you. In this site, people can post a simple question followed with “amirite?” Then, they can agree with it with “Yeah you are” or disagree with “No way!” The discussions range from funny jokes to serious political debates. It’s quite entertaining. Plus, it’s very easy to use!

To use amirite, you don’t need an account. You can immediately start posting, commenting, and voting minus the hassle of setting up an account. Continue reading

Desall: Connecting Huge Brands to the Creative Community

DesallDesall is a crowdsourcing platform that connects companies and private clients with a global community of creative talents through its amazing design contests. This is a relatively new site, born only this year through Davide Scomparin, which is based in Treviso near Venice. But either way, it strives to help companies find new and state- of- the- art design solution since it started. It also helps the creative to connect to each other, get notices, and be visible to the design companies all over the world. Continue reading

LoveGov: Simplified Politics

LovGovLoveGov is composed of no- nonsense realists who want to fix politics. What they did to fix it is that they simplified and made the experience engaging and even a little fun. The site gives you information on relevant issues, keeps you updated with current legislation you care about, and connects you with representatives.

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Globial: Business Networking Platform

GlobialGlobial is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and the development office is located in Houston, TX. The company is basically a business networking platform that aims to help small businesses take part in global trade more easily and with greater confidence and trust. It has come up with a platform that combines research tools, networking capabilities, and user created content. So if you are interested in global trade, Globial can help you create opportunities. You will be more empowered to find information trouble- free and easily connect with businesses anywhere in the world. Continue reading

DoGoodBuyUs: A Marketplace for Charity- Made Products

DoGoodBuyUsDoGoodBuyUs is the marketplace for social goods. Each product sold here is either made by a nonprofit organization or on behalf of one. In this marketplace, you can help make the world a better place in small way, everyday, and in making the effort simple. It also offers non-profits a unique platform to raise awareness and money by selling their quality products to an online community of caring consumers.

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SocialEventGuide: Social Media Site For Events & Activities



SocialEventGuide is a new social media site which organizes communities of users around events and activities. It brings people together with common interests in a new and exciting way.

By organizing events, trips and activities, you can get to meet like-minded people and also enjoy your social life. The site has a simple and usable interface that helps you to instantly know what all events are happening. Continue reading

Scoopinion: Get Fresh, Personalized News Every Morning



Scoopinion is a news service that turns your browser into a magazine that learns. If you look for the most interesting reads on the Internet, Scoopinion is the place where you can find latest articles on important and fun issues that you will love to read.

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Korrio Makes Your Sports Life Simple & Organized



Korrio is a great new platform for kids who are into sports. They have the single focus on kids and sports. Their mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that come in the way.

According to Korrio, they are the most advanced sports automation platform on the planet. It harnesses the power of next-generation web technology to make tasks simper and automatic. Continue reading

In2ne: Musicians Get Tools To Begin Performing Live



In2ne is a social network, a gig booking system and a live music resource all in one. It is ideal for musicians, venue owners, booking agents and promoters because it has many features that help them in getting the job done.

This is a community of musicians, music venues, promoters and booking agents. Joining the service put you in touch with the rest of the live music community. That in itself can provide you much benefits through exchange of ideas. Continue reading