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Digmaa Launches House Building Collaboration Website

DigmaaWhen Austin Mac Nab was waiting for his new home to be built in Des Moines, Iowa, he was frustrated by the lack of information he got from his home builder. He wanted day-to-day updates on the progression of construction but did not always get them. As an alternative, he would certainly travel to the job site to see for himself.

‘Although I enjoyed going to my new home to view the progress, it quickly came to be a part-time job considering that I was always left wondering just what’s following,’ he states. ‘I knew there needed to be a better method to keep updated as well as benefit the home builder.’ Continue reading

Mangoapps: Brings Combined Solutions for Mid-Marketers

MangoappsMangoapps is a unique website that is currently used by 7,500 plus companies across the globe. Mangoapps seamlessly combines Team Collaboration Tools, Social Networking as well as Intranet Pages into a single breakthrough product.

Ever since Mangoapps was launched, it has revolutionized File Sharing, Collaboration and Communication. With Mangoapps, you are forever in control of your online presence. Using this website, you can easily customize your website’s user interface like the Projects, Groups as well as the Dashboard. Continue reading

GroupMap: Brainstorming With A Twist

GroupMapBrainstorming is an essential part to come up with great new ideas to improve business strategies. GroupMap is a real- time, collaborative brainstorming with a twist. It basically shows you what the group is thinking by combining views and ideas of individual participants. Through that, a significant insight is provided that eventually leads to a group, collective learning and effective decision making.

With GroupMap, you can improve engagement and participation greatly. Continue reading

LetsBreeze.com: A Simple Tool for Project Management

LetsBreezeThe need for a simple tool for project management has led Breeze to come up with an easy solution. They have created a tool that is intuitive, easy to use, minimalistic, and made for people and not for machines.

Breeze simply brings all you tasks on a single page. It basically shows you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, where things are in a workflow and how much time did it all take.  It is a simple and effective Kanban style board.

As it lets you see everything in one page, it makes everything remarkably easy for you to manage projects. Continue reading

PowerMeeter: Make New Business Connections Easily



PowerMeeter is an online, face-to-face speed networking meeting place that lets you make new business connections effectively and fast.

This new way of speed networking allows you to meet new business connection, have one to one ‘meet’ that may last two minutes or more, and develop more business connections for furthering your business.

PowrMeeter allows you a convenient face-to-face communication. It provides a richer networking experience due to its at-a-glance information about each new person you meet. Continue reading

ScaleXtreme: Handle Data Centers Effortlessly



A startup called ScaleXtreme is a provider of a powerful, cloud- based server automation products for the modern distributed datacenter. It basically gives every customer a unified automation platform to build and control physical, virtual, and public cloud servers. It is simple, scalable, and social.

ScaleXtreme gives IT administration tool that will help you manage servers from wherever you are including any computer that can gain access of internet, as well as mobile browsers. Continue reading

IAVRA: International Villa Rental Industry Solution



IAVRA stands for International Association of Villa Rental Agents. It is a subscription based online database of villas, chalets and apartments for rent around the world.

This B2B platform connects international Client Agents including travel agents and concierge services to Villa Agents. IAVRA makes the process of searching, selecting and renting holiday properties standardised, efficient and easy. Villa central agents can get direct access to a broad and largely untapped international market through IAVRA. Continue reading

Flixel: Create Beautiful Photos Instantly & Share With Friends



Flixel is an app that provides you the freedom to capture a moment, bring it to life with a swipe of a finger and share it instantly with your friends.

If you are a person who loves to take snaps and put them online, Flixel is an app that you will love. It is a fact that photos communicate more than words. Getting a good snap is difficult, but Flixel provides you tool to create beautiful photos easily.

The app allows you to create beautiful living photos in seconds. Continue reading

BusyFlow: Collaborate Using Cloud Apps



BusyFlow is a service that offers you a workspace that creates the easiest way for you and your team to collaborate and manage cloud apps. The service is for developer teams, media agencies, power Internet users, consultants etc.

You can collaborate to get work done effectively by using cloud apps. By using multiple productivity apps that allow you to manage your project and tasks more effectively, it will make your work easier.

BusyFlow comes with smooth cross application integration. You can easily juggle files, notes and tasks between your apps with a click or a drag. Continue reading

Tradesparq: Connect With Suppliers & Volume Buyers For Global Trade



Tradesparq is a B2B social network that works exclusively for global trade. Tradesparq matches volume buyers and suppliers plus trade service providers based on profile, shared relationships, product category and industry.

On Tradesparq, you get real-time updates. There is no better way for buyers to keep them up-to-date on the latest hot China products in their network than to see them on their dashboard in real-time. For suppliers, it means buyers get to know about their products instantly.

Its search algorithm places much importance on relationships. Continue reading