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BragStats: Social Networking for Athletes

BragStatsBragStats is an innovative and a fun new social networking and website portal for any athlete of any age to record stats, athletic, and academic info, upload sports pictures and videos, and stay connected with fans and family and share their sports’ accomplishments!

It is a network that comprises athletes, teams, coaches, fans, and families. It allows all members to make free personalized profiles and connect with peers and families. So if you are an athlete, a parent, or simply a sport enthusiast, you can make one personalized sports profile. Continue reading

Korrio Makes Your Sports Life Simple & Organized



Korrio is a great new platform for kids who are into sports. They have the single focus on kids and sports. Their mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that come in the way.

According to Korrio, they are the most advanced sports automation platform on the planet. It harnesses the power of next-generation web technology to make tasks simper and automatic. Continue reading

Kidzmet – Find Perfect Teachers, Tutors And Coaches For Your Kids

kidzmet-logoKidzmet is an awesome platform that facilitates communication between parents and tutors so that parents can find the perfect teachers, tutors and coaches for their kids easily.  A well trained and experienced tutor is essential for kid’s future improvement and shiny carrier.

Parents always strives to provide well-formed lives for their children by ensuring proper education but because of tight schedule, it is quite impossible for them to take care about their kid’s progress in study. Kidzmet is helping you to find the local teacher for your kids using the Kidzmet‘s MentorMatches. According to Kidzmet “we can match students with teachers who are instinctively “tuned in” to your kids and uniquely qualified to help their seeds of passion, potential and purpose blossom”.

Moreover Kidzmet is also offering complimentary trial classes to new students that allow you and your kids to evaluate how you feel about Kidzmet member teachers. The process of finding tutor is very easy. First you have to sign up for free.  Secondly you will allocate 10 minutes to take Kidzmet’s Spirit Assessment with your child. And finally find the local teachers, tutors and coaches based on personality, innate talents and learning style.

Kidzmet is committed to help you to find the perfect teacher in local area with equality and experience. After the trial classes you will have an opportunity to rate the teachers so you can enroll in Kidzmet with confidence that you will get capable and skill teacher for your child.