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Dropbox Adds Text Search and PDF Viewer to its Android Application !

Dropbox adds PDF ViewerThe people at Dropbox proceed a run of handy updates with another addition that maintains you from having to venture outside of the cloud repository’s application. In the latest version, Android users will notice a built-in PDF viewer, comprehensive with all the sharing tools needed to distribute files. Exactly what’s more, you can now look the text of PDFs, Word documents & PowerPoint distribute files to find the exact item you need. Looking to modify a single slide for an upcoming discussion? Swiping over to the documents and also entering into a key words takes you right to it. The new version must show up in the Play Store in the following couple of days, and your trusty cell phone will likely alert you when it’s readily available.

Dropbox is Now Available for Windows Phone !

DropboxLook who’s showing up fashionably late to the Windows Phone celebration. It’s Dropbox, which is now readily available as an application download for Windows phones & tablets. According to Dropbox, this marks the next phase of its partnership with Microsoft – both somewhat joined up with interject Nov of in last year to ensure that Dropbox and also Microsoft Office would work well together, and be widely available.

Making use of the Dropbox application on Windows phones & tablets, users could immediately backup their data to Dropbox, mark documents as favorites to ensure that they’re consistently available [with or without a Net connection], and take pleasure in accessibility to both personal and also work accounts at the same time. Continue reading

MinoCloud – Structured Data Made Easy!

minoCloud-logoSo you run a small business and find it cumbersome to store and search huge collections of data? Well, MinoCloud promises to be the answer to all your structured data worries. With MinoCloud, you no more have to store important data in notes or text files. You can start using MinoCloud for creating searchable and shareable collections of important information.

Using MinoCloud, you can organize any kind of information, be it sales data, customers’ profile, collectibles or even sports results.  The site has been designed to allow your to store your structured data in an organized manner. Continue reading

Surveylitics: Create Survey Just By An Email

Surveylitics LogoWell, how often you think of creating a survey for your company or brand, but leave it incomplete due to the long and complex procedure involved in it. But, not anymore! With Surveylitics, you can create a survey just by sending an email. All you need to do is just send the questions of the survey in an email to Surveylitics and it will immediately convert it into a survey and send the crafted link to you. Continue reading

Filedrop: Easy Way of Exchanging Things Between Devices!

Filedrop LogoOften people face problem while exchanging things between two devices due to the lack of a proper medium. However, not anymore, Filedrop is a small app which allows sending of files from one device to another within a single network. With an easy user interface and simple navigation, Filedrop is one of the most apt application send files between two devices. All you need to do is just launch Filedrop app on the two devices and easily drag and drop the data or files on them.

Continue reading

Talibro: Online Accounting Software

TalibroTalibro is an online, intuitive, double entry accounting system for startups and small businesses. It is ideal for managing Account Receivables, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Inventory, and Financial Reports. To manage every small and medium business’s core financials, Talibro will be so useful.

With Talibro, you can make online invoices, automate recurring invoices, email them to each of your customers without attachments, and get paid through PayPal. Continue reading

MySocialCloud: Internet Surfing Simplified

MySocialCloudIf you’re not as organized as to remember all your logins and bookmarks, then MySocialCloud is perfect for you. This startup allows you to manage your online life by bookmarking, stream consolidation, filtering, and auto- login capabilities.

MySocialCloud basically lets you store all you login credentials on the cloud. In this regard, you don’t have to remember every username and password to every site you’re registered to. Not only that, the “Cloud It” button can automatically bookmark sites for you and organize them into lists. Continue reading

Cinegif: An Easy GIF Generator

CinegifGIFs are the cool viral trend that is bringing our treasured photos and videos to life. If you are having difficulties making one, then the Austin- based Tech Company, Cinegif can help you create the most awesome GIFs in an easy way. Their cloud- based platform makes everything easier and more convenient for professionals to generate high quality GIFs that will surely impress their audience.

The patented video conversion software of Cinegif allows marketers to communicate and tell a story minus all the fuss like the file size, complexity, and cost of traditional video. Continue reading

WhiteSource: Manage your OSS lifecycle Easily

WhiteSourceWhiteSource is a free, cloud- based platform for managing your OSS lifecycle. Compared to a spreadsheet, it is much more reliable since it’s easy and convenient. With this platform, you are able to drag and drop your libraries, or import them from POM file or spreadsheet, and you have an OSS repository. Then, you can automate the approval process with WhiteSource, retrieve license information, as well as assess the legal and technical risk of each OSS library to your organization. Continue reading

Meetin.gs: Have a More Organized Online Meeting

Meetin.gsMost meeting are difficult to organize, hence if done poorly, the result is likely to be inefficient. It is also a common knowledge that when you are collaborating online with people from different organization, you are bound to experience some inefficiency in the email exchange. However, with Meetin.gs, everything is made easy and frictionless to organize meetings. It provides a meeting collaboration space that is simple. Basically, if you know how to e- mail, you can run Meetin.gs with no problem.

Simply put, Meetin.gs is a free cloud-based meeting organizer for running business meetings. Continue reading