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Facebook Messenger No More Requires a Facebook Account

Facebook Messenger No More Requires a Facebook AccountNew users of Facebook’s Messenger application can sign up without an account on the social media network’s.

Starting Wednesday, Facebook is turning out this feature for smartphone user in the United State, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. Support for added nations is expected to come at a later day. When the Messenger app is lunched in one of the provided countries for the first time, users will be greeted with 2 options: ‘Log in with Facebook’ and “Sign up with Messenger’. After selecting the last choice, all that’s had to register is a mobile number, name and image. Contacts can also be imported into messenger for easy access. Continue reading

Skype’s Translator Preview Goes Live for Windows 8.1 Users !

Skype-TranslatorWe initially heard about Skype’s Translator feature back in May, and that it should arrive before the end of the year. Well, in keeping with that timeline, the video-chatting outfit opened a sneak peek for Windows 8.1 devices. As its moniker suggests, the new feature transforms speech in real-time, to keep the lines of communication open without the demand for a 3rd person to do the translating. It also shows an on-screen transcript throughout calls and also can arrange IM translation in 45 languages. If you’re wielding a computer or tablet computer that’s running the aforementioned OS, head over to the source link to decide in to the preview ahead of the new tool’s official arrival.

Skype for Windows Phone Lets You Share Drawings With Close Friends !

windowsEver wanted to convey a lot more in a Skype chat compared to easy text and pictures can handle, such as directions to your home? If you’re using Windows Phone, you now have a better path to express yourself. Microsoft has actually published a new version of Skype for Windows Phone that, just like Google Hangouts, permits you send out easy drawings to good friends. You could start with a blank canvas if you’re an imaginative type; however you can also doodle on images & annotate Bing maps. There are a couple of significant under-the-hood upgrades, too, including HD display support and the choice to sign in with your phone’s Microsoft account. The Skype team hasn’t said when its Android & iOS apps will acquire sketching, But it wouldn’t be unexpected to see them get matching updates in the near future.

Twitter’s Direct Messaging is About to Get Scarcely Considerably Less Maddening on Cellular!

TwitterTwitter has actually announced a a lot-necessary pair of improvements to the direct messaging part of its service, which will certainly roll out over the succeeding handful of weeks.

On its Twitter Support account, the firm announced mobile clients will certainly soon be in a position to see their comprehensive DM history on their mobile phones, as opposed to just the  last few conversations.

In a 2nd tweet, the firm revealed it is working on modifications that will certainly syncronise removed messages throughout all a customer’s devices. Continue reading

Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Chat With Friends On The iPad!

facebook-for-iPadFacebook Messenger makes one of the most sense on a phone, yet plenty of people still would like to talk on their tablet – and apparently, Facebook understands it. The social network has merely updated Messenger for iOS to support the iPad, allowing you continue a conversation without having to either dig with conversations in the main Facebook app or count on third-party titles. The iPad user interface mainly acts like a super-sized version of just what you see on an iPhone, although you lose out on a handful of current feature additions, like tap and hold video clip capture and also the split-screen selfie mode. There’s no matching native user interface for Android tablet right now, although the iPad refresh suggests that a person might be horizon.

Fandio – Debates For Live Sports and TV events

FandioFandio is a well-designed website enabling users to listen and broadcast interactive and engaging discussions and debates on TV events and live sports. With Fandio, users get an unique opportunity to experience their favorite sporting events with communities and friends in their circle.

Fandio also allows users for creating unique and lively commentaries for various live sporting events. A user can also opt for lead a interactive, highly engrossing discussion with their chosen audience. Continue reading

SkyChattr: The Aviation Network!

SkyChattr LogoWhen there are social networking platforms for everything, then why not aviation. Aviation is a huge industry which surely needs people to interact, collaborate and stay in touch with all the happenings in the industry. SkyChattr is an innovation in the social network field for the aviation industry where professionals and travelers can interact, share and post destination pictures. It provides you with the latest updates about the airline gossip and much more.

SkyChattr has been launched by the aviation industry veterans. Continue reading

HeySnails : Great Podium For Fir Virtual Children!

HeySnails logoOften kids get bored at home and indulge in late night TV watching activities and other bad habits. But now, you can avoid those conditions by giving your kids HeySnails. It is a great platform for the kids to develop their mental skills. It is a fun and safe and sound place for virtual kids which functions as a virtual hangout place for the kids. The kids can make friends from people around the world, chat and play many exciting games.

HeySnails is all about kids having the best time pass of their day. Continue reading

Samsung Chat – Full QWERTY Is Back

Samsung ChatSamsung after their total domination on the top of the line phone market are coming back on the low end market and they are introducing few phones, which will work on Android 4.0, but still are packing just enough hardware to keep up with their demanding operating system. Just a day after the launch of GT-B5330, they introduced a new little phone, which comes with a great look and an appealing name, the Galaxy Chat.

This phone is the first one which will carry Nature UX layer that was exclusive for the Galaxy S III. Continue reading

ClickDesk: Live Chat for Your Website



As a product or service provider, adding a live chat on your website is not only practical, but it is essentially something that you must necessarily do. Since the advent of internet, most people turn for it when they have any kind of questions or problems. The first thing they do is check the internet, and they want everything to be fast and efficient. So in your part, you should establish a good communication network for your clients or customers. And one way that can help them get your product work in a quick way is to add a live chat to your site. And clickdesk.com can do exactly that. Continue reading