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Lytro Illum

lytro-illumLight-field cameras use anarray of lens to capture not just an image, but also light rays in the ambient, and their direction in the moving, to form a particular scene. Lytro is almost uncontestably an inventor of light-field camera market when in 2011 of their first product release. Prior to that, Lytro’s effort and prospect had largely been confined to labs.

Illum, is the first ambitious move of Lytro after more than two years ago the debut of the company’s first camera. As the Godfather of light-field camera, Lytro aims to revolutionize the picture taking from capturing still image to creating an interactive aesthetic experience. Illum claims to be this game changer.  Continue reading

HTC One – A Smartphone With Certain Wow Factor!

HTC ONE IMAGELast year the worldwide famous Taiwanese firm launched three mind-blowing phones the One X, the OneX+ and Droid DNA. However, this year whole focus was done on a single device the HTC One. This smartphone has certainly a wow factor in terms of design. As seen according to the hardware design, this phone is unparalleled. The manufactures has devoted a lot of time in machining solid block on aluminum. Continue reading

Fujifilm X100S – An Amazing Camera With a Traditional Outlook!

FUJIFILM X100SIt’s been a month since Fuji X 100 S was launched in the market and people who have used this camera simply find it amazing and highly effective. This camera is being seen as a significant change from Fujifilm as before this camera, Fujifilm was known to manufacture the point- and –shoot cameras. This camera has gained a huge popularity among people across the world in a short period of one month only. The upgradation done in this camera has eventually led to an addition of many mew features. Continue reading

Asus Transformer Book TX300 – A Notebook Cum Tablet With A Sophisticated Design!

Asus Transformer BookThe best part about windows 8 is that it has allowed the giant corporations of the computer industry to manufacture the hybrid designs of laptops and tablets. These hybrid designs are gaining a huge popularity among consumers worldwide and sensing this, Asus has come with Transformer Book TX300 with a detachable display. This notebook cum tablet has been provided with a 13.3 inch screen along with an Intel Core i7 processor with a RAM of 4 GB and SSD of 128 GB. Continue reading

Canon IXUS 255 HS – Wi-Fi Enabled Camera

Canon IXUS 255 HSCameras have become a major part of the gadget these days as it helps the people to capture the best memories of their life that can be cherished later on. Canon, the company known to manufacture the best cameras has recently added a new Wi- Fi enabled camera to the list of WI- Fi enabled cameras with the name of IXUS 255 HS. This camera has been provided with a wide range of great features that include inbuilt Wi-Fi, full HD movie capture and intelligent option of image stabilization. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One comparison – Which one is better?

Samsung Galaxy S4Before the Google editions of smartphones such as HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 were released, the customers were confused regarding which one of these two should be purchased. Both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one have the same operating system i.e. the Google android. Both the smartphones have been manufactured by the leading smartphone manufacturing companies. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Camera – A Symbiosis Between A Smartphone And A Camera

Samsung Galaxy CameraA lot of manufacturers are struggling with the market of their consumer type cameras. This is the case with Samsung. But, they wanted to bring the consumer camera back to the market, whilst making it up to date and giving it a fresh new image and feel. How to do that? Well, take one camera combine it with a smartphone, for example the Galaxy S III and you have the ultimate combination. And this is mostly what they have done.

The Samsung Galaxy camera when seen from the back looks like a proper sized Android powered phone. Continue reading

Toshiba Satellite P855-10G – Glasses Free 3D

Toshiba Satellite P855-10GEvery gamer or a movie buff strives of getting their hands on some laptop, or any other portable device that will reproduce their favorite media without any lag and also for most do it in 3D, especially without those heavy tiresome glasses. Accordingly, Toshiba has met everybody’s needs with their new Satellite P855 laptop. This laptop cannot be placed in the ultrabook family, firstly because of its weight of 2.94kg.

This laptop scores high on the benchmarks and with a good reason. It packs some real heat under its smooth aluminum surface. It comes with a 15.6 full HD TFT screen with LED backlight that lowers to 1366×768 when working in 3D mode. Continue reading

Ubi-Camera – Innovative Approach Of Taking Pictures



How many times have you tried to see how the picture is going to look like, using your fingers to make a rectangle?

The institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in japan has made a prototype camera that uses this approach to take pictures. They made a prototype camera which is still in development that has no viewfinder and no display screen; instead it uses the rectangle that you will make with your fingers to frame the picture. It also doesn’t have any zoom buttons and uses the distance between the operator and the camera to zoom in or out. If the distance between the operator and the camera is small or it is in front of the Continue reading

Canon EOS C300 – New Generation Of Filming

Canon EOS C300

Canon EOS C300

Canon has been a part of the picture taking game for a long time. With the DSLR revolution of picture taking a lot of film directors found out that they can use DSLR in their film making. So the evolution has begun. Film makers started using DSLR cameras and with that they are forcing an evolution of the cameras. Canon realized that this is the logical step of evolution and after pulling out their EOS 5D cameras that were seen as a stepping stone, they rethought the whole concept and made the next logical evolution step and made a professional camcorder that is the new EOS C300.

This camera is compact HD camera which comes in two versions- with a mount for Canon lenses (it can hold all the lenses that a professional has collected for a DSLR camera or normal lenses) and in a version with mount for standard filmmakers lenses. Continue reading