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Skype for Business Arrives on Windows Phone

Skype for BusinessMicrosoft last day announced the release of another Skype for Business users – it has finally rolled out a Windows Phone app, one that is a re-brand of the Lync 2013 application, and also users on both services have the ability to use it. All the Skype for Business features are there, such as the calling features combined with instant message, control over conferences, phone controls like transferring, and more. It also has some security protection features like easy authorization and a Skype for Business certification. Microsoft announced the applications arrival last day, and also as anticipated it comes as a Lync re-brand. The application looks both distinctly Skype and distinctly Windows Phone, and extends the mobile options those who count on the service have. Continue reading

10 Things For Starting a Startup!


All the global enterprise starts their footprint as an individual business unit, which always positively means it’s a direction. In an age not comparable with the pioneering era, various conditions have to be taken into consideration.

Market positioning

According to the common purpose of running a startup, that is, making profit, which is an indication of success and proof of qualification, rightly position your product within the market place is the first step. And, not to be judgmental, a basic common sense asked from a potentially promising entrepreneur. What is happening around you ? What will happen ?  Continue reading

BusinessPlanToday – Makes Business Planning Automated

BusinessplanTodayBusinessplantoday is an executable software that makes the business planning automated. The designers place all the aspects of business planning into consideration, literarily, making business plan contents, adding Glossary, and numerically, building financial statement, calculating loans.

The software considerately working on the fixed content, and more fluid information as well. For example, you can prepare the text section for Management Team, Mission Statement, and the dependency system will process the information iteratively and in specific order in each report that will be in need. Continue reading

Avoiding Those First Year Landmines!

Even though the term “Web 2.0” might be a little passé now, the competition in that niche is as fierce as ever. Every day more startups flood the web 2.0 market. Unfortunately most of those startups fail before they’ve had their first anniversary. If you want to make sure that you (and your brand spankin’ new company) aren’t among those failures, you need to heed the following tid-bits of advice. Continue reading

Why Take Advantage of a Free POS System?

Graduating from an online store to your first physical premises can be a pricy business. It makes sense then, to benefit where you can from any freebies that can help you get off the ground and save overheads. Would you like a free point of sales solution? That would be a pretty big saving against the investment required to purchase one.

The good news is that you can actually take advantage of a free POS system. There is a small catch though as you might expect. You need to sign a contract tying you to a single credit card payment processing service. Continue reading

Guest Post: When You Ship One Product, Market Another

When is the best time to start your next sale? The minute you complete your first one. As soon as a customer opens a box that contains one of your products, that customer should find some piece of additional marketing material that helps set up the sale of the next product.

A lot of entrepreneurs skip this step, simply because they’re so busy with the work of packing and shipping products that they don’t take the time to add that extra piece of marketing. However, it’s often the little details like these that can make or break your business. Here’s how to add fresh marketing to each product you ship, and use your current sales to close the next ones. Continue reading

Guest Post: Advantages of Getting RingCentral Hosted PBX

There are a myriad of great reasons to consider a Hosted PBX system such as the Hosted PBX solutions. In addition to helping you save a considerable amount of money on up-front capital costs and monthly service expenses, a reliable and reputable solution will provide your business with world class calling features such as fax to email, voicemail to email, auto attendant and much more.

Here are the advantages of getting a Hosted PBX:
Superb Flexibility
Smart business owners know that one of the main benefits of selecting Hosted PBX is the flexibility that it offers. Nothing matches Hosted PBX for businesses with multiple locations, outside sales force, home employees, and remote workers. Continue reading

Guest Post: Taking Control of Your Business Processes!

It’s a business truth: if you don’t control your processes, your processes control you.

Take, for example, the startup owner who doesn’t have a handle on expense tracking. He’ll invite a potential funder to coffee and forget to grab the receipt. Or he’ll keep the receipt but neglect to enter it into a system like Expensify, meaning that at the end of the year, he has to set aside a few days to go through all of his receipts and sort out the tax-deductible expenses. That’s an example of a bad process controlling an entrepreneur, not the other way around. Continue reading

ChatterLime – How It Helps Your Business to Achieve Higher Sales!

ChatterLimeChatterlime is a popular online widget allowing users to better manage their chats when they are not physically present at their desk. All of us simply love chatting online but the thought that one has to sit at the desk  to ensure messages are sent and received can sometimes be a tiresome thing.

Chatterlime offers an easy solution in the form of offering a virtual concierge to the user who effectively handles all the chats of the user. Continue reading

OnlineInvoices – What Does It Offer To Businesses Easily and Quickly

OnlineInvoiceWhen looking to create a good impression on your clients, there are various strategies you can adopt. It is not always necessary to invest in high-investment strategies to carve a favorable image. Most businesses are not aware of the fact that even with their shipment invoices, they send out a sublime message of their company’s brand identity and reputation to their clients.

Having realized the importance of creating presentable invoices, many businesses now outsource invoice design and development work to various third-party agents. Continue reading