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Digmaa Launches House Building Collaboration Website

DigmaaWhen Austin Mac Nab was waiting for his new home to be built in Des Moines, Iowa, he was frustrated by the lack of information he got from his home builder. He wanted day-to-day updates on the progression of construction but did not always get them. As an alternative, he would certainly travel to the job site to see for himself.

‘Although I enjoyed going to my new home to view the progress, it quickly came to be a part-time job considering that I was always left wondering just what’s following,’ he states. ‘I knew there needed to be a better method to keep updated as well as benefit the home builder.’ Continue reading

10 Things For Starting a Startup!


All the global enterprise starts their footprint as an individual business unit, which always positively means it’s a direction. In an age not comparable with the pioneering era, various conditions have to be taken into consideration.

Market positioning

According to the common purpose of running a startup, that is, making profit, which is an indication of success and proof of qualification, rightly position your product within the market place is the first step. And, not to be judgmental, a basic common sense asked from a potentially promising entrepreneur. What is happening around you ? What will happen ?  Continue reading

Spacehoot – Promoting Your Business Was Never This Fun!

SpacehootSpacehoot is a uniquely designed website that guides several businesses in reaching out to thousands of people based in different parts of the world with their services, products and even messages at no extra cost. Ever since Spacehoot was set up, it has transformed into a highly popular online community and has helped several businesses promote their products and services.

To put it in simple words, Spacehoot is a well-designed social networking platform for marketers. Continue reading

Tax Alli – Helping Your Business Better Manage Taxes And Finance!

Tax AlliIf you have never come across a virtual tax and accounting service provider, then Tax Alli is your answer. Tax Alli is a comprehensive web-based tax and accounting service provide that offers a competitively priced tax consultations and business services for all kinds of business transactions. Ever since Tax Alli has started its operations, it has helped several businesses manage their finance and accounts in a hassle-free way.

Tax Alli is undoubtedly one of the most popular online tax and accounting services available for countless small enterprise owners. Continue reading

Symphonical: Enhance Your Productivity!

Symphonical LogoHow often do you face problems in managing and your assignments and tasks? There are many times when you just need a helping hand to help you organize your projects efficiently. But now, with the help of Symphonical, you can easily manage your task on a whiteboard. It is a project organizing and collaboration application which helps you draft digital sticky notes on your desktop and incorporate as a featured app with Google +. Continue reading

BetterSalez: Easy Sales Tracking and Sales Management Solution

BetterSalezIndependent consultants, freelancers, sales reps, businessmen and anyone who is interested to simplify his sales management are making a living of selling something.  And nearly every one of them is non- technical people with limited resources. What they need is a simple, clear, and handy solutions that will not only help them track and manage their sales effectively but also make them do it without having to pay too much, without complicated integration, and what not. However, most solutions offered to them are either full- package CRM solution with too many features, or is expensive and complicated that just doesn’t suit their needs. Continue reading

Denventory: Monitor Your Belongings



It probably took you a lifetime to build everything that you have now to make your living a lot more manageable. So it is also just right to protect it from any kind of disaster. Denventory can help you own what you want to own. It is an easy to use web application for creating and maintaining a home inventory.

When it comes to recovery, a home inventory is crucial but it doesn’t have to be complicated. So in an event of any accident, you will have the peace of mind thinking that an itemized home inventory makes for quick and precise insurance claims. Continue reading

JoynIn: Get Rewarded For Meeting New People



JoynIn is a mission that rewards people for empowering their employees, businesses and customers and enjoy the rich experiences and economic value from their relationships.

JoynIn believes that relationships are important, even if they are because of economic reasons. That is why they consider the relationships between employees and their customers, employers and employees, businesses and their customers, and of course relationship between friends important. Therefore, they have created a platform where you can connect with people in a unique way. Continue reading

PowerMeeter: Make New Business Connections Easily



PowerMeeter is an online, face-to-face speed networking meeting place that lets you make new business connections effectively and fast.

This new way of speed networking allows you to meet new business connection, have one to one ‘meet’ that may last two minutes or more, and develop more business connections for furthering your business.

PowrMeeter allows you a convenient face-to-face communication. It provides a richer networking experience due to its at-a-glance information about each new person you meet. Continue reading