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Find the book you want to read with BookLikes



BookLikes is a resource that helps you in choosing which books to read according to your preference. When looking for a book to read, people generally depend on people with similar interests to make a recommendation. BookLikes makes it simple for you to interact with people of shared interests so that you get to read books that you want to read.

This excellent resource for bibliophiles uses an algorithm to recommend people who have similar interests in reading so that you can exchange not only books, but have discussions about them and their authors too.

BookLikes uses a unique algorithm that takes into account factors like reading preferences, book information and social activity to provide exact recommendations. A strong social connectedness where a user can share his/her bookshelf with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn makes BookLikes exciting.

BookLikes looks especially beneficial when you consider how hard it is to grab a book that you are confident of liking. If you end up buying books that you do not finish reading, it is a sorry investment of your time and money. BookLikes is seen as “the missing link between Amazon and Facebook”.

On their website, booklikes.com, users are categorized into genres like biographies & autobiographies, business, historical fiction, mystery and crime, thrillers, horror, sci-fi and so on. A newbie can simply “follow” these people and discuss the genre.

The site also suggests people that you may know, most popular users and most active users. You can simply search for a book with the book title or the name of the author and see how many people on BookLikes have the book on their BookLikes. This is not only a good way to connect with readers, but is also beneficial for authors to connect with the readers of their books.

Within six months, BookLikes will be available in six more languages namely Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Polish.

ShelfLuv – A Great Search Interface For Amazon Book Store

ShelfLuv LogoShelfLuv is an awesome book searching interface for famous Amazon Book Store.  ShelfLuv is very fast and offers real time search experience, that means it searches and updates result as you write, you don’t have to wait till you hit the enter button. Those who search Amazon book store already know that, finding a particular book is not that quick in Amazon.

ShelfLuv offers a nice and attractive visual interface where all books are shown in a shelf like interface with a thumbnail image of the book and the title beneath the thumbnail. Clicking on a particular book shows an overview of the book including author, sales rank, rating, edition, pages and publishing date. A further click opens the book in Amazon with more details where you can buy the book for reading.

ShelfLuv is developed by Pek Pongpaet a digital designer and developer based in Chicago and the idea is inspired by Google instant search interface. For book lovers, it can make a real difference the way they search for books.