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BankInfoBD – All Banking Products and Services Information in One Place

BankInfoBD.com aims to ensure the availability of banking products and service information in more structured and simple manner. It brings all the banking information in one place in order that you don’t have to waste your valuable time on searching different websites to gather similar information.

Banks play a very important role in our modern life, banks are just like friends. Banking service is a must for professionals and businesses to conduct financial activities as a result people now have multiple bank accounts to serve different purposes. ATM Card, Debit Card and Credit Card are very popular these days for their flexibility and convenience as virtual money. Banks offer a wide range of credit products with a variety of other value added services to make life even easier and fulfill our dreams. To get introduced with all these banking products and services from different bank websites and find the suitable one comparing them all are pretty tough and boring job. In addition, each bank has their own way of displaying product information on their website and some of them even doesn’t have updated data in their website making it more difficult get the right information on right time. In this situation, BankInfoBD.com can be a great life saver for you.

BankInfoBD.com showcases basic information like address, contacts, SWIFT CODE, Stock Code etc for all banks operating in Bangladesh in separate info page which is also known as bank’s profile. Along with these information it servers all loans, saving schemes, accounts, cards and service information in different tabs. All these products are also categorized using smart tagging system giving you the opportunity to simply browse through those tags to find similar products and compare them. As a result, you can easily find all Car Loans or Home Loans or Salary Loans of all banks going to that particular tags.

Not only BankInfoBD.com serves product and service information but also allows consumers to express their likings and dis-likings and consumers have the ability to write their own opinions or reviews on those banking products making it an open platform for banking consumers.

Moreover, BankInfoBD.com has a career section where job seeker can browse for currently available banking jobs. It also has a separate news section listing the latest banking news of the day and a blog section for banking matters and discussions. Currently it serves information for Bangladeshi banks but it has a plan to bring more countries under its service in near future.