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Use Filters on Videos, Share Them through Socialcam



Socialcam is a mobile video application for iPhone and Android that makes it easy for you to share videos with your friends.

Build by the team who brought you Justin.tv, the web’s largest live video community, Socialcam is a wonderful app that makes it fast, easy and fun to capture, share and view high-quality movies with your loved ones.

On Socialcam, you can make a single video different by using filters on your videos. This new feature allows you to overlay videos Continue reading

Iron.Io Provides Elastic and Scalable Messages for Cloud Apps



Iron.io is a cloud queuing system service provider that provides scalable cloud application services.

Iron.io’s services are easy to use, durable and deliver ironclad value. It works on multiple platforms and clouds. With Iron.io products, you do not need to worry about managing and scaling infrastructure and allow developers to focus on building great apps. Continue reading

KinderTown helps you find the best educational apps for kids



KinderTown is a place where you will find the best educational apps for kids aged 3 to 6 years.

Every working parent knows how difficult and important it is for them to take out time to teach their kids. With both parents working, it is either the education of the kids that suffer or the parents end up exhausted with the daily effort. But now, parents don’t really need to make a choice. KinderTown is a tool through which you can ensure that your kid gets the best education without your having to spend much time on teaching him/her. Continue reading

Wheelz: Car- Sharing Platform for Students



Wheelz is a car- sharing platform specifically created for students who want to make money by renting their car. This start up will help students and residents in other campuses to connect through an iPhone app and a Facebook- ready website. It has an on the spot sign up, trouble- free set up for the owners, and the biggest and most varied campus fleet on the market. Because of that, Wheelz can provide you the wheels you want at any time of the day. Continue reading

Apprupt: Monetizing Mobile Advertising



Internationally embodied with its offices in London and Hamburg, Germany, apprupt chiefly aimed the iPhone app providers though android is also a forthcoming event. Recently, the company, apprupt, scored an anonymous round of subsidy from its current investor, Neuhaus Partners, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Venture arm, and KfW.

In a nutshell, apprupt is a network for mobile apps. It monetizes the traffic in mobiles by pulling together the apps and users. This is done by means of its extensive publisher network. Through the apprupt partner network, developers are allowed to promote their applications to their aimed group via pay-per-download foundation. In this regard, apprupt enables developers like Men’s Health, CIO, TecChannel, WEB. DE, or CFOworld to deal with their users topical and significant applications and product AMD in doing so, it monetizes mobile traffic.

Apprupt as it was self- defined is a performance marketing network for mobile apps. It offers advertising companies with particularly focused solutions for framework- guided advertising, to be precise, the endorsement of mobile sites, app marketing, and premium lead generation by way of collaborative mobile advertisements. All of these are done through a wide- ranging network of premium publishers. Not only that, apprupt allows app providers to reboot their app users as it has a technology called mobile retargeting.

For the downloads that are impending by means of the performance of the network itself, the developers, at this very moment, have to pay a percentage that stands at 0,35€. They can otherwise apportion 30 percent of their revenues less than the Apple share which is 30 %. At any rate, it is usable for free which is made possible by the various set of tools. It is termed as the “Performance Marketing Suite,” and can relatively acquire through the site free of charge either. In basic terms, you just have to incorporate the made- available download tracking library into your application, once you have downloaded it. Then, you will be able to scrutinize its operation with the public in general.

Branch Out – Expanding your career exponentially

BranchOut Logo


There were quite a few career enhancing and recruiting websites back in the early internet days. Along came LinkedIn and started to connect people professionally and by the time they were done with their experiments, they had attracted recruiters and companies to post job openings on their website. The only problem was that it took them nearly 4 years to get all these features off the ground.

BranchOut is similar yet smarter. It leverages the existing Facebook user base as your potential network connections.  A simple signup via a Facebook is good enough to have a basic profile ready for users to start a job hunt, change career path or simply browse through their friend network to see what they are upto; professionally of course.

Setting up a profile is easy, as most of the information is gathered directly from your Facebook profile. I tried resume upload facility first and then quickly undone. I would recommend that it is better to copy a few things from there rather than import them directly as you would end up editing most of it anyway.

I did a search for jobs in an area and found over 600 results. This was rather unusual since I had done a search against the same criteria on two very famous recruiting websites. The navigation bar on top is done well and provides direct access to messages, notifications, people, companies, jobs etc. There is also an endorsement feature which the site recommends, however, I would advise against it if you are secretly looking for a job as it posts a general request straight to your wall.

As in most cases, some annoyances are to be expected, for instance, it remembers my professional title in the job search but forgets my desired location; every time! I think this is a no brainier since a person’s current city is listed in the profile and if the application cannot remember the user’s past preference then it should use their city by default instead of the United States.

Other annoyances are mostly privacy concerns and the need for this app to post everything on my wall. Thankfully it asks and there is an option to cancel or ignore it.

Branch Out seems basic at the moment and has far to go and is nowhere in the same class as LinkedIn, however it has the potential and users should try it out if only to get an idea where job options are.

Podio’s New iPhone App Makes You Productive While On The Go



Last March, we wrote an in-depth review on Podio, the true social work platform. Now, it has launched an exciting new app for iPhones that helps you manage your daily work-related activities while on the go. Any existing Podio app you have will now work right on your iPhone. You can be walking on the street and adding to your work even from there.

Podio’s new iPhone app makes work easy for you. It provides you the technology to create your own portfolio, add pictures and videos to it, and share them with the world through the Internet. You can easily customize your Podio mobile home screen with your favourite apps and make work more interesting.

With Podio’s new app, you can create and edit application items from your iPhone and invite colleagues, employers and employees to work on a project you created anytime. This app has filters so that you only see projects that are overdue.

Creating an app was never easier. Now, you can create your own customized app to report expenses, manage sales, adding field notes, tracking bugs and to click photographs and create videos, all through Podio’s newly launched app.

The best thing is that Podio’s iPhone app is free of cost. You can also create a new app on Podio according to your specific needs. It is helpful for all and every professional need, be it a product release, development work, photographers, authors, businesses, entrepreneurs or students. Customize it to suit your needs.

The app gives you more control over your time, helps you use the time on travel and makes work better, faster and interactive. Podio is currently being used by a wide variety of professionals and organizations to get the work done from anywhere, anytime.

You can give your suggestions on improving the app on the company website.

Podio is based in Denmark and has more than 15 of talented developers, designers and user advocates. The company is backed by venture capitalist Sunstone Capital.

Invoicera – Online Billing And Invoicing Solution For Easy & Secure Billing Experience



Invoicera is an online billing service that offers one of the best services available. It is easy to use, has a lot of flexibility and the customer support is always available to answer queries at all times.

To facilitate the user even more, question mark with every feature gives you immediate help about the feature discussed. Everything is perfectly organized on the main window into outstanding invoices, tasks to do and alerts. There are many drop-down menus that facilitate completion of tasks more quickly.

Invoicera has a good expense and time tracking module. It can manage projects and tasks. Expenses can be tracked and the taxing done. Also the tool can also store info such as name, cost, quantity and tax. So the tool is well suited for invoicing time based and project based services, and product invoicing as well.

Invoicera is an experienced tool in terms of online payments. It can perform recurring billing through PayPal and the online billing service can apply payments from deposits. It can also manage credit and apply partial payments. The tool also provides auto-billing service, which is billing by subscription. The tool works with 16 payment processors. Some of them are Google Checkout, 2CO, Authorize.net, iTransact, PayPal PlayFlow, SagePay, PayMate.

The tool manages every bit of info about a person like email, shipping address, client name, phone, alternate address, business and official contacts. Also the security measures are very effective because credit card information is not stored directly onto the system, but it is encrypted.

The tool is user friendly and invoices are high customizable, especially in regards to fields names and invoice terms. The online payment services support a numerous number of payment methods and all of them provide effective security. It comes in many packages and pricing options. Invoicera has been rated by its users as one of the best online billing systems.

Read more about Invoicera at StartupTunes Business Directory

LoKast, connect instantly while on the go



LoKast is a mobile application provider based in New York City. The company helps people connect with people you physically meet while on the go. It provides a better shared experience with its smart technology and digital expertise.

The company provides instant social networking, especially targeting local networking because, after all, you meet people who usually live nearby. LoKast offers local file sharing from one mobile to another, and video and photographs sharing. It is also largely beneficial for businesses that need to deal within the local community on an everyday basis.

This proximity-based social networking app makes it easy and fast for people to connect with the social network of people they meet in bars, football games, music concerts etc. If you want to swap a photo or a contact detail with the wonderful couple you met at the Chinese restaurant, LoKast is there to make the “connect” quick and simple.

Recently, LoKast launched its 3.0 iOS app that allows users to connect, group message and share media within a social networking browser. The only thing you need is WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth to run this app.

LoKast as the “disposable social network” can be used effectively by professionals, businesses and others to share, connect, inform and entertain while they are mobile. Many organizations now only depend on online media for marketing and promotion. LoKast can be just the service they need.

It is true that with Facebook and Twitter on mobile, you can send and receive messages to your phone from anywhere. But with LoKast, you can exchange much more than just messages. It is a complete interaction program to help you connect with people you meet. You can stay in touch even afterwards on LoKast. Of course, you can go to e-mailing and Facebook if/when the acquaintance turns into a friend.

Specifically designed for maintaining new relationships, LoKast’s tagline ‘Connect your physical life, on LoKast’ says it all.