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Winlogviewer: Observe Windows Events on Various Servers

Winlogviewer logoWinlogviewer is an aggregation service from Microsoft Windows event logs. It facilitates multiple server logs to support busy system administration through a safe, secure, easy web interface from anywhere you are, just with the help of an Internet connection, the best part is everything is carried out from one place. It informs you about the performance, and status of your system. The automatic set up of the centralized system makes accessing of the data difficult, Winlogviewer simplifies it.

Winlogviewer helps to showcase all the servers alongside on your system’s dashboard. Continue reading

KinderTown: Find the best educational app for your kids



KinderTown is an education app store for parents. Here, you can find the best apps that you would want your kids to use.

Parents are busy. Apart from taking care of the household, they also need to take care of their kids. Sometimes, their busy schedules leave little time for them to teach their kids. That is why KinderTown has come up with a platform that helps you to find great educational apps that will help your kid learn new things without taking much of your time. Continue reading

Ntro: Find Like- Minded People



Ntro is an app for iPhones and Android that lets you find like-minded people, and then get in touch with them on a certain social service. Basically, if you want to find people who share the same interest, like photography, music, and whatnot, Ntro will help the search much easier.

It connects you with nearby people who are on the same wavelength as you. You simply need to key them on or import them from Facebook. Be explicit, be fun! That’s part of the excitement. And then, Ntro will Continue reading

Cheqroom makes inventory management cloud based and simple



Cheqroom is a web app that is designed to help your business keep track of its physical assets.

The app is an excellent tool for SMEs that need online access to information regarding the availability of their equipment. Proper asset management makes sure that costs are controlled and there is a better understanding of business values. To do this, Cheqroom has built an app specifically to perform this function.

It is simple, clear and easy to use. You get total mobility with Cheqroom. It works through your browser Continue reading

Appatista: Create your own app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch



Appatista provides its users the power to create their own mobile apps in less than a minute. You do not require any programming experience to get started on Appatista.

With Appatista, you can turn your favourite content such as blogs, news sites, recipes, podcasts, movie sites, train schedules and so on, into your own personalized apps. The tool transforms any RSS feed into an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A new and fully customized app is then creates instantly and is available to you. You can then share your content with friends via email, on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. Continue reading

SlideShark: Easily get your PowerPoint Presentations to iPad



Brainshark’s SlideShark is an iPad app that allows PowerPoint and other presentation formats to be transferred into other forms that can be viewed on your iPad.

By using SlideShark, you preserve animations, fonts, graphics and colors of your original presentation. You can easily tap or swipe to advance animations and slides too! If you want to see your presentations on a larger screen, you can connect to a TV or projector using an iPad2. Continue reading

AudioBox: Store, stream and manage your media library in the cloud



AudioBox is an open and mashable platform where you can store, manage and stream your media library in the cloud.

How do you manage your media content? AudioBox is an advanced media platform that helps you to upload your media files and access them with the highest possible number of devices.

AudioBox is highly affordable. It provides you 1 GB of storage space for the free plan. Well, their basic plan is not very sharply priced either. It starts with only $3.99 per month for 11 GB space. You can change your plan or unsubscribe whenever you want to. Everybody gets unlimited streaming. Continue reading

Use Filters on Videos, Share Them through Socialcam



Socialcam is a mobile video application for iPhone and Android that makes it easy for you to share videos with your friends.

Build by the team who brought you Justin.tv, the web’s largest live video community, Socialcam is a wonderful app that makes it fast, easy and fun to capture, share and view high-quality movies with your loved ones.

On Socialcam, you can make a single video different by using filters on your videos. This new feature allows you to overlay videos Continue reading

Iron.Io Provides Elastic and Scalable Messages for Cloud Apps



Iron.io is a cloud queuing system service provider that provides scalable cloud application services.

Iron.io’s services are easy to use, durable and deliver ironclad value. It works on multiple platforms and clouds. With Iron.io products, you do not need to worry about managing and scaling infrastructure and allow developers to focus on building great apps. Continue reading