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Microsoft Officially Releases Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Apps for Android Phones

Microsoft Officially Releases Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Apps for Android PhonesMicrosoft is turning out the official Office app to Android users after an examination stage that started last month. Android users could now download updated applications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are touch-optimized, similar to the Android tablet experience. Users that enrolled in the preview will automatically get the upgraded application.

The new version of Microsoft Office applications are enhanced for smaller screens, with layouts and touch optimization for one-handed use. New users could get a fast, animated rundown of ways to utilize the mobile-optimized applications with this convenient getting started overview. Continue reading

Google’s Hangouts for Windows, OS X, and Linux Updated with New Look

Google's Hangouts New LookGood news if you use of Google’s message application Hangouts on your desktop! The company pushed out a new user interface design for the Chrome application, featuring the now typical Product Layout visual that debuted with Android Lollipop. The application now a lot better matches the mobile versions on Android & iOS, and is all-around much more pleasing to the eye. The update is available for Chrome users on Mac, Windows, Linux & Chrome OS, however those last 3 OS will certainly need users to go to the setups menu & choose ‘Disable transparent UI’. Continue reading

WhatsApp Voice Calling For iOS Has Arrived Along With New Features

WhatsApp Voice Calling For iOSTypically voice calls have actually long been restricted to your network connection, however with voice-over-internet calling (also called VoIP calling), messenger applications like WhatsApp can turn a standard Wi-Fi connection right into a way to put cost-free calls. Facebook-owned WhatsApp starting allowing Android users take advantage on VoIP calling a few weeks back, and also now it is rolling out the feature to iOS customers.

The feature, which has actually been branded as WhatsApp Calling, is called a way of telephoning your friends and family absolutely free, even if they stay in a various country. Continue reading

PayQR – for Instant Payment Purchases at Favorite Stores Via QR-Codes.

PayQRWhat is a QR code?

QR (Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes that you can scan or read with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled smartphone. With a simple free app, anyone can scan a QR and link to whatever is attached to the code.

PayQR – totally free financial application for mobile phones that allows paying for purchases from bank cards via QR-codes scanning. QR-codes are placed on any sort of paper and also electronic media in retails store, restaurants and e-shops. To make payment with PayQR the buyer just only open the application on their phone, point the cam at QR-code and confirm purchases on the screen. Continue reading

Microsoft Office Lens Scanner Application Arrives for Apple iPhone & Android Phones.

Office-LensOne year after launching the Office Lens application for Windows Phone, Microsoft has actually launched new versions of its pocket scanner app for apple iPhone and Android phones.

Office Lens allows you take pictures of notes, receipts, business cards, documents, sticky notes, or whatever else you desire, and it even more allows you crop & improve those scanned pictures in addition to save them to other Microsoft applications like OneNote and OneDrive. With the OneNote application, you can access and also modify your scanned photos from all your devices. Continue reading

Microsoft Releases New Music and also Video Applications for Windows 10 Without the Xbox Branding

Microsoft Releases New Music and also Video Applications for Windows 10Microsoft will certainly be the first to confess its upcoming Music and Video applications for PC – which both go down the Xbox branding - typically aren’t polished enough to polished present ones just yet. However, if you’re already testing Windows 10 via Technical Preview, you can now take the platform’s next-gen media applications for a spin. The Music Preview application could play & browse songs saved on your device and on OneDrive. Despite not having Xbox in its main name anymore, the application can still play any type of documents you included using Xbox Music Pass. Unfortunately, the gallery’s still wonky, and also Music Pass documents are prone to errors. In the near future, though, the technology company wants to add right-click menus and also the capability to buy from Windows Store Beta, among other features. Continue reading

Gmail on Android: All Your Accounts Into One Inbox

New Gmail AppGoogle announced in a blog-post that its most current Android application for Gmail will see a new unified inbox. It’s a wonderful idea and also perfect for those that manage more than one inbox at a time, implying you could just stick to the one application rather than handling a couple of different email applications & getting rid of the demand for a 3rd-party e-mail inbox.

The other supported e-mails are Yahoo along with Google’s Outlook.com email. At the very least Google isn’t pretending that services typically aren’t being made use of also if Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail service. How do you see all those e-mails? The new update will certainly now show an ‘All Inboxes‘ option. Continue reading

Twitter Launches Periscope Live Video Streaming Application to Rival Meerkat ..

Periscope live streamingLive-streaming yourself is the new way to involve on social media sites thanks to applications like Meerkat. But while that was made in 8 weeks Twitter’s persicope has actually been a year coming & its quality needs to reflect that.

The periscope application is out now for iOS with an Android version coming soon – streams can be viewed from browsers by any person.

The reason periscope is amazing, other than being Twitter backed, is that it permits replays. Meerkat just streams live and also if you miss that you may connect end up following a dead link. Replays make live-streaming a social media that could be browsed. Continue reading

Google Now Finally Pulls in Data From Your Favorite Applications !

Google Now Finally Pulls in Data From Your Favorite ApplicationsAt long last, Google Now will assist 3rd-party applications. That implies that in addition to serving you helpful details like when your next appointment is & how long it’ll take you to obtain to the airport, Google’s predictive search application will now push data from 3rd-party apps as well. The list for supported third-party applications at launch is long – practically 40 at current count – and also include remarkable applications such as Airbnb, Lyft, The Guardian and also Pandora. The suggestion right here is if you currently have these apps on your phone, info from those will certainly be pushed to cards in Google Now. So for example, Pandora will supply suggestions to you on your commute, or Airbnb will certainly remind you of the location that you were hunting for & ask you if you want to book it. It’ll additionally operate in concert with contextual details from the phone, so if you have actually simply arrived at the airport , Lyft might ask you if you want a ride. Continue reading

Windows 10′s Application Store will be Workplace-Friendly !

fileIf you use a Windows 8 COMPUTER, you have probably noticed that the Windows Store is built for house usage; you’ll find serious devices like Office, but it’s not really suggested for work. That’s going alter in a large, large way with Windows 10. Microsoft has revealed that its future software program will permit your workplace provide a customized version of the Windows Store that consists of both in-house Apps and approved public Apps. Your IT managers will certainly have a much easier time behind the scenes, as well – they’ll have a web-based device that permits them quickly appoint apps and manage updates. No, you most likely will not get to install games on your office COMPUTER, yet this means that your company is less likely to cling to an ancient version of Windows simply because it wants more control over the devices you make use of. If absolutely nothing else, it’ll make the day-to-day grind a little more bearable.