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iTunes Store for Android Phones Reportedly Considered by Apple!

iTunes_Store2It’s perhaps the last thing we would certainly anticipate to happen, however a new report recommends that Apple is taking a look at the probability of introducing the iTunes Shop on Android. Yes, Android. It all stems from the folks at Billboard, which declare Apple is talking with the record tags regarding the plans and additional.

Apple has actually established exploratory talks with elderly tag execs concerning the opportunity of introducing an on-demand streaming service that would equal Spotify and Beats Music, according to 3 individuals aware of the talks. Continue reading

Pebble’s Smartwatch App Store Comes to Android

pebbleiOS customers had a bit of a head start in obtaining accessibility to the new Pebble’s Smartwatch application store. Luckily, the Android group will not have to wait for this attribute any sort of longer, given that just what’s known as Pebble 2.0 is, at long last, available on Google’s platform. Sure, it took weeks and weeks of testing, yet Pebble assures it was all for the most effective and expects its smartwatch proprietors to be delighted by the changes. Aside from the long-awaited appstore, this Pebble for Android update additionally showcases a completely redesigned interface, a brand-new closet for applications and alert enhancements.You have actually stood by long good enough.

Microsoft OneDrive Application Lands for BlackBerry 10 Gadgets!

OneDriveMicrosoft’s cloud storage space service has ultimately made its way to BlackBerry through an application called Connect to Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft announced earlier this year it is relabeling Sky Drive, its cloud storage space service, to OneDrive, adhering to a claim in the UK from media business BSkyB. Since the rebranding adjustments have finally shown up, along with some amazing brand-new features, Microsoft has actually given BlackBerry 10 gain access to. Continue reading

Getosmosis – Making Your Work Simpler!

GetosmosisHandling multiple projects with same efficiency can be quite a challenge for many professionals. Getosmosis is a website that makes it easy for you, if you too have been facing a similar predicament.

Getosmosis allows you to convert your leads into highly profitable, paying leads without wasting a lot of time.  Using the services of this website, you can streamline the entire process of initiating the first contact right up to accepting the client’s proposal. Continue reading

Fandio – Debates For Live Sports and TV events

FandioFandio is a well-designed website enabling users to listen and broadcast interactive and engaging discussions and debates on TV events and live sports. With Fandio, users get an unique opportunity to experience their favorite sporting events with communities and friends in their circle.

Fandio also allows users for creating unique and lively commentaries for various live sporting events. A user can also opt for lead a interactive, highly engrossing discussion with their chosen audience. Continue reading

Nextuser.com – Helping Online Businesses Grow!

NextuserA Customer Lifecycle Management Solution helping online business, nextuser.com is a website that helps its clients to effectively connect, convert and retain their clients. If any of the client’s products interests any of the prospective buyers, then nextuser.com will help its client to influence this dynamic, thus helping its client to keep themselves engaged with their clients at all times. Continue reading

Shifu – Your Own Sidekick!

Shifu LogoShifu is a user-friendly smart phone application that is developed by a team of passionate and dedicated young guns who wanted to exploit the full potential of the new-age smart phone. With the shifu app, they want to revolutionize the way people use their smart phones. The founders of this app claim that people can sort out their lives in a better way and even improve their quality of lives if they download this app which helps them to navigate across their daily activities in an efficient manner. The shifu app founders are based in India. Continue reading

OOcharts – Easy API To Fetch Analytic’s Data!

OOcharts LogoOOchats is a data arbitrator that makes things easier and convenient for the users to take and embed data from famous and well-known analytic’s provider i.e. Google Analytic’s. The OOcharts API extracts various service layers via code so that the user can easily grab data and showcase it at any point of time and anywhere. All you need to do is just design and give access to few Google Analytic’s profiles, make a query and pick all the dimensions you require, and extract data. Continue reading

Plate.im – Social Networking And Travel!

Plate LogoSocial networking and travel go side by side with most of the people. The concept works exceptionally well together. Do you think the same? As per Tuna Akin, the creator of Plate.im, the app is an innovative social networking application that has brought both the concept together. It aims to socialize drivers and make car trips happier and more enjoyable. There is no need to own to a car to attain a membership at plate.im. Continue reading

ContractIQ – App Development Help For Startups!

ContractIQ LogoHow many times have you seen startups struggling to set up their base online? Either they lack the perfect advice or a good niche to help them set up their business. But, ContractIQ allows you to find good web development and mobile development agencies to make your projects successful. It is a perfect mix of online marketplace and offline advisory counselling to make your startups successful and set up a good place for them in the online world. Continue reading