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Gmail on Android: All Your Accounts Into One Inbox

New Gmail AppGoogle announced in a blog-post that its most current Android application for Gmail will see a new unified inbox. It’s a wonderful idea and also perfect for those that manage more than one inbox at a time, implying you could just stick to the one application rather than handling a couple of different email applications & getting rid of the demand for a 3rd-party e-mail inbox.

The other supported e-mails are Yahoo along with Google’s Outlook.com email. At the very least Google isn’t pretending that services typically aren’t being made use of also if Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail service. How do you see all those e-mails? The new update will certainly now show an ‘All Inboxes‘ option. Continue reading

Twitter Launches Periscope Live Video Streaming Application to Rival Meerkat ..

Periscope live streamingLive-streaming yourself is the new way to involve on social media sites thanks to applications like Meerkat. But while that was made in 8 weeks Twitter’s persicope has actually been a year coming & its quality needs to reflect that.

The periscope application is out now for iOS with an Android version coming soon – streams can be viewed from browsers by any person.

The reason periscope is amazing, other than being Twitter backed, is that it permits replays. Meerkat just streams live and also if you miss that you may connect end up following a dead link. Replays make live-streaming a social media that could be browsed. Continue reading

Google Now Finally Pulls in Data From Your Favorite Applications !

Google Now Finally Pulls in Data From Your Favorite ApplicationsAt long last, Google Now will assist 3rd-party applications. That implies that in addition to serving you helpful details like when your next appointment is & how long it’ll take you to obtain to the airport, Google’s predictive search application will now push data from 3rd-party apps as well. The list for supported third-party applications at launch is long – practically 40 at current count – and also include remarkable applications such as Airbnb, Lyft, The Guardian and also Pandora. The suggestion right here is if you currently have these apps on your phone, info from those will certainly be pushed to cards in Google Now. So for example, Pandora will supply suggestions to you on your commute, or Airbnb will certainly remind you of the location that you were hunting for & ask you if you want to book it. It’ll additionally operate in concert with contextual details from the phone, so if you have actually simply arrived at the airport , Lyft might ask you if you want a ride. Continue reading

Windows 10′s Application Store will be Workplace-Friendly !

fileIf you use a Windows 8 COMPUTER, you have probably noticed that the Windows Store is built for house usage; you’ll find serious devices like Office, but it’s not really suggested for work. That’s going alter in a large, large way with Windows 10. Microsoft has revealed that its future software program will permit your workplace provide a customized version of the Windows Store that consists of both in-house Apps and approved public Apps. Your IT managers will certainly have a much easier time behind the scenes, as well – they’ll have a web-based device that permits them quickly appoint apps and manage updates. No, you most likely will not get to install games on your office COMPUTER, yet this means that your company is less likely to cling to an ancient version of Windows simply because it wants more control over the devices you make use of. If absolutely nothing else, it’ll make the day-to-day grind a little more bearable.

Launch Desktop Computer Apps From Inside Google Drive !

g_driveWhen you’re viewing a list of files on a Mac or PC, right clicking on a item (or team of items) provides you the ‘Open With’ choice. Well buddies, that same handy shortcut now resides in Google Drive, as well. Many thanks to a helpful Chrome extension; you can fire up  Photoshop from Google’s cloud-based repository inside the web browser – no need to going in other places to get the work session began. Naturally, you’ll need to have actually Chrome installed in order to take advantage of the add-on. And in case you forgot, you do not also need to launch Microsoft Office to modify Drive-stored files & spreadsheets either.

Google Maps for Android and Also iPhone Has a New Look and Assimilation with OpenTable and Uber.

google mapGoogle has offered Google Maps for Android & apple iPhone exactly what it called a ‘Fresh New Design’, but really, it’s just material layout.

Google disclosed a new design language for Android, Chrome OS, & the Web last June. It actually entailed a new look, called Material Design, and also consisted of splashes of colour, freshened iconography, typography, and a much more consistent interface hierarchy.The entire interface was based on unifying theory of a rationalised space & a system of movement, according to Google.

And also now Google has actually brought material design to Google Maps on mobile: ‘Over the next few days, when you open up Google Maps on your Android or iPhone, you’ll be greeted by bright colors & a fresh new design.’ Continue reading

Now Microsoft Has a Snapchat-like Application for Windows Phone, Called WindUp!

windupInitially there was Snapchat. Then there was Facebook’s Slingshot. And now there’s WindUp, from Microsoft.

The Microsoft Research team has released an app called WindUp. It lets Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 device owners send out self-destructing messages to buddies. According to the app’s description, WindUp users could ‘Make and Share fun, Temporary Messages and Media with close friends’. Kinds of messages consist of pictures, videos, audio snippets, and content – and they’ll all go away after a short while. Continue reading

Google Acquires Emu, A Startup Messaging App That’s Likewise A Personal Assistant!

emuMessaging startup Emu has actually been obtained by Google, a minimum of baseding on a message on the homepage of the website. Emu, is a messaging app, which gleans contextual information from your conversations and permits some Google Now like performance to be utilized straight from the application.

The automation attributes are likely just what Google wants from Emu, with functions such as setting Schedule suggestions, snoozing messages and area based reminders built-into the application. Continue reading

Skype Application for Windows 8.1 Upgraded, Now Features Free of Cost Group Video Calling!

Skype Group Video CallMany months earlier, Skype made the group video clip calling feature available on its service free of charge. Skype now discusses that group video calling has enhanced ‘Four fold’ considering that the attribute went free. Microsoft has actually now rolled out this feature to the Skype application for Windows 8.1. You could now take part in a complimentary group video clip call while on your Windows 8.1 tablet or two-in-one device.  Continue reading

Facebook Plans to Share Nearby Friends Location Data With Advertisers!

FB NearbyPossibly a little late to the game, though never ever too late, Facebook’s applications have introduced a Find-My-Friends-like feature in the US called Nearby Friends. But the company has repeatedly stressed something about this brand-new feature, it’s optional.

‘Nearby Friends is an optional feature. You can select which could see if you are nearby (for example – your close friends, friends, or a specific friends list) and you could turn it on and off any time’ announced Facebook in a blog post on its Newsroom hub. Continue reading