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iPad Mini – Is It All That We Were Expecting?

Apple iPad MiniMacintosh didn’t roll over and die after the death of their CEO Steve Jobs as everyone feared, instead they are introducing new products all the time and some of them wouldn’t be here if he was leading the company. Now, the hype that was started about the iPad mini has come to an interesting end, with its reveal. The speculation about its form and overall design was disproven and the newest product is getting ready to hit the shelves on the second of November.

Firstly, this iPad will be in a tight battle with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. Continue reading

Apple iPad 7 Inch – Finally Diversity At The Corner

Apple iPad 7 InchApple has stuck to their concept of introducing the same tablet over and over just improving minor things and launching it as a newer model. Now there is news that they are trying to diversify their tablet market, introducing a 7 inch iPad. These are still roomers not officially backed up, but this kind of thing is accepted after the huge number of competitor tablets on the market. The main reason for this kind of move still is the tablet Kindle Fire from Amazon which in USA has made a big name for itself and is at the top of the sales market, overtaking the throne from the leader Apples iPad. Continue reading